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  1. I like S-rank support between Dwyer and Mitama to make him a Great Priest.
  2. What skills should have Hinoka and Rinkah pass to their kids? They're both kinda... meh.
  3. I'd choose the neither path because, like Corrin tries to do at the beginning of Revelation, I'd be wanting them to reconcile and not fight at all in the first place.
  4. I still have yet to pull a 5* unit. I also have yet to spend money on it, and I'm too cheap to do so.
  5. Oh, please. My current team is all 4* heroes I've pulled from summoning and I'm too much of a cheapskate to spend money on the game.
  6. Thinking of giving Oboro A+ support with Beruka. Are there any skills I would get for Oboro that would be worth it? I know I want Beruka to get lancefaire and Rend Heaven, since she can use them as a Wyvern Lord
  7. Forrest, Ophelia, Female avatar, revelations. I love the supports between some of the characters on opposite sides, like Beruka and Oboro.
  8. Found this today: http://finalsmashcomic.tumblr.com/post/150879849480/a-fateful-encounter-do-you-ever-leave-the-house
  9. For the Avatar it really depends on what kind of weapons you want to focus on. If you want to focus on using the Yato (and swords in general) you'll probably want Str or Skill boon. If you want to be a Dragonstone tank (Kana likes to do this, too) You'll want a more defensive Boon/bane set and perhaps a magical spouse, since Dragonstones are magical weapons.
  10. Pretty much this. It's better to reclass with heart/friendship/partner seals right after learning the skills you want if you're going for more skills, that way you can get to whatever end class you want for that character sooner.
  11. My internal completionist is screaming at you. I usually advise against marrying the 1st gen ladies (aside from Corrinsexials) unless you have the gay fates homebrew, because then you have to decide which of the children you aren't getting, since there aren't enough ladies to go around. However, if you don't care about recruiting all the kids, Camilla's a good mom for Kana, I guess.
  12. I can't really say as to appropriate leveling for this chapter, as all my units were really over leveled. (MU is a lv. 45 Great Lord). I spent a lot of time in the Boo Camp
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