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  1. I will be keeping this file since I'm not going to use all nine. Banryu is correct. The A+ are stand ins for actual S supports. Since I have absolutely no idea how to use homebrew plus I don't think I can since it's a digital version. So if someone suggests say Beruka as a Hero from Selena, Selena will have to supprt Beruka to make it more like marriage.
  2. I'm here for fun and ships not hardcore strategy! So Kagero and Orochi is ok to use!
  3. Feel free to make additional suggestions! I've also added a section for any extra ideas if I get too many.
  4. Alright! After getting rather bored of the repetition of playing through Revelations I thought it would be fun to do a PMU. Rules: 1. Only Female Units can be used 2. Corrin can only marry Rhajat 3. Females can only be considered married if they can attain an A+ support 4. Females units can be 'married' to male units but only for female children. 5. Interesting classes is always encouraged but not useless classes. (Please be merciful) 6. Due to me being a noob it will be a low difficulty but I will also do wifi battles as well. 7. DLC classes are available to use! Corrin is +Magic-Luck and any class suggestions for her has to be able to properly utilise this. Class votes: Nohr Noble (1) 1. Malig Knight Nyx!Rhajat via Dragon Talent Corrin 2. Strategist Sakura via A+ Elise 3. Maid/Paladin Charlotte via A+ Peri 4. Berserker Peri via A+ Charlotte 5. Master Ninja Kagero 6. Onmyoji/Witch/Master Ninja Orochi via A+ Kagero 7. Merchant/Kinshi Knight Oboro via A+ Mozu 8. Spear master/Basara Mozu via A+ Oboro 9. Wyvern Lord/ Falcon Knight Camilla via A+ Hinoka 10. Wyvern Lord Hinoka via A+ Camilla 11. Priestess Elise via A+ Sakura 12. Bow Knight/Adventurer Soleil via A+ Nina (Mother available) 13. Bow Knight/Adventurer Nina (Mother available) 14. Great Knight Hana A+ Effie 15. Master of Arms Effie A+ Hana All slots may be full but there are still some girls who can be matched. Along with mother choices on the children. Feel free to also vote on Corrin's final class! Additional ideas (just in case):
  5. I want to vote! Witch Corn Falcon Knight Elise (a+ azura) Oni chieftain Rhajat
  6. If you ask me I think Kaden and Charlotte make a nice pair in terms of support. Since she regrets decieving him and starts to care for him in their a support. Plus Selkie gets to be completely blonde which is nice. Although Charlotte is normally given to someone who appreciates her strength more. Edit- Meant Kaden!
  7. I want to try! Fantasising- When paired either with an unmarried male unit or their S-rank partner, this unit has +10 Crit. Temporary Fix- After using a weapon the unit is affected by the debuffs on the next turn instead. (Debuffs will stack.) Zoophobia- When a mounted unit has initiated combat with this unit. This unit receives +10 Avoid.
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