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  1. Mia: Best strength and best skill. Support with Ike and you're ready to go. Lucia: You have Elincia support her and watch her become Sonic the Hedgehog against enemies. She was the second easiest to train up to Trueblade after Mia. Also; Adept, Adept, Adept. Then Astra, then Astra, then Astra...ANNNNND Astra. Lucia is good friends with Silver swords. Edward: He's all right, I just couldn't find time to train him, especially when I already planned on taking Mia and Lucia with me to Endgame. But I know he can start kicking ass when you get him up. Zihark: Just no. Terrible with strength and weapon handling for me. Stefan: Haven't got to use him yet unfortunately so I don't have much on him.
  2. Endgame Team (Normal) Some of these guys were chosen mostly because of their actual character and not tier ratings. Mia: Need I say more? Elincia: The best healer and what a speed-killer machine. Also my 2nd favourite character to... Lucia: How many times did she avoid? And a support with Elincia makes both her and the queen untouchable. No. 1 favourite character. Bastian: He is highly underestimated. I needed another sage as well. Soren: I think we get the idea here with him. Haar: What a offensive killer machine with such a wide arsenal. Nephenee: Speed/defense killer machine and she ius awesome. Tibarn: Plain darn awesome killer machine, my 3rd favourite character. Caineghis: I planned on taking two laguz royals with me and he was the only one closest to Lvl40, Tibarn was Lvl40. Shinon: FRICKING AWESOME ARCHER. 'NUFF said.
  3. Top 5: Normal Mode (in no particular order, excludes Ike) Lucia (how many times did she avoid and activate Astra?) Elincia (speed-killer machine and untouchable with a Lucia support) Nephenee (defense/speed machine) Haar (offense killer machine) Tibarn (all-round awesome)
  4. Phew, this is tough, I really do like how all the character's are developed. But anyway, here goes. Tibarn --------- Why: What a fantastic leading personality. The cutscene where he leads his army is very touching. I love his way of expression, he's just got a fantastic personality. Micaiah ----------- Why: At first I was not really keen, but then her relationship with Sothe struck me. WOW. WOW, WOW. That is one intense loving relationship there. Just wow. I was stunned when I had them converse in Part 1: Chapter 4. Pelleas ----------- Why: Poor, poor Pelleas. I like the way they developed him. He's a very interesting character for me. Bastian ----------- Why: Because of his intellect that rivals Soren (hiring the GM to save Lucia, finding Renning), and I love his way of speech. Hilarious! I love how he expresses his feelings in such ridiculous ways to everyone. Haar ------- Why: Persona plays it's part and I like how Haar, despite the sleepy, laid-back guy he is, has such a greater character depth in him. Mia ----- Why: A journey to find her one true rival in white robes. A boisterous, ego personality and determination. What a great, lightening, energetic and wonderful character. And speaking of rival in 'white robes', that leads me to my favourite in the whole game. (drum roll) Favourite: Lucia -------- Why: Because of her developed, deep relationship with Elincia. It's one of the most developed and greatest relationships in the game next to Micaiah and Sothe. You'd also think she had a hell of a lot more damage dealt to her than just a hair cut under Ludveck's hand. Clearly she suffers from extreme emotional problems because of it. What REALLY happened when she was captured? Not to mention her personality is damn right awesome. I love her! :D
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