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  1. I'm spitballing here, and there is probably a totally better way to find it, but you could check the shop data files for the chapters where these are buyable, or the map data where the hidden treasures are. Cross-reference two or more places to find the right codes.
  2. Interestingly, you can edit it. Sadly, you can't add/remove new content, because the file size increases or decreases. I encountered that same error that caused the game to crash by removing the code for a music change during the chapter, without replacing it with anything else. I did, however, successful change the game text by replacing the same number of bytes. The Lady in the attached image file originally says "You? But you're just children!" I changed the first word to "Huh?" successfully. What's curious to me is if it's possible to add/remove content if you update the pointers to reflect that new size. That task is so daunting to figure out that I've basically given up at the moment. What I really wanted to do, if I could figure it out, is give the DB a couple of chapters that take place before the prologue chapter (even if it was an awkward flashback), that use some of the content that the creators intended to bring out the DB's personality/backstory more.
  3. Hi! I've been digesting all of this for the past few days, and one thing that is of particular interest to me is to figure out how to change dialogue in the game. Partly to see if I can do it, mostly to try to overhaul some of the later parts of the story, if I can. As far as I understand, the subdirectory "Mess" is where the chapter-specific dialogue is stored. So if I open c0101 in a hexeditor, I should be accessing every bit of text that could happen in this chapter. Interestingly, there are tags like MS_0101_DIE and MS_0101_DIE_MICAIAH, presumably referring to death quotes in this chapter if you fail, before a game over. Other tags appear as well, like MS_0101_CP_01, and the best I can piece together is that CP stands for Chapter Prologue, so maybe that refers to the text that displays when the narrator does his voice over before the chapter starts? MS_0101_ED_01 presumably refers to one of Edward's lines in the chapter, as there are others like MS_0101_ED_01_02 and ED_02_01 as well. Best I can piece together there is that the 01, 02, or 03 that precede the second number after these refer to specifc sequences of text, broken up by action on screen. So like, pre-battle dialogue, dialogue that occurs when Leonardo joins the fight, dialogue that occurs when Micaiah first engages one of the bandits, and dialogue that happens when Micaiah or Ed/Leonardo engage when they attack Pugo. There are tags for Nico, for Lady, that likely call up their pictures and names as the messages are displayed. The thing that I'm puzzled on is where, exactly, to find the actual messages that each character says on screen (and then how to edit those). I'm not using the Japanese file, but I know there are pointers in some parts of the other data files that are still stored in Japanese. When they translated this chapter into English, those translations should be reflected in the files somewhere, right? Or do I need to learn Japanese to make this work, because if I do, that's going to be a no-go. Any help anyone can provide would be most appreciated. EDIT: Nevermind, I was looking in the original japanese chapter files. The e_c0101 file was what I should have looked at, to use the English translations.
  4. It was sorta funny. Finally beat 1-6-1 and got excited for the new chapter. When it loaded, you can see a flying black dragon on the screen and I just kinda wigged out for a moment, but didn't exit the menu. "Wow, a black dragon this early. That's new. No idea who this person is." Didn't recognize the model at first. Was thinking Dluna added in Kurth early or something. Then I open the level and just go "well fuck."
  5. Hey! Really fun demo so far. Just wanted to point out an error, in case it's not come up yet. For whatever damn reason, Dheginsea shows up in 1-6-2, a few tiles down from the first ballista. With his endgame stats. And he automatically runs in and smites Micaiah with his dragon breath because there's no way to get out of his range.
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