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    Welcome to the most strangest place you will ever be. The reason is because I put Gunvolt in a FE game, and Sakura is, strangely, my waifu. I hate when people underestimate me here, so don't. Lastly, don't tell me that Awakening is overrated. Ever. Seriously. So, that's why "this is the strangest place you will ever be."

    Castle Name: Gunvolt
    Talent: Outlaw

    Castle Name: Ft. Invert
    Talent: Cavalier

    My RPG personality is Priest. My class is apparently Axe Knight. An Axe Knight with a Priest personality. At least I'll have decent luck and a def/res balance. :3

    If Fire Emblem Shrine became Hoshido and Serenes Forest became Nohr, I wonder who would be my equal.

    "Damn and double damn. I hate when things go sour." -Gaius

    "Do give our guests a warm welcome to our humble abode." Magneto (possibly Gunther!)

    "Wait. I lost this contest before to a guy in a mask (Gerome) and a scary guy (Brady). So I never stood a chance to a scary guy in a mask (Saizo)!" -Laslow

    My Birthday is legit, I was actually born on Christmas. No, I don't receive combo gifts every year. Curse you, Diary of a Wimpy Kid!
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    Making an evil Wifi Team

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  1. I miss chat so much. Why did we have to use Discord...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. InigoPadalin


      itzcoatl, TuckingFypo, and everyone else, I’m sorry for not being there when I still could talk to y’all 

    3. InigoPadalin


      And now, I’m a dead account....



    4. InigoPadalin


      At least in apology I can watch everyone go by without me blocking their way or holding them back.

  2. Time to be a little more active

  3. Probably the people who are like that one #RoySucks on Amino. They think the people behind certain characters, depending on which they're on, are 'fucked up' of 'moronic'.
  4. There is no real 'hate Ike'. There's 'hate Roy' or 'hate Camilla'.
  5. Lol. I mean to add them. Everyone knows you love Frederick XD
  6. I think a good way to 'neutralize' the fan base would be to add an even amount of characters from every game. Like adding Lex and Azel when Leo and Frederick came out. It is both IS and the fanbase combined that caused this, tbh.
  7. The Choose Your Legends looked good, but because of this gauntlet it's a basic civil war. The fan base is cracking too...
  8. The fuck is wrong with people?! It's a game, not life or death!
  9. That user alone started the #RoySucks hashtag, is on day 40 of that reminder, and has one of the curators on his side. Specifically, QUWE. Yeah, you can see on his profile he has a #TeamIke hashtag :/
  10. I have real friends there ;~; unfortunate but true I fought against Ike because of this :
  11. Just so you guys know, a majority of Ike fans on Amino are pretty mad about Camilla winning and calling Camilla thot. I joined Camilla because all the Ike fans on Amino hated every other contender in the gauntlet.
  12. Uh, one problem with Quickened Pulse. (I didn't participate in Tempest Trials)
  13. Azelle and Lex are the only reason someone like me should by Geneology Tobin is actually a great unit I hated Thracia 776 Casual Mode must stay, forever and always The Exploring in Echoes was bad in my experience. Griffin Riders were very nice to use because of their higher Skill and Speed
  14. Is Furynewal Eldigan a viable build? I just got a Fae and I don't know who it give her to. Here's what I plan, tell me if something is off. FURYNEWAL ELDIGAN! Weapon : Mystiltainn Assist : Rally Defense Special : Ignis A Slot : Fury 3 B Slot : Renewal 3 C Slot : Spur Atk 3 IVs : +Atk, -Res, +Def, -Res
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