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  1. 1. yeah its in the hans folder i made outside of the 3ds folder 2. its supposed to be like the last 8 of your game id, which it is (u helped me earlier with my homebrew files thing)
  2. okay thanks! (what does everyone else use if not hans?)
  3. After finally getting to the final step in the Gay Awakening, I keep getting INVALID changing the romfs setting. If it helps I'm trying to get this going on a digital copy however, I also bought a physical copy and the path remained INVALID. So I pretty sure that I messed up somewhere but I really don't know how or where.
  4. I followed the tutorial up to step 5, used the extractor linked by UnassumingVensaur then skipped step 6 to go onto step 7. According to HANS the folder I made on the SD Card (the little hans) is invalid and will only load up a lovely screen of rainbow pixels. The only thing I can think of is either I do need to use ctrtool and do the hex editing-or I have placed the new romfs in the wrong place...not really sure either way though
  5. alright got all the missing options that i didnt have. uh sadly i have yet another problem but this one was fixed so really thank you.
  6. would it be possible for me to just download Hans and place it in the 3ds folder or do I need to redo everything?
  7. nope no actual hans folder. i can totally move the mgba tho. also seriously thank you for helping me with this
  8. the files on my SD card are; 3ds-the only thing in here is the braindump stuff the long numbers for the game itself DCIM hans-where the new Fe13 romfs are mGBA Nintendo 3DS System Volume Information other items that aren't files are boot.3dsx screenshots_raw.bin
  9. ok, so is the root of the sd card different from where all the files are kept? like when you click the Removable Disk tab and all that info is there?
  10. I am entirely new to this type of hacking so if I've left out any important info pls let me know. So reached the final step in installing the Gay Awakening hack, Homebrew opens and all the options have been replaced by the actual files on my SD. Instead of HANS I have the ''hans'' file I created. For background, I'm using the tutorial that was linked in that thread. I renamed my Romfs as instructed. Also using the Oot3ds hax on a new 3ds xl with firmware 11.0. I just wanna marry Olivia (and like everyone else tbh)
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