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  1. It just proves that most developers and fantasy writers have little knowledge about medieval weaponry (Dungeons & Dragons classifies arming swords as "longswords" and gives bastard swords their own category when they really are more akin to longswords). Bronze is too soft to be used for anything longer than a shortsword and iron weapons need more mass to be as sturdy as steel ones (silver is just a dumb choice of material, even as an alloy, due to its softness and is simply a way to show off ones's wealth). This is why I have suggested that the whole grading system should be completely redone, using a system that uses quality as a descriptor instead of metals. Bronze -> Economy (e.g. Economy Sword) Iron -> Standard (e.g. Standard Sword) Steel -> Heavy (e.g. Heavy Sword) The Heavy Spear can be simply called a "halberd" with the anti-cavalry axe being the Pole-axe. Silver -> Quality (e.g. Quality Sword) Granted, we are talking about a genre that is plagued by chainmail bikinis, paddles masquerading as swords, absurdly large pauldrons, axes with heads too big for their handles, double-faced axes, breastplates that conform to the shape of a woman's bosom, and weak bows; expecting a logical system is likely out of the question.
  2. The problem with Meg is not necessarily her bases per se, but rather her growths. She actually has some pretty solid bases for her level (with most of her stats being equal or better than Aran's bases, and he joins in the chapter before her with 4 more levels); it is simply the fact that her growths do not work that well with her class. She is an Armor with the growth rates of a Pegasus Knight. She is also pretty under-leveled and joins in a chapter with nothing but Laguz enemies (who are generally tougher than the Beorc). Personally, I could see Intelligent Systems giving her growths similar to Elfie's, which would definitely help. Aran could also use a buff with higher bases. Honestly, a decent dark magic user who comes early enough would be nice (like Micaiah using it as a secondary weapon). Also integrating the magic triangle into the standard triangle like in Heroes (that game has so many great ideas despite it having the gachapon element that makes not want to touch it). Having the triangle be like Sword/Light > Axe/Dark > Lance/Anima like how people such as @GlaceonMage have suggested would make the magic types actually matter.
  3. Both are just about equal in badness, but the gachapon stuff in a full-priced game is slightly worse than in a free-to-play game. It is one of the reasons why I will never touch Heroes.
  4. I guess it has something to do with my childish sense of humor, but I always like pairings that involve something inanimate or non-human. Examples including: Hisame x cucumber and Gatrie x tree-with-skirt. I admit that I thought that Aran x Laura was a thing until I found out otherwise. Whoever thought it was a good idea to tease an Ike x Elincia pairing in the English localization should have been a good scolding. I know I likely mentioned this before, but I imagined Micaiah and Sothe's consummation being incredibly awkward (assuming they even bothered).
  5. I have some pretty evil ideas inspired by real-life AAA companies. -Microtransactions, because nothing says scummy but microtransactions in a full-priced game. They would also be pushed into the players' faces and severely gimp features to pressure said players into buying them. Forging would work like in Fates, but the gathering of resources would take 24 real-life hours with prompts to speed up the process for a "small fee." In fact, forging itself would be slow without microtransactions. Paralogues that are DLC would be clearly visible on the world map and highlighted at certain points to pressure players into buying them. -Lootboxes, because that is the hot thing right now. Instead of the normal shops for weapons and items, one would have to rely on lootboxes that are given sparingly with their contents being completely random. If the lootboxes given for free do not give what the player needs, then said player would need to spend real money to buy more lootboxes in hopes that those boxes have what that player needs. -Virtual Currency, because nothing says AAA but virtual currency. There would be the two currencies: "gold" (which does very little) and "orbs" (the actual currency). Most substantial things would cost "orbs" while "gold" would be used to buy access to buy things that cost "orbs." The things that cost "gold" would cost exuberant amounts to encourage players to spend actual money to receive the "gold" needed for a particular thing. "Orbs" could maybe be earned in-game or purchased with the "gold"--but the ones earned would be a paltry amount and not enough to buy much, and the "gold" required for each "orb" would be so much that it would take much less time to just buy the "orbs" with real money. -On-Cart DLC: wait... Fates already did that with Anna. Never mind. This would mean that Fire Emblem would be the full, AAA experience.
  6. I am not sure how relevant this is but I have found that the difference in average HP growth between Awakening and Fates is pretty stark with the average base growths being 49.9 and 40.6 respectively. The gap is further exemplified by the fact that the most a class gives in Fates (the Beserker with +30%) is less than the least amount given by Awakening classes (+35% with the top growths being +60%). Even the class growths for the physical classes in Shadow Dragon give +30-80% (and magic users +20%, which is what the classes with a HP cap of 65 give in Fates). The point being that, while the average growths of characters have been rising (the growths in Echoes are much higher than they are in Gaiden), HP growths took a major hit in Fates.
  7. Same here. I also like the fact that Dracoknights in Radiant Dawn lack the bow weakness they have in other games. In fact, the bow weakness is the reason why I generally dislike using fliers (although they are fine in Echoes due to the damage bonus being much smaller than in Fates where bows are mostly instant death). The main flier I use in Fates is Camilla due to her boobs ability to be a decent mixed attacker (Hinoka has proven to be quite useful to me in Birthright as a mobile mage killer, however). Pegasus Knights outside of the Whitewings have issues in games with higher stat caps. They often are too weak and too frail to do much good. This is pretty much sentiment regarding fliers outside of Fire Emblem. Otherwise playing as Tails Doll is pretty fun.
  8. I am actually fine with the Cain and Abel archetype as they are something of an homage to the Mario Brothers. I guess the problem is that they became too samey and repetitive over the years due to them all being cavaliers until Fates changed it up a bit by making them ninja (I wonder if I am the only one who sees a similarity between Kagerou & Kotarou and Peach & Bowser). I remember suggesting the idea of having the duo be fighters who resemble the Mario Brothers.
  9. I am avoiding Heroes on principle as the gacha/lootbox aspect is pretty much a soft form of gambling (people can argue about whether it is truly gambling, but the system is designed to squeeze large amounts of money out of users by exploiting the same risk-reward feeling that gambling gives). I am also too much of a gaming elitist to even touch mobile games and dislike free-to-play on principle. -Anyway, I think that Luck is a slightly underrated stat. Sure, the other stats are more important, but Luck is not totally useless as it helps with accuracy and evasion along with reducing the chance of critical hits (which is what I assume Levant Mir Celestia likes about it). -I think that it might be a good idea to Cavaliers lower growths along with lower caps for the sake of balance. -Gazzak is the best Beserker in Fates.
  10. I never use Lightning or the Dragon Spirit because of the debuffs (I still managed to make it through Revelation on Lunatic, however). I also heard that the best reclass option for Saizou is Dread Fighter and wonder if that is true. Anyway, I also am not a fan of Cavaliers/Paladins for the reasons already stated. (I wonder if classes like Kinshi Knight or Dark Flier would be considered as good without their skills as those are classes that really do not impress me otherwise).
  11. That is another thing about the Hoshido classes: boring magic. Too bad the Horse Spirit and Calamity Gate are just so good because I never would use it otherwise.
  12. I guess I would say that I am not a huge fan of many of the Hoshido classes. Particularly the ones already mentioned (Apothecary, Merchant, Mechanist, Blacksmith, Kinshi Knight, and Master of Arms). They seem redundant and gimmicky in a bad way.
  13. The major thing about the DS remakes is that there is not much of a reason for strength and magic to be separate stats. Besides the Levin Sword, there is no reason for physical attackers to have a magic stat. There are no mixed attackers, so the only reason for the split is to have a way to offset weapon weight (and gimp mages). Besides, the class growth rates make it so that the growth rate of the attack stat opposite of the one a given character uses essentially zero. And speaking of mages, there is not much of a reason to have the Sage and Bishop be separate classes as, besides the different bases and caps, they are practically the same as they come nowhere close to reaching their caps due to their low growths. Awakening had the right idea of merging them (as the both use basic tomes, anyway). Otherwise the other problems were already mentioned. (Plus the fact that most prepromotes have terrible bases).
  14. -I like to play with avatars of both sexes, so having some mechanical differences between them (like access to different classes and weapons) is nice (I do not give a fiddler's fart about supports as the children in Fates are inferior to their parents and the conversations themselves and MyCastle interactions are often so terrible that the marriage system is more of a chore than anything else with the only benefit being extra chapters for gaining experience; I also lack friends for player-versus-player to matter). -I like to give avatars stupid names (the name "Dingus" ended up being funnier than I thought it would be, but the charm of "Avatar (M)" dissipated after a while). I was even thinking of the name "Neckbeard" for Birthright, but decided against it (besides, "Weeb" or "Weeaboo" would work better, anyway). -Using the Laguz royals in the Radiant Dawn endgame, while being the "correct" thing to do, is not nearly as fun, so I prefer to use the Beorc units.
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