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  1. Coirpre will love that Bargain skill, though.
  2. Astiki sounds cool! YStiki if pronounced "Wystiki" i guess XD Flykumi is go and I'll add Slinde.
  3. That works I like Sunmilla Wingtiki and Floatiki work. Hmmm. I think I'll add Sunkumi, but not sure about the others... if someone else has some imput. I like Lindagger. Cavlinde also works. I'll add it in. Sure!
  4. But he doesn't eat people... That makes sense. I'll add Hecthor!
  5. Shorrin works! I'm not that fond of Dihardt though (Direhardt, maybe?) also bump for Legendary Hector
  6. Swordhardt Online is kinda funny, I'll add it. Not sure about the others, but since someone seconded Redhardt, I'll also add it. I like Bladelyn and Lissmas! I'll add Glyn. That works. Chrobin is for the ship; so having it for a character is confusing. Too relient on spelling to work. ... too vague. SunTan or SunTana works for Tana I guess! (fuck Oliver). That works!
  7. Sinnes is go. Oh I like Bikinoire! Cordini works. Swinnes works! All the S!name don't really work for me anymore. With Spring starting with an S too and so many seasonals existing, it's easy to get confused.
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