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  1. I’m trying to get the best use out of my child units with the pairings I went with, so wondering what skills I should inherit and what classes I should aim for. The ones I need advice for particularly are: Gaius!Kjelle Lon’qu!Owain Henry!Brady Kellam!Laurent Vaike!Yarne Frederick!Cynthia Stahl!Gerome I also wouldn’t mind input for what final classes I should shoot for on the rest that I’ve already recruited since I had a better idea what skills I wanted on them. Olivia!Lucina Chrom!Inigo Cordelia!FMorgan +Skl -Res MMU!Severa Libra!Noire (And like. Donnel!Nah but she’s got manakete I think she’s good)
  2. Tharja and Gaius is a really good pairing imo, Gaius‘s skills and especially Galeforce make Noire a monster, especially if you want to keep her in an archer class. But, idk about Maribelle and Lon’qu- there isn’t a whole lot Lon’qu has that Brady benefits from except the movement skills, and even those are kind of wasted on male healers since they can’t get any of the 8 mov healer classes
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