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  1. I understand. I think I'll just have an older translation/the original game on my home screen just for looks and when I actually want to play the game, I'll use the emulator posted below your post to play the new translation.
  2. So is there really no way to get the patch to work with the 3DS' VC? I finally was able to install the arm9loaderhax on my 3DS and I was really excited to finally play this on an official Nintendo console with the official Nintendo SNES VC emulator and then I found out that the patch makes the file too big. This has probably been discussed before, but is there no way to compress the file size after the patch is applied? It would be really cool to have this translation on my menu screen looking official and complete.
  3. Alright, I figured something like that would be an issue. Thanks anyway!
  4. This might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if it was at all possible to do a patch of the English translation of FE12 to the actual cartridge? I don't know much about it, but I heard that it was possible to do a patch of the fan translation to Japanese carts of Fates. From what I understand, with a hacked 3DS, you use something called "HANS" (I think) to do a sort of "live patch" of the game. I wanted to know if a similar thing could be done with FE12 cart (and how)? I have a Japanese copy of FE12 and I'd like to be able to actually play it (in English), rather than having it just sit on my shelf. Thank you for any help.
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