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  1. Hi guys, little miniupdate for you to see how the project goes. Right now I'm testing chapter 2, hope I can upload it before Christmas, but not sure... Here is a community-made video about the project
  2. So, Chapter 2 is taking me more than expected due to some events and items that cannot be recreated and I may substitute them with some others and test that they do not break everything and make sense... Meanwhile I hace this little form about fathers for the second generation: https://forms.gle/6YeGH3dXDbttUNvK8 This time I'll be taking the two (three at most) more voted fathers for each mother, instead of just the most voted one, so you can pick between them while playing (originally you are supposed to be able to match every man, except Sigurd and Quan, with every girl, except Deirdre and Ethlyn). I'm also excluding Lewyn and Erinys from this form, for as much as I remember in FE5 they are confirmed as married (if you know of any other pair that is confirmed or canonized in a similar OFICIAL way, tell me to exclude it). Finally I'll be giving Nanna and Delmund different inheritance growth rates, for she is confirmed to be Finn's daugther (although, due to never being clarified if adopted or blood-related, she'll none of Finn's bonus growth, but instead 150% (originally 100%) Aideen's and normal Holy blood's) while Delmund is confirmed not being Finn's but maybe Beowulf's (this second part's never been confirmed, so he'll be getting 50% (100% original) of his growths).
  3. Well, voting is closed!! this are the results: Holyn: 80% Lachesis: 73.3% Beowulf: 80% Lewyn: 86.7% Sylvia: 93.3% Erinys: 66.7% Tailtiu: 40% Claude: 53.3% Brigid: 66.7% Queen Lahna: 66.7% Mahnya: 53.3% Chagall: 53.3% Zain: 73.3% Jacoban: 80% Papilion: 80% Dithorba: 73.3% Travant: 93.3% Andrei: 33.33% Myos: 53.3% Boldor/Boldo: Tie 46.7% —> I’ll take Boldor to solve this tie.
  4. Hey guys, here I come with a new form to see your opinions about which names to use, this time I'm taking all 1st Gen left (Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5): https://forms.gle/HRYXgxUAZ8iVQbU76
  5. Sure!! If you want you can go to the discord server and share!!
  6. uff with generics I have no idea, sorry
  7. sounds like a great idea for a local multiplayer mode... but I'm not sure if it is possible... maybe creating adding every character from player1 as player, then all player 2 as enemy and finding a way to make every turn change player 1 units into enemies and player 2 into player units... But I have no clue on how to do something so complex
  8. tecnically yes... You can use it, as far as I now, to create units, general, not yet assigned to any side, then from the level editor add it to the map in the player side... Not so sure what you meant with red unit player controlled, but I think that you can add it as a player unit and make it look red by letting using as his blue-mapsprite his red-mapsprite..
  9. Yeah I was thinking about something like this when mixing both games into one (Even though both games need some context editing so there is nothing in one route that makes no sense compared with the other, for instance Travant's personality). Yeah the travelling thing, with the gba rescue system can be solved (a bit at least) from Chapter 2 and on, for you has more cavalry than infantry so you can rescue them and get them to battle earlier... I think. 1) I'm using a fully stitched map for the project, the thing is that the engine I use does not support that huge maps so I have to cut for each chapter it's respective map and work over it, and believe me is better this way to programm everything... 2) Mmmm I think you're right but I'm not that good editing stories to make some extra maps (or to divide one of the maps in parts) so there are more variated maps with different objectives. 3) Yeah it's a humongous cast, and I have to create portraits for all of them (using SNES originals or fan-made ones), code every unit stats, class, promotion, dialogue, support, love-variant, etc... Right now, Prologue goes as it was in SNES, everybody spawning in the position they are supposed to. Chapter 1 already has deployment positions, the only one that has a fixed spawn is Sigurd, but everybody else can be placed as wished (inside the area given, of course). Chapter 2 and the others (except for "Prologue" chapters) will surely have them too... hahahaha you just divided into different maps my strategy when dealing with chapter 2 in SNES... Sounds quite dynamic doing it in different maps, but I think FE4 did a great job at not overwhelming the player with the huge map they have to confront but at the same time giving a huge micromanagement challenge so they can fight all the frontlines that open up so quickly. Thanks for your ideas, I appreciate that kind of support.
  10. v0.2.3 is up since 8:30am !!!! There has been many changes in the files and stats and abilities and almost everything, so you'll be needing to start over, an older version save data is 99% probable to crash hard. For all the changes you can download the ChangeLog file from the link in the updated description!!! Hope you all enjoy Chapter 1!!! If you want you can subscribe to my patreon, and whether you do it or not you can contact me here and at FEuniverse for everything you need. If you feel that levels are heavily easier than in the original FE4, you can tell me and I'll try to make them harder (it was kinda hard to try to balance Chapter 1, many original stats and classes were just to broken to fight them so early.... even at Chapter 5 I think they would have been really hard to beat, impossible if you try not to lose someone of your party)
  11. yeah that's something that seems to happen the first time you open the game, it takes a lot to load the intro the first time... next times it seems to work better, but you need to let it load until it shows up the intro... Sorry about it, the intro is loaded literally frame by frame 'cause pygame does not support video as far as I know so I had to capture the intro frame by frame and make a 7200 frames animation with it and reproduce the audio on the background... In two days v0.2.3.1 get's published, there it seems to work faster...
  13. GREAT NEWS!!! CHAPTER 1 - THE MAIDEN OF THE SPIRIT FOREST IS ALMOST FINISHED!!! And it comes with nerfs, buffs, fixes, new options, etc. Sadly you will have to start over, for it comes with a new version of the engine and many of the changes I made make the game crash when trying to load an old save. Between the many little changes, comes the option of changing languages from English to Spanish or German!!!
  14. Hey guys, I have some news… some good, some bad…well… First I would like to say that I’ve been able to recreate most of the Chapter 1 and an option or two for the engine thanks to the community supporting it but… I’m getting some problems with pygame, for some reason seems that my pygame got uninstalled but now I cannot install it because every version I try “is not supported on my platform” and without it LT just crashes… so… I may have to leave my project in stanby for now until I get that fixed
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