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  1. I need to find new things to do, but I don't want to do anything but stroke my FE14 hateboner.
  2. I mean that instead of trying to translate it for being more accurate, it was translated to be less accurate and more tedious. At least, that's what I felt was going on when Amielleon chewed him out in every update post on his Tumblr.
  3. I think it's more like this game makes us believe that not a single pairing we make with the characters in this game is canon, and that nobody has any friendship, romance, or even chemistry with anybody.
  4. People keep telling me to see a psychiatrist. how is that going to solve my problems.?
  5. I am not trolling. My feelings are genuine.
  6. But when people say they like it or the characters, it makes my skin crawl like nothing else. I NEED some way of getting out my hatred just as strongly as my feelings are.
  7. ...How should I publicly express how much I utterly disrespect this game?
  8. Humor makes me cringe. What should I do? If you reply to this jokingly, I'll spam up the board with screaming.
  9. What's so wrong about FE14 flagellants realizing they were wrong and exposing themselves for what they are?
  10. Why did you do this when all you should've done was just fixed the ending? I don't remember playing this game and asking myself "This game would be GREAT if the dialogue became three times more prosey and retranslated all the names to lamer ones".
  11. Doesn't the final Chapter open the boss rooms two at a time in the Japanese version? How are you supposed to Nightmare that fixed?
  12. Humor makes me cringe. Give the Elite Manual to Tina.
  13. How do I get over the feeling of hatred and nausea every time I read talk about this game?
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