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  1. That sounds awesome! An escape chapter, eh? This is gonna get wild!
  2. Ugh, that's so far away! Oh well, no Pegasus Knight for me for right now.
  3. Holy crud this chapter was fun! I hope there'll be more Defense Chapters other than this. [spoiler=Story] While Greil and Ike were training Elincia suddenly awakens scaring Mist, but she doens't let that stop her and runs to go get Greil and Ike. Greil asks her how she's feeling and she tells him that she's fine. Greil introduces himself to Elincia. Elincia begins to praise Greil for saving her, but Greil informs her that Ike was the one who saved her. Greil immediately begins asking questions which Elincia doesn't answer. Ike then asks a similar question and Elicia's eyes light up as she tells them that she is the Crimean Princess. She explains that if she had come out as the Crimean Princess it would've caused National Turmoil because her Uncle Lord Renning was already named the successor of the throne. Greil asks what happened to the rest of the Royal family and she informs him that her mother and father are dead and that Lord Renning is still fighting the good fight. Elincia reveals that she was to head to Gallia in order to seek aid from King Caeneghis. Elincia asks if they are mercenaries and if they would take her to Gallia. Ike goes to tell everyone of everything they learned where we learn that Titania used to serve in the Crimean army. Rolf runs in panicking that there is an entire army outside of the fort! Greil holds a vote of whether to turn over Princess Crimea or hold out and fight them off. The majority of votes leads towards yes, but before they can act they realize how quiet it is. They realize that the main antagonists weren't going to wait for them to vote yes, so they burst out of the fort and prepare for battle. And the battle begins! The Greil Mercenaries devise a strategy in order to kill the Boss and get the Ashera Icon. The plan works perfectly and Titania manages to kill Dakova with ease. The rest of Dakova's men run into the woods trying to escape the powerful Titania. Everyone begins to pack their things in order to head to Gallia. Mist puts Elincia to work by helping pack the food. While doing so Elincia sees Mist's medallion which begins to glow. Meanwhile General Petrine of the Daein Army vows to catch and kill the Greil Mercenaries. [spoiler=Strategy] My strategy for this map was pretty simple. Boyd, Gatrie, and Shinon are to plug the hole on the left while Ike, Titania, Soren, Rhys, and Oscar head down the middle in hope of killing Dakova. [spoiler=Battle] Turn 1: ~Titania kills the Soldier to the South ~Oscar kills he other Soldier to the South during Enemy Phase ~Titania kills another Soldier during Enemy Phase Turn 2: ~Soren kills the Cavalier blocking the path ~Ike kills a Soldier ~Boyd kills the Soldier that was plaguing the left side's movement ~Oscar kills the Cavalier on the left and receives a level up ~Titania kills the Soldier that Oscar was attacking ~Ike kills one of the soldiers on Enemy Phase and receives a Level Up ~Ike then kills two more Soldiers on Enemy Phase with his Steel Sword Turn 3: ~Boyd kills another Soldier and receives a Level Up ~Ike kills one of the Archers ~Gatrie kills the dude with the Hammer and receives a Hammer! ~REINFORCEMENTS! Turn 4: ~Soren kills the Archer ~Ike kills the enemy with the Iron Blade and receives it ~Titania kills Dakova and receives a level up ~MORE REINFORCEMENTS! Turn 5: ~Soren kills the Myrmidon ~Shinon kills the Archer that attacked him on Enemy Phase ~Ike kills a soldier on Enemy Phase ‚Äč Turn 6: ~Shinon kills a Soldier who was in the wrong place at the wrong time ~Soren kills one of the Soldiers ~CHAPTER OVER! [spoiler=Level Ups] Chapter Review: I think it's no secret how much I enjoyed this Chapter. Great map, great characters, great story, and it was kind of challenging. I don't think it would've been as challenging if I had kept to myself, but I wanted the items :P. I still don't have Marcia which is weird. I would've thought she'd show up sooner than later, but I guess she's like L'Arachel where she doesn't join until later on? As always support is greatly appreciated and you'll have today and early tomorrow to get your suggestions and tips for the next chapter. God bless and happy gaming.
  4. I knew I didn't need Master Seals anymore, but I didn't know why. What's the point of Master Seals if you can get so many more levels otherwise?
  5. Can't wait to play it tomorrow! I don't really remember Sacred Stones having any type of defense chapter, or at least one where it was purely defense, so this should be interesting! That 5% could save his life and his comrades XD. Interesting, that's a really weird system for me to wrap my head around at this moment, but I'll try to keep it in mind.
  6. Alright then Soren is magic, Soren is life. That'll be good considering I don't really understand the new system, but oh well.
  7. Once again we don't have the base, but I guess we'll be getting it soon (fingers crossed). [spoiler=Story] The fabled Soren arrives and Mist rushes to tell Ike who is ecstatic by the news. Just as Greil says to get the troops Ike comes storming in wondering what's going on. Ike is directed to the briefing room which looks the exact same (background wise). Soren greets his old friend and they are happy to see each other, but Ike asks why he's back since he was training with another Mercenary Group (traitor!). Soren announces in the briefing room after everyone had arrived that Crimea and Daein have gone to war. Soren shows us a map of Crimea and shows us how Daein attacked and where we are relative to that. Soren was there for the library, but suddenly a loud shriek had filled the air and he knew that it could only have been from a Wyvern. Soren quickly fled Melior and got to Ike and the others as fast as he could. We don't know which way the battle went and thus Greil wants to send a party to scout around Melior. Titania and Soren begin to fight about which side they should choose in the war. Against any better judgement that Greil could've demonstrated, he let's Ike be the leader of the scouting mission. Even Shinon sees the absurdity of it! Mist gives us the Regal Sword! Our first specialized weapon. After we arrive at Capital Way Rhys asks Ike if he's okay, but Ike brushes him off and asks Soren his opinion on what happened here. There are apparently an abundance of corpses from both sides of the war, but Soren remarks that it's Crimea's of Royal Knights which means that a royal has passed through recently. Daein soldiers arrive and command us to put down our weapons which we obviously don't do, so the Daein soldiers attack! And the battle begins! Ike, enraged by the attack on his comrades kills the commander easily with the sword Mist gave him. Ike asks Titania if there were any casualties which she thankfully replies that there were none. Shinon continues to act as though he's playing Skyrim and begins looting the weapons from the corpses which Titania, Soren, and Ike were not pleased about. Rhys manages to spot a woman unconscious in the middle of the woods right next to a Royal guard (definitely royalty). We grab her and decide to help her at the base. [spoiler=New Units] I'm gonna add another tab to these battle chapters called "Strategy". I'll be putting the strategy I thought of in there. [spoiler=Strategy] I see that we are entirely outmatched and outnumbered, so I decide the best thing is to turtle in a corner with Soren and Rhys inside the shell, so that all our melee units can fight outwards. I decided not to put my characters in the top right like how I originally planned, but instead put them in the bottom right corner of the map. [spoiler=Battle] Turn 1: ~Titania kills the Mercenary during Enemy Phase Turn 2: ~Titania kills the Archer ~Soren kills the Soldier ~Ike kills another Soldier ~Titania kills another Soldier in Enemy Phase Turn 3: ~Soren kills one of the Soldiers and receives a Steel Lance! Turn 4: ~Soren kills another Soldier and receives a level up Turn 5: ~Soren kills one of the soldiers ~Titania kills one of the soldiers ~Gatrie kills the Axe-wielder finally! ~Ike kills one of the remaining soldiers on Enemy Phase Turn 7: ~Soren activates his skill which allows him to kill the Archer ~Ike kills the Myrmidon on Enemy Phase thanks to a critical Turn 9: ~Shinon kills the last Archer ~Soren kills the last Soldier and receives his last level up ~Ike kills Maijin [spoiler=Level Ups] Chapter Review: Okay, I really like this chapter and I think I can map out the idea of the storyline from this one chapter. Our main goal is to protect the princess and the reason Ike somehow gets charge of the Greil Mercenaries is because his Father was captured by Daein. Soren's personality is a bit bland, but hopefully it's fleshed out during supports. Really great level ups from Ike, I mean like really good. I realize Ike is the main character, but at this point he'll surpass Titania in nearly a couple of levels! Also once again all support is appreciated, but that does not include spoilers, so don't tell me if I'm wrong in my predictions. It would ruin the "blind" part of the blind run XD. Also I will announce that there'll be only one Chapter per day (not including base journals once we get to them). So if you have anything you want to tell me not to do or something to do in the next Chapter you have all day! God bless and happy gaming.
  8. Thank you for the help! Interesting, the army killer, eh? Dang that sounds powerful. XD Well I can't wait to meet this world destroyer. That's a really good idea. I'll probably do that.
  9. That's good XD. I was starting to get really annoyed that there wasn't much story in the first 3 chapters.
  10. Awesome, thank you for the information, I didn't know most of that.
  11. That sounds awesome! I suspect that he's a Mage since I haven't seen one of them yet XD and the fact that he can sometimes turn green.
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