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  1. (Incredibly belated but...) Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! ^_^

    1. Ice Sage

      Ice Sage

      Hey eCut! how's it been?

  2. Happy birthday!! I hope it was swell. :)

  3. eCut

    Happy birthday. :) You're legal now so I hope you're out getting white-girl-wasted~!

    1. Agro


      silly ecut, i've been legal in australia for 3 years :P

      nonetheless I had an awesome party and got so white girl wasted that i don't remember most of it, so...

    2. eCut


      Oh... :X

      Well still, that's what I like to here! Lol~

    3. eCut



      Apparently I've forgotten how to speak english...

  4. happy birthday. :)

  5. Happy birthday! :) (I am also approving my own message because #powerabuse)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! <33

  7. Happy New Year~! <3

  8. Happy New Year~ <3 Even if you're dead. :E

    1. Alabaster


      nuuuuu I'm alive and kicking, don't worry <33333

  9. eCut

    That was some lovely writing, Ether! Thank you. :)

  10. Happy birthday! :) I hope it's lovely~

    1. Ice Sage

      Ice Sage

      Thanks eCut :)

      its going great!

  11. Why is school so stoopid. :(

    1. Tangerine


      I do not have the answer to that question!

  12. Why so blue? :o

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    2. eCut


      Awh that sucks. :(

      Understandable though! I guess you could have used a lighter shade of green? I'm not sure if that'd be different enough.

    3. Tangerine


      It's not that big of a deal! Speaking of, you should stop being anonymous! Show that red off gurl.

    4. eCut


      I see you took my advice. >:) Well, sort of.

  13. Happy birthday you eFuzz you! I hope your day is swell, you deserve it. ^_^

    1. fuzz94


      thanks Supreme Overlord :D

  14. eCut

    Happy birthday dear! :)

  15. Happy birthday! :)

  16. eCut

    Happy birthday!

  17. Thank you everyone for the kind birthday wishes. :)

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    2. ghast


      happy belated! this isn't necroposting is it lawl

    3. eCut


      LOL! Thanks. xD

    4. Dandragon


      WHY ARE YOU NOT RECEIVING MY CAKE? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! *continues to attempt to send cake through the Ethernet*

  18. Happy birthday, Fox! I hope you have an awesome day. :)

  19. Happy birthday! :) Also, I thought you were older than you are! Neato~

    1. Amelia


      How can everyone think that I'm older than them when I act like a child

    2. Alfred Kamon

      Alfred Kamon

      Because the level of your art is pretty impressive for your age.

  20. The Lucina in your signature is very cool. ^_^

    1. amadeuscho


      thanks! the GBA art syle is awesome!

  21. Happy birthday, you!

  22. Happy belated birthday!!

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