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  1. I am still wanting to do this, even if it has been a year. Nobody responded after a point, so I didn't think this garnered enough interest. Among things, specifying numbers would be nice. Something like increase their level to X and bump stats I can do by multiplying their growths by gained levels, then rounding. Just increase their base/growth with no number context is just vague.
  2. Pirates use Ocean Seals. IDK what's up if she's a fighter.
  3. Aww... ok. Not the best at noticing post dates. So I totally missed that my post happened about a year after the last XD
  4. Sorry about the double post. Didn't read the note about Ephraim route not being done, so i did that because my Erika was still terrible, but what you got is good. In Flourspur's Oath though, the clusterfuck of enemies around Selena was a little clunky. Especially because the 'Leaders' didn't move. Tethys' survival was also difficult, as wyvern from the left and swarm/purge users on the right, alongside fragile defenses, dodge, and HP, means she just needs to be carried. Other than that, this has very balenced weapons. When shops sell new stuff it is a boost to your firepower to keep up with enemies getting similar buffs. Getting infinte killer bows with Neimi though is broken af, but it's fine.
  5. Rememembered something that was wrong, finally remembered. Tethys as a dancer has 5% skill and 5% strength growths. As a manakete, with a 1 base, Strength, she's kinda trash. Myrrh on the other hand has an outrageous strength and skill growth (not to mention everything else) but can't use it, due to being a dancer. IDK if you did this to make dancers better, and minimize the usage of manaketes, But it's just unbalenced.
  6. Mmm, yes. Just thought to mention they were quite similar. Seth's archtype is Oifey, named after the character in FE4 with the same name. I'm just here to throw mentions of things I see. In the intro cutscene, Franz appears to be replaced with an unamed pirate. He speaks like normal, but his map sprite is wrong.
  7. Might want to alter Seth's or Gilliam growths. Gilliam has -5 strength, -10 skill, -15 speed, +5 luck, +15 defense, and -10 resistance compared to Seth. Seth has better growths almost all across the board, starts with decent stats, and supports a main lord. Seth can still be usable, but differ the two. Gilliam does get hero or warrior, but Seth just outshines him. Make them Cain Abel archtype in growths (one favors speed, skill, luck (probably seth) the other favoring HP, Strength and Defense (that also seems to suit Gilliam). Kyle is a Cain-Abel with Forde, so despite being the same class, isn't too good for being the other half for gilliam. Your choice to head that. Will post a few notes here and there on units growths, now that I am doing Erika's route. Edit: or change Seth's class. He just needs 1 new pallete, little easier than Gilliam's 3.
  8. -Forde's preformance is lackluster at best. -Luce has crit. Finally bosses are skill based not luck. The reset because he crit Ephraim was not fun. -Erika comes off at a major disadvantage compared to Ephraim. He can wield iron axes before promotion with no AS penalties. Erika has a -3 AS with Iron at base. -Theif!Ross doesn't seem worth it. There is a minimal amount of chests and most of their items are meh. Perhaps fix this and above by putting stealables, like a body ring or two in before the split? -Summons, but I've mentioned it -Female Pirate Ranged Attack, but I've mentioned it. -Shops, but I mentioned it. -Who has what summons? In base, I can look up how Ewan, Knoll, and Lyon's Summons compare, here I don't know who has what, or how they are modified. -Endgame equipment seemed strange. Lots of them had high tier stuff, then this one guy has a poisen sword. Seems strange. -In the final chapter, part 1 (Lyon as boss) Orson has an item I don't quite understand. The Gold Gem, cept it has Filla's Might for a icon, and I think that gave him stats. More curious if the only way to get it is stealing it from him. And why it's description says it's worth 20k. These are made based of the previous patch, where Erika' route wasn't done. Sorry if you fixed these and I could get the new patch and fix these. Speaking of Erika's route being done, what about Super Traines?
  9. Considering you have everything but a few minor cleanup details and portraits done, you aren't a generic soldier asking for literally any other unit to do your job. You qualify as a... IDK, Halberdier asking for assistance from the lowly fighters and mercs that surround you. Bad analogy, don't care.
  10. Last thing before I Montage the end of Ephraim, then restart on Erika's: Summons. Shouldn't they use swords? I don't know if they can even be changed, but they are still the generic summons. The skeletons? Iron, Killer, and Runesword to replace iron, killer and tomahawk respectively?
  11. Are shops updated with more suited equipment? Lutes tomes cost over 1,000 till the first shop after Ewan, where normally is the earliest you get Shamans. That and I remember Ewan->Monk having no promo gains. Probably a bunch of other minor things I'll remember, now that this is active once more.
  12. Did you update pirate!Amelia to not softlock the game with animations on when using a ranged axe?
  13. Seems interesting... Simply awaiting release.
  14. Curious, what's up with Erika's support with Franz being removed? Opened it up in Nightmare, and see an... interesting change to it I wont spoil unless someone else goes and finds it in Nightmare. Is that intentional? I intended to get up to B with FranzXErika cause I'd end up using the two units, but that doesn't see to be possible now. Are there any other changed supports for units? I'm not in the mood to hunt them down with Nightmare. Great hack other than that. Only at Chapter 4, and only now bothered to see if something was up with Supports when Neimi and Colm got B before Franz and Erika got C. Edit: Mission 3, I usually train up Ross to level 10, and get this done long before the boss, due to bandits being near walls, and having only Iron Axes. Now with them all having Hatchets (Or most of them atleast) this is no longer possible. Found this annoying, because this just ment I ended up spending ~20 minutes having Ross throw Hatchets at the boss, then be Rescue/Drop chained away. Changing his bases so he's not doubled to start would help, but he gets the extra promotion, and 9 levels, so that's not really a doable change without making him way too OP.
  15. I generally have 3~4 hours to kill a day, so I figured I'd spend it with a Pick My Edits. I plan for this to be on Hector Hard Mode, so Karla and Farina are OK to edit. Enemy growths are going to increase 20%, as a counter to all the player foucsed buffs that seem to be poring in. I'd like to see at least one change for every character, but I'm not quite sure how many people will see this. I do want a somewhat balanced playthrough, so throwing in a provision I can not accept a change. Be suspific, as to just increase or decrease something isn't clear enough on what you mean. List of changes I've accepted
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