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  1. Yeah, Mordecai suggests to Elincia that she just kill her enemies before they kill her, because in Gallia, you just have to be stronger than the king to become the new king. So it would seem that anyone stronger than the king can become the new king. And no underling would ever challenge the king, because they are necessarily weaker than the person in charge of them. As in, Kyza wouldn't be an underling to Ranulf if Kyza was stronger.
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      This board is for hardcore Fire Emblem fans only.

  3. Not trying to necro post or anything, purely because this is the top google result. There actually is an FE9 randomizer now! link below. https://feuniverse.us/t/fe9-character-editor-and-randomizer/4979
  4. Are there any plans to put the music from the newer fire emblem games in the music section from the main site. The last games to have their soundtracks posted were Radiant dawn (Which I'm super thankful for!) and Smash bros. Is there a reason why other soundtracks haven't been uploaded?
  5. The map of Tellius is only ever partially shown and all we know about the parts noit shown is that they are mostly desert, right? Has any media ever shown what the full map looks like or a character ever talked about it? Rafiel, Nailah, and Volug are the only ones to have ever been there, do they ever talk about the landscape?
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