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  1. Do you have Flora Shurikenfaire on your alt, if so could you change it, thought I already visited your alt just entered the address it worked( did a soft reset to check if you had Flora in sooo) If it doesnt make too much trouble only, else I just wait
  2. Thx, could you leave it for one cause I already visited once so I have to wait for one day.
  3. First of all hello everyone this is my first post here, so don't kill me if I am doing something wrong, sooo I am opening this thread for a Europe group, where people can exchange rare skills on late Game Characters like Yukimura, Fuga and Flora etc. I hope I can help with this thread people in Europe to get some special skills In my case I need Flora with Shurikenfaire, Luna, as for Fuga Pavise and well other skills like Aptitude If anyone is searching for some Rare skills on Flora My flora:Aegis, Counter, Magic Counter, Aptitude and Pavise My adress: 10455-16496 93212-62408
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