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  1. Hey everybody! Yeah Deviddo the older Fire Emblem games, not something you should take lightly of after Awakening and Fates. And yes Ycine, my actual name, could even be a name for a Fire Emblem character! Also Zarius, never once played Monster Hunter, was going to, but ultimately chose Awakening instead.
  2. I guess it's because this year's my final in university, my attitude towards gaming kind of changed temporarily. I am pretty selective and picky with the games I play these days. There's Dark Souls 3, pretty alright game, but too exhausting to play so I lost interest on finishing it. Maybe the older Fire Emblems will be in my radar after I am out of university, and when I'm not all too busy.
  3. Hm, to answer your question, I might not. I have not finish Radiant Dawn because I got somewhat bored of it. It's weird, there isn't any problem with that game for me; and it's pretty fun to play too. However, when I watch videos of older Fire Emblems, I'll watch the playthroughs and the speedruns no problem. So playing older Fire Emblem games? Nah (one day maybe). Watching gameplay of it? Hit me up. I won't overlook them though.
  4. Thank you guys, woo boy with Awakening, played that one for a year and still not bored of it. Now it's the same with Fates. Nice to meet you all.
  5. I am curious about this as well. I hope the one who is directing this live adaption notice the flaws of the game and making it better. But that is asking too much, I think. Talking about the game itself, as the episode goes on, the story gets better yet its characters became more and more irritating to listen. Maybe it is because of how the teenagers speak in that game, I keep thinking, "Do teens talk like that these days?" So, to see this live adaption go well may just be difficult. Also, time travelling? I could see it copying effects from the game itself. Although, they might just add their own flair of special effects. Good luck to them I suppose.
  6. Hey everyone, Name's Cashley, don't know why I chose to use my real name, but no problem there I suppose. I have known the serenes for two years now, and I oddly felt the need to register today. Don't know why. Anyway, as for Fire Emblem, first started with Awakening and then to Radiant Dawn (though I yet to finish this day). Currently, I have been abusing my Birthright and Conquest cartridges; playing Fates (along with Revelations), really enjoyed this game. I think I should owe it to Awakening's 3ds cover box for my attraction to the Fire Emblem series. Monster hunter was my initial choice. However, I realise quickly, upon purchasing it, that Monster Hunter would be so boring without people to play with (none of my friends owned 3DSs). Then, there's Awakening's odd cover art, why is Lucina heading the other way? That's hilarious, let me check it out! And I traded the games. Best decision ever. Greetings everyone, I hope to make fast friends here.
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