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  1. Name: "Prince" Lir Height: 6'3" Level 8 Sword Fighter Leadership ★★★★★ HP - 27 (20% Growth) Affinity - Anima STR - 12 (45% Growth) MAG - 2 (2% Growth) SKL - 10 (45% Growth) SPD - 14 (50% Growth) LCK - 12 (55% Growth) DEF - 8 (40% Growth) RES - 6 (40% Growth) CON - 7 MOV - 8 Sword - A Skills - Nihil, Bargain Items - Rapier Recruitment: You find him passed out outside of a tavern in chapter 10. With only a portion of your party (only 2-3 of your choice), enemy soldiers come pouring into the tavern. They were waiting for you! The excitement takes a brief pause as Lir slams open the front door, and shambles the counter and sits. He offers to help you out of the situation if you pay him 12,000 gold. Oh, and you also have to lend him a sword. After the battle he joins your group with a rapier in his inventory. He, claiming to be a fellow lord himself, apologizes and returns your gold pieces.
  2. Thanks! I've always wanted to play Banner Saga. I'm currently waiting on it to go on sale.
  3. I also blasphemized her design by drawing, not one, but two feathers! Where's your gods now?
  4. Name: Gregoria Height: 5'3" Level - 8 Leadership ★★★★★ HP - 22 (80% Growth) Affinity - Dark STR - 9 (60% Growth) MAG - 5 (30% Growth) SKL - 9 (70% Growth) SPD - 15 (65% Growth) LCK - 6 (40% Growth) DEF - 7 (40% Growth) RES - 12 (40% Growth) CON - 5 MOV - 5 Bow - D Skills - Skill +2 Items - Iron Bow (Heracles -> To Recruit her Brother, Atticus) Recruitment: Joins your army in the first Paralogue she is introduced to. If she kills the boss in the Paralogue, she stays in your army in the end. Design and concept created by Dangerus.
  5. Hit me with some ideas through pm. I can go full anime even though I don't like going full anime.
  6. Name: Malkyn Height: 5'9" Level 4 Mercenary Leadership ★★★★★ HP - 18 (80% Growth) Affinity - Thunder STR - 9 (70% Growth) MAG - 0 (3% Growth) SKL - 11 (50% Growth) SPD - 12 (50% Growth) LCK - 7 (40% Growth) DEF - 6 (35% Growth) RES - 1 (10% Growth) CON - 8 MOV - 5 Sword - C Skills - Moonlight Sword Items - Iron Blade, Red Gem Recruitment: Enemy, in chapter 9 he must kill the NPC you're suppose to escort. I sorta of imagined Malkyn the son of an impoverished noble. Due to some unknown "Amazing Spider-Man"-like circumstance, his father leaves because of the current war. Now Malkyn is out traveling the world and looking for leads on his father. During the chapter, Malkyn and the escortee are linked. Protecting the NPC gives you more material rewards and chapter 10a. If Malkyn kills the NPC, you get him as a recruit and chapter 10b.
  7. Characters for a yet to be written story. I dunno. I might do something with them eventually. You totes should! I'd look at them so hard.
  8. "Not older, just better." You know, the thing old people say.
  9. Thanks! He's a lot bulkier than the previous iteration, but he goes better with the rest of the gang. I derived inspiration from the old concepts of the armor knight for his armor.
  10. Perhaps! What would you have in mind? http://viscioushero.deviantart.com/ http://viscioushero.newgrounds.com/art/ I don't submit very often and I haven't seriously used DA in years. I have have NSFW content in either link. So yeah. Also, how do I make the images bigger in my posts? I'm trying and looking up answers but finding none.
  11. Blayek it is. Oh no. I'd really like to, but I'm just doing this for fun. All the details stuff is just tropey Fire Emblem junk. I plan on doing at least one character a day if I have the free time.
  12. Thank you very much! I'll get right on that as soon as I figure out how. Don't sweat it. I see what you mean. I guess I might have over done it a bit, but I also strictly made it one dimensional. It would've turned out differently if I added some shades and highlights and not so much relied on line art to convey wrinkles.
  13. Thanks! How do? And yeah, I have a few. I'll put them up here shortly.
  14. Name: Blayek Height: 6'4" Level 5 Lance Armor Leadership ★★★★★ HP - 40 (85% Growth) Affinity - Wind STR - 10 (35% Growth) MAG - 0 (1% Growth) SKL - 8 (45% Growth) SPD - 2 (30% Growth) LCK - 2 (20% Growth) DEF - 13 (65% Growth) RES - 5 (20% Growth) CON - 15 MOV - 4 Lance - C Skills - Wrath, Ambush Items - Heavy Spear, Javelin Recruitment: Automatically from the start of chapter 1. I imagine Blayek as an ex-outlaw. Once a feared criminal, Blayek was defeated and captured. Instead of being executed, he was to serve the royal family that the lord descends from. Though a bit cynical, his heart has changed over the years, growing soft and all that. Especially when tasked with taking care of the lordling. Though this doesn't put a stop to his morbid sense of humor. As the story developes, Blayek must face the darkness that may still reside within his heart.
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