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  1. The Gradivus at least is pretty decent due to its 1-2 range.
  2. Yes, the former 🙂 I was thinking of using Mercedes because her current conditions aren't really that of living in a noble house (but not Hanneman or Catherine for similar "leaving nobility behind" cases), and I was thinking of using Flayn and Seteth too, who are really neither Commoners nor Nobles but which I'd rather use in a SS road. And yes to Yuri and Hapi too. Thanks for the advice! That's useful. Maybe I should allow Petra in if I keep my SS idea... In term of flavor, I was thinking SS because it's the only road that lets me not use a Lord, leaving Byleth as a "Commoner Lord" for it only.
  3. One run I want to do on Silver Snow is a Commoner Only run. This isn't based entirely on how the game classify them though, but on logic (for example I was thinking of disqualifying Petra because she's a Princess even if she starts in the Noble class). I'd let every "Noble" students die and only use a consolidated team of non Noble characters. One things I worry is that it might make the Reunion at Dawn chapter too difficult on SS. Maybe GD would be better but it feels less fun. What do you think?
  4. Sure. I was just trying to figure out why they designed it like that, what is it that they were trying to do.
  5. I think the main issue is that you just don't have that much use out of Heal on a frontliner in a game where your dedicated healer is going to have Physic and you'll probably also have a dedicated mage (if not more) with Heal on top of that who may also have Physic. You just aren't that much starved for healing, especially in a class you get at level 20. So either the free tome should have been Physic or another more useful Faith spell, or it should have been something else (like you say Healing +5/+10 or maybe not cutting the magic uses by two)
  6. I think the point is to allow for more charges of Heal per maps despite the Halved spell charge... which is pretty meh but well. Not that much of a cruel joke. (Fire on Mages serves a similar role)
  7. What's the interest of having Light Magic as its own separate thing in a game with Black and Dark Magic (which already are barely different things and the ways they are is mostly a source of annoyance - aka Dark Mages not having a use for Black Tomefaire) which already cover all elemental type of magic in a generic grabbag. If we want to split them, then all the "Light Magic" should get folded into Black Magic (or even Dark Magic for, like, Nosferatu), and we're not exactly better off.
  8. As an onlooker I'd love to see a Let's Consider Spells and Combat Arts
  9. I still think Holy Knight should have had Lancefaire to be in the natural continuity of Paladin and provide a non gender locked and non sucky Master Class with Lancefair + magic utility. 2x white magic would also help it a great deal but then it might overshadow Bishop too much so I'm not sure.
  10. I went with Monk, Mage, Pegasus Knight, Wyvern Rider and Wyvern Lord in my current AM playthrough. Works very fine on Hard. I just use an Acc Ring to help with that (and Training Axes+ mostly) (mostly with Cichol Wyvern for battalion)
  11. Yeah, that's also what I'm currently using. It's fun!
  12. Sylvain has a good enough Charm growth i think it's kind of a waste to give him Gautier. And even if he's built to dodge tank with Black Magic Avoid, then he'll want a magic/mixed battalion.
  13. Not sand. Only mage-classes move normally through sand, thief-classes are still impeded. War Monk/Cleric does move normally through sand btw.
  14. It's very easy to raise Dorothea's strength by certifying her in Sword using classes. 17 is Mortal Savant's base strength.
  15. Annette does not have a Flying Boon (your post was great tho!)
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