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  1. wow. This was very interesting. I was also wondering where people got the name Ikona too for the Hishidin's actual mother. I also didn't know about the children of Nohr. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate these.
  2. I've read the entire thing on Deviant art a few days ago. I love this comic alot. The feels you get from this though. I'm also a Chrobin fan so this really hit it for me. I just love the four of them as a family.
  3. I enjoyed Awakening's story alot more than fates. Even though in fates you turn into a dragon(one of my happy weaknesses). Plus they weren't as lazy and added special scenes for certain things. They only did one special scene if you marry Selena to Tsubaki in revelation and do Caledori's Chapter and a bit special Selena!Caledori Support. otherwise that's it. There were many plot holes. more than what awakening has. they also wasted potential for two characters from hidden truths that they could've done more with in the main story, but didn't. The writing was better than fates, the localization team was better in awakening, They gave each child a unique conversation to who ever their father was and whoever Lucina's mother was in the future past DLC, there were less things touched in awakening. Though english Chrom and Sumia's support's rather annoy me. the japanese ones were much cuter. and They didn't use the same voice actors for 4 or 5 characters. though I give a pass to Matthew Mercer, his voice is awesome and he can sing. why they removed the section in the information screen that tells you which character married who is beyond me. I sometimes forget who I had other characters marry. lol. The things I did like in Fates was the battle system(except for the fact that you couldn't use second seals), you didn't have to keep buying weapons, your avatar can turn into a dragon, my castle, being able to get skills by going to other characters my castles and battling for them, Ryouma, Marks, I absolutely love love love Hitori omou, the Hidden truths DLC and the Heirs of Fates DLC. Both which were written better than the main plot of fates. What I didn't like in Awakening was the fact that your weapons broke, chrom and Sumia's english support converation, that certain characters couldn't support with one another. I would've liked cordi to have support converstions with chrom. she did have a canon crush on him. why they didn't let them support is beyond me and Tiki's recruitment chapter with having to grind for galeforce in order to keep Tiki alive, oy. I know awakening has it's flaws, but I still enjoy it for what it is.
  4. @ twistedxgrace yes, I also agree with Heirs of Fate's story as well. I enjoyed it. and Matthew mercer's sing too.
  5. Really the only thing that I thought was a bit interesting was towards the end of Revelations with some fights I didn't expect. the same for chapter 18. Also if I did get spoiled who the human enemy was, that probably would have gotten me a bit too. honestly to me, hidden truths was written better than quite a lot of the plot in the main game. and I have played all three.
  6. Cordi is my favorite. Then comes F!Robin, Severa, and Lucina.
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