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  1. I know this much for sure, the apostles are defintely going to be similar to the Manakettes (if I spelled that right), so their items instead of dragonstones would be behilits/sacrifical items, and the scope of the story itself is large, but what the MC achieves is much smaller in scale, this way you get to see the results of your actions affecting the overall whole, for example, what I got so far is one big bad, Cadmus, who is an apostle that for the most part largely doesn't care much for the affairs of man, he's an ancient king who gave up his bloodline to obtain his power, he is not encounter directly in the story, and much of his early game cutscene involement has a "noface" variant mostly because you do not see him, the face in that revealed mug is still underworks, but the skin tone is what I wanted to achieve, the reason why he relentlessly pursues you and your group is that he himself has been searching for centuries for a worthy advesary to fight, he misses his mortality and desires a strong foe. He is also one of the few apostles who don't partake in the consumption of human flesh, he is a mage knight so expect high def and res with fairly decent str and mag stats, he isn't an easy fight, and is by and large, an optional boss fight, as what I have planned for him is two chapters where he shows up and can pose a significant threat to your party. His apostle form, I have a basic sketch, and its a dragon/minotaur mix. I do have plans on having him as a recruitable character, but only if you beat him with the MC both times he shows up and in his Gaiden chapter fight, you will receive a mock version of him (So basically an underpowered version of him, but still pretty strong in a sense), at least that's what I have planned for him, not sure if I can pull it off though. And the real big bad is in ala berserk fashion, one of your trusted companions, which in the prelude chapters, sacrifices you and your compatriots to a horde of monsters (in a big old elcipse throwback), the objective is to escape with the MC alive, in that chapter there is forced death, which I don;t want to force upn the player, but its a part of the reference to Berserk I want to keep in there
  2. I have plenty of half-baked ideas myself, (it includes berserk and FE), but I decided to take it slow, I've done some minor personal hacks of other games, (mostly easy to access ones, like Delver and other misc games that no where approaches the complatixies of FE hacks), so I'm focusing on first drafting the storyboards and characters then designing a class system, then looking over how many chapters in theory it should take
  3. I know this much for sure, is that I want the game to be challenging but not overly punishing, however the chapters where you have to face the apostles are riddiled with problems as they will have access to a wider pool of units than you do for most of the game (eg they have more flyers/mages at their disposal, while you the player have the select few that join the group) I'm even thinking of maybe finding a way to have a recruit mechanic since death of units may be high? But I digress, right now I'm in the story drafting stage, and I'm rereading berserk to see what things do I want to pluck and use, for example the Guts cameo will have an infinite use Dragonslayer since he's the hardest cameo to receive in this Fan game, and this way you guys can have a fun lil character to do pub stomping with, but otherwise the game itself will have its own story and characters thoughout the chapters
  4. Well its intended to be very dark, but I think I might just take the route of having two seprate patches (one 18+ and one "kid friendly") the 18+ will not be uploaded here, but when the project is done, You can pm me for that link, the only real difference is cutscenes/language, as far as I would say, but anyways Berserk itself isn;t for kids anyhow, so a berserk inspired FE game is going to stray both into the dark and grey side of things
  5. That's a iffy poiny there, as I might but I don't really have the confidence to pixel a nude human body, so I might just try instead a more implied version of it, also it is mainly drawing imspiration from berserk, its not going to be berserk since while I am a big fan of it, I feel like I wouldn't do the series justice enough to make a fully berserk FE fan game
  6. Yes, I made those sprites myself, although those will not be shown in the actual fan project, as they're my closest thing to proof of skill persay, I'm working on one custom mug as a visual representation of one of the bad guys from the project Finished and made a quick little custom mug, its of a baddie, who spends most of the beginning game hidden and noted at but not entirely revealed, hence the reason why there's a "no"face version, As you will see him in cutscenes but never in person, so this way it adds to his character a bit through dramazation
  7. For you berserk fans out there, I'm a big fan myself as well, and I figured creating a Berserk Inspired FE Fan game would be a good way for me to spend my spare time (and to learn more about hacking/making a fan ROM) Now however this is mostly going to draw inspiration, not be Berserk in FE form, but there will be more to be planned and worked on. For example, I plan on having a few chapters start off about the same way that Berserk did, so the MC will be traveling with a band of reliable mercancies before it all falls apart and starts off the chain of events that this game will be in. I'm also going to make a few fundamental changes to combat (in the sense of that there will be few flying units that you get, and that they aren't pegasus/wyvern knights) This is planned to have limited quantity of magic units, as in Berserk, you see very little people wield magic, (monks are actually more frequent, but they have little access to light magic/staves "miracles") There will also be apostles (so human characters who have monsterous forms in combat). and you get to have one as a part of your party (that's end-game, and more will be explained on that). I also want to plan on having a few cameos based on some characters from Berserk (For example, skull knight most likely, Guts, I may involve as a post-end game charcter like how you can get lyon after much powering through dark ruins) Skull knight is strictly always an allied character, so you will not be able to control him when he shows up, but he will be accessible like guts, post-game. Also for example, the pegasus knights & wyvren riders are now primarily no longer riders of those animals, and (they are now instead Rakshas of varying forms). I'm also planning on making sure to have custom mugs for characters both good and bad guys alike. Also apologizes on an announcement thread, I'm just excited and happy to have a way to spend my spare time whenever I'm not working or spending family time, this is my hobby. Also here's some pixeled sprites
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