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  1. Hoshido has taken over this forum!? Oh gods, no... I will have to flee immediately, but mark my words, I will return with an army to reclaim this land. (Although, I must admit, this is a nice April Fool's Day prank.)
  2. Understandable. Simply upload what you can, when you can. What matters is that you put an effort towards it.
  3. I do hope you plan on keeping this going. I'm actually rather curious about it after noticing it on an offhand glance... though the fact that it hasn't been updated in about a couple weeks indicates a potential lack of interest from your standpoint. Regardless, you have my attention for the time being.
  4. I grow... concerned. Are you still moving forward with this? If nothing else, I want to see this through, as there's nothing worse than a cliffhanger.
  5. There's nothing wrong with calling on others for aid, barring trivial things like "what color should someone's hair be" and such. On that note, I appear to have made another bond unit... were you intending for that to happen?
  6. I *know* for a fact I saw the castle of Dakota change just a day or two ago, but now it's back to normal?
  7. On a side note, I literally just noticed all of them have the same facial marking. In fact, two of them look near-identical aside from their face!
  8. I'm... 90% certain the Galen with Astra is in fact mine. I *always* have Astra, after all. Were it not for the fact that the avatar is forced to have a set personal skill, I daresay it'd be mine.
  9. ...When will people realize he considers these avatars nothing but cannon fodder and just give up on it already? It's a pointless prospect.
  10. ...Is there a problem, arkel? I thought you had your units already.
  11. I usually give mine the Ninja Mask and (optionally, if it doesn't look nice you can take it off) the General's Shoulders, or alternatively the Nohr Pauldron.
  12. Will you give accessories to avatars to make them more unique?
  13. Is this playthrough going to be uploaded and viewable somewhere?
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