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  1. I have been attempting a Lunatic+ run with pairings that give canon hair colours (aside from Cynthia cuz Chrom/Sumia) and have skills that somewhat make sense for their personalities but also make them viable for Apotheosis. I feel that most of my pairings just tend to make sense in general too? *If anybody has any suggestions for skills, I'm happy to hear them. However, I have already married most of my units, so any pairing suggestions will likely go ignored for awhile. I am thinking Chrom/Olivia with a FMU to marry Inigo next playthrough though. +Spd/-Luck MMU - Sorcerer w/LB, Armsthrift, TF, Hit Rate +20 (for Mire bombing from afar), Sol *Still deciding on a match for him. Debating Lucina though so Morgan could have good Spd. Chrom - Great Lord w/LB, RK, DS+, DG+, Aether Sumia - Falcon Knight w/LB, Healtouch, LF, GF, Luna Lissa - Sage w/LB, Healtouch, TF, GF, Miracle (cuz no attack skill ) Henry - Sorcerer w/LB, Anathema, Lifetaker, Wrath, Lethality (cuz it's bloody) Henry!Owain - Sorcerer w/LB, Vantage, TF, GF, Vengeance Sully - Paladin w/LB, Defender, Swordfaire, Dual Guard+, Luna Donnel - Hero w/LB, Armsthrift, Underdog/Aggressor, Counter, Sol Miriel - Sage w/LB, Focus, Lifetaker, Tomebreaker, Vengeance Ricken - Dark Knight w/LB, Defender, Tomefaire, Hit Rate +20, Luna Maribelle - Valkyrie w/LB, Dual Support+, Renewal, Galeforce, Rally Resistance (no attack skill ) Libra - War Monk w/LB, Healtouch, Renewal, Tomebreaker, Vengeance (I really don't know what to do with Libra) Panne - Taguel w/LB, Deliverer, Beastbane, Pass, Lethality (since she's a deadly taguel) Stahl - Paladin w/LB, Defender, SF, Hit Rate +20, Astra Cordelia - Falcon Knight w/LB, Armsthrift, LF, GF, Sol Gaius - Assassin w/LB, Locktouch, SF, Pass, Lethality Nowi - Manakete w/LB, Deliverer, Lifetaker, Lancebreaker, AS +2 Vaike - Hero w/LB, Gamble, Axefaire, Counter, Sol Tharja - Sorcerer w/LB, Anathema, Lifetaker, Hit Rate +20, Vengeance Lon'qu - Swordmaster w/LB, Deliverer, SF, Vantage, Lethality Olivia - Dancer w/LB, Special Dance, SF, GF, Astra Virion - Sniper w/LB, Deliverer, BF, Hit Rate +20, Rally Skill Cherche - Wyvern Lord w/LB, Deliverer, Renewal, Iote's Shield, Miracle Gregor - Dread Fighter w/LB, Armsthrift, SF, Counter, Sol Sumia!Lucina - Great Lord w/LB, RK, DS+, GF, Aether MMU - Sorcerer w/LB, Armsthrift, TF, Hit Rate +20, Sol Henry!Owain - Sorcerer w/LB, Vantage, TF, GF, Vengeance Gaius!Severa - Hero w/LB, Armsthrift, Swordfaire, GF, Sol Virion!Inigo - Hero w/LB, Armsthrift, Swordfaire, GF, Sol Chrom!Cynthia - Falcon Knight w/LB, Defender, LF, GF, Aether Libra!Brady - War Monk w/LB, Healtouch, Renewal, GF, Luna LQ!Noire - Swordmaster w/LB, Anathema, BF, Hit Rate +20, Lethality Gerome - Wyvern Lord w/LB, Armsthrift, Axefaire, Counter, Sol Morgan - Swordmaster w/LB, Armsthrift, SF, GF, Astra??? Stahl!Yarne - Taguel w/LB, Deliverer, Beastbane, Wrath, Astra Vaike!Nah - Manakete w/LB, Armsthrift, Wyrmsbane, Counter, Sol Ricken!Laurent - Sage w/LB, Focus, TF, Hit Rate +20, Luna Donnel!Kjelle - General w/LB, Armsthrift, LF, GF, Sol
  2. Hey thanks for the skills! I screwed up on my save files, so could you leave the units (except Niles) I requested up for another 24 hours?? That would be great. As for Odin, I think Quixotic and Replicate would be fine. Thank you so much!!!
  3. Looking for: Odin - Life and Death, anything else good Niles - Quixotic, Death Blow, Certain Blow Kagero - Lunge, Savage Blow Setsuna - Aptitude Azama - Aptitude
  4. Looking for: Shura - Death Blow, Gamble, Quixotic Kagero - Lunge, Savage Blow, Seal Strength
  5. I have Effie with Aptitude, Tomebreaker, and Aegis. I have Charlotte with Aptitude and Tomebreaker. Still looking for: Shura - Bowfaire, Shurikenfaire, Aptitude. Reina - Lifetaker
  6. Looking for: Shura - Aptitude, Seal Strength, Seal Speed, Bowfaire, Shurikenfaire Reina - Lifetaker
  7. Hey! Sorry - but I screwed up on save files so I wasn't able to get all the skills. Could you leave Arthur and Scarlet up for tomorrow?
  8. Looking for: Reina - Life and Death, and Bowfaire Scarlet - Vantage, Luna, and Rend Heaven Yukimura - Vantage, Lethality, Rend Heaven, Miracle Arthur - Aptitude
  9. Hey! Looking for Aptitude on the following 1st Generation Units! Hayato Izana Keaton Arthur Kaden Benny Hinata Fuga Setsuna Azama Nyx
  10. Hey - looking for aptitude on the First-Gen units. I have all the royals, Subaki, Selena, Kaze, Saizo, and Hana, so any others would be appreciated.
  11. Hey! I'm looking for some skills on Anna. Preferably: Bowfaire, Aptitude, Counter
  12. Thanks! Also, I was wondering if you had Malefic Aura for Orochi or not. It's fine if you don't, but I was wondering.
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