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  1. Oh man, How long I've been waiting for the supports!! Now (with your tutoring on private messages) I will be able to realize how to emulate FE4 changes depending on supports between characters... Great job so far, keep it this way and soon you'll be uploading the v1.0.0 By the way, it would be useful for newcomers that you update the main page, it still says v0.8.9 instead of v0.9.0.1 that would be the current version if I'm not wrong. MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  2. Jajajaja no fun? What's funnier than re-create a full videogame as it was without restrictions like map size, number of chapters and things like that??
  3. mmm ok what a pitty, surely your version looks good... What I meant with adapting was --> Remaking them, or adapting gba sprites to look like the ones of SNES with a GBA style... but well, no problem with that, I'll have to do it myself, no need to share credits hahahaha.... Just a little doubt concerning your last updates, since I'm not able to apply the patch (don't know why every rom I have is not possible to be overwriten with the patch), how many chapters (From the original FE4) have you already remade??
  4. you need to turn all the switches on and open it with renae or with an skeleton key
  5. awesome rome-hack... Would you like to make that work easier?? You can create it as a game itself without rom hack you know??
  6. Sounds fair... I'll get to it. Yes it is very ambicious, but not that difficult, is just sooooooo much to re-do and make fit with the GBA parameters and improvements in what the saga means. See you in a few months xD
  7. The project is a GBA remake of FE4 and FE5 that takes FE5 inside of FE4 as part of it (maybe) as a optional start of 2nd generation, and mixing the levels from both games in the parts that they occurred in parallel and also to re-balance all stats from weapons, classes, characters, etc,
  8. Hi is this still alive or is it dead?? I wanted to ask: can I use your translation on a project I have??
  9. Hey man, I'm getting an error when starting the level editor (I may say that I did the tutorial, everything fine and started my project, deleting classes, items and units, etc) but last thing I did was the Sacred Stones map and now the console says something about an incorrect sRGB and then shows something else but before I can do or see anything it closes and closes all the level editor windows
  10. Hello, are you interested in remaking FE Thracia?? I would like you to be the translator
  11. Are you Rom-hacking??
  12. Is this dead?? I'm doing this without rom hacking and I'm looking for people to help doing the sprites and titles and other things
  13. Still working on this or is already dead?? If you want to complete it I'm working in kinda the same project but using an engine that I found here at Serene Forest, but I'm looking for someone to help me adapting the sprites from gba professions to their variables of snes (knight with swords, axes and lances, for example)
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