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  1. Don't Ignatz and Annette start with it as their original goal though? (and i think original goals remain in the list).
  2. Serenes Forest says Wootz Steel. I checked because I was pretty sure it wasn't Mithril, cuz I was keeping every drop of Mithril I got for the Regalia, but I did forge some Dragon Claw in my game so it didn't seem to compute. Well, sure it doesn't. There's too few interesting Gauntlets for sure and Dragon Claw are just a efficient against a specific target, not the best possible gauntlet ever.
  3. Isn't it Wootz steel? Much easier to get than Mithril.
  4. I've done the Tales of Symphonia cast... Nobody has any Crest since that doesn't seem relevant, and I'm missing out on two Personal skills: Lloyd Colette Raine Genis Kratos Zelos Sheena Presea Regal
  5. Can we get one for spells too? I've seen a lot of discussions about characters which had a subtext of how good one spell list was against one another, and while some of those were based on obvious stuff such as spells that could do something unique (Thoron, Meteor etc.) when it comes to weighing the more bread & butter spells against one another, I'm not entirely sure which ones are considered better and why. Be interesting to see discussion of such laying it all out.
  6. Holy Knight could have been the one with the "giving Paladins magic" vibe. Give it Lancefaire instead/in addition to the mostly useless White Tomefaire and change the reqs so that Lance is higher than the White Magic one.
  7. Basically go to the dining hall to see the meals you can share with two people (you need to still have activity point of course), and then click on the button to see support level: they actually tell you here if a support level is at a "+" point. Info from here (in other notes): I've already used it for several recruitments.
  8. Even if there's not a specific support conversation at + level, the game does keep track of a midway point between C and B support, which matters for recruitment threshold points. Which you can even check up on to via the restaurant menu. (Unless not having a C+ is specific to Ferdinand and his B being limited to post timeskip).
  9. Coirpre will love that Bargain skill, though.
  10. Astiki sounds cool! YStiki if pronounced "Wystiki" i guess XD Flykumi is go and I'll add Slinde.
  11. That works I like Sunmilla Wingtiki and Floatiki work. Hmmm. I think I'll add Sunkumi, but not sure about the others... if someone else has some imput. I like Lindagger. Cavlinde also works. I'll add it in. Sure!
  12. But he doesn't eat people... That makes sense. I'll add Hecthor!
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