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  1. We have gone through all the none heroes related FE- content. From a business perspective, it makes sense that nitendo would release something about the series and soon and that would most likely be FE switch (unless they decide to go with DLC pack 2 which I don't think they will) All hypothesis with no evidence, so take that as it should.
  2. Well it's been a fun run... as much as i'd like DLC, for this one. I have a suspicion that we will be getting FE switch real soon.
  3. Alright managed to get it on my 23rd attempt. Basically you have to take your time killing her when the mission starts or the event queue clogs up (?) and anna won't spawn.
  4. Thank you all. I am playing the game on lunatic atm, so I don't think that's the issue (all the other second mementos I've acquired on lunatic as well). I've waited for the mission starting pop up to begin before engaging Oboro, I've killed her before the samurai reaches her and before and killed the samurai afterwards with no success. Thanks again.
  5. Greetings forum, I am a bit...at my wits end here... No matter how I kill Oboro I cannot get Anna to spawn. I've killed her before the samurai spawns, when the samurai spawns, while the samurai is moving (well before she reaches her fort) all without success. I've tried 12 times now? What I do is send Camilla paired with Ryoma over the gap directly to the south of the gate. Kill the archer guarding the door than immediately kill her. Her intro video usually doesn't play. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you kindly. Edit: there are way more than fifty mementos if my math is correct, so I can skip this one if necessary, it's just frustrating.
  6. Am nearly done, just need to pick that Azura up. Thank you very much Vincent.
  7. Sure did, the correct characters are up now, thanks. Please leave them up for a few more days :D.
  8. Thanks, but you took them down to quickly. Don't worry too much about it. I need to take a break from the grind for the time being.
  9. Managed to nab a sniper Shigure last night so that sorted me with regards to the archer skills. Still/now looking for Azura; Wary fighter Ophelia: Wary Fighter Shura: Death Blow Shigure spendrift. Thanks.
  10. Managed to grind out replicate on my Odin so that's no longer needed... yay...now to decide how to update my castle...
  11. To those trying to visit Zelgius' castle, they have started a new game and as such don't have any units up atm...Perhaps it's best to delay visiting until he has some skills up... Would love to pick that Odin and Gunter eventually Zelgius :)
  12. Still looking for Odin with replicate (Pending Zelgius castle. I did visit it once so it's not a US one) and a shigure with spendrift, assured blow and bow fare. Oh and a Shura with death blow.
  13. I'll just echo that your chastle appears to have an issue atm.
  14. My Odin has savage blow and is up in my castle.
  15. Thanks. Got Shura. Will have to pick Odin and Gunter at a later date :D. FYI you have Gunter on the throne. He's a bit annoying to take down ;)
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