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  1. What? Leonie is one of the least.... interested in sex and romance of the characters? Where do you get that from?
  2. To Sylvain's credit as a character rather than as a person, he's not meant to be funny or endearing. Unlike previous "chilvarous pervert" portrayals which were played as cute or funny; Sylvain is obviously fucked up in a way that harms both others and himself, is shown to have hatred, spite and self-loathing at its source, and the game always portrays that as a negative thing.
  3. Nifty to get safe health decrease on someone like Bernadetta.
  4. do characters with Dark Magic spells count as wielders of "Agarthan Technology" or is it only for Slitherer NPCs?
  5. Raphael is the only stupid cartoons out of the 3h cast. There are others in other FEs, but 3H core characters actually have depth and nuances, except Raphael. He has a sad backstory... and nothing is ever made out of it "later disappointing you when you realize the writers suck" is exactly how feel about this! Ok wait, I also hate Caspar, but i haven't looked at his support enough to say whether that's fair, maybe there's some glimmer of interest in there.
  6. I love Felix and Sylvain; they are not good boys, they're kind of jerks, they are both indeed severely mentally broken but I doubt a hug would help. Felix would probably stab you if you tried, and Sylvain would try to make a move on you (then break up with you harshly latter on).
  7. Raphael He only seems to be here as comic relief. And very dumb comic relief at that. Anytime I hope his backstory will be leveraged for interesting story points or characterization, I am disappointed. It's just "meat and muscle" guy, and OMG it's not even funny just cringe.
  8. Having that Budding Talent so she can unlock the affinity in Faith is much more profitable to Dorothea, yes. The skill itself is even less useful to her than to Byleth though, was my point. Of course unlocking the affinity is almost always better than the actual Ability with most Budding Talents across the board...
  9. Dorothea doesn't even have any offensive White Magic spell asides from Nosferatu. At least Byleth gets Aura. At least Sylvain can equip a lighter Black Magic spell like Fire and go tank with it.
  10. It's variable, but yeah not all Master Classes are worth it. Basically: Wyvern Lords are awesome. So are Falco Knights. Gremory are pretty damn good. Dark Knights are decent in some cases, but in others not that much (it's a trade off). Bow Knights I think are good but many people consider Sniper better for Hunter's Volley (but Bow Knight does have unparalleled range and mobility which i feel still makes it a different kind of thing that it's not a direct comparison and more of a trade off which may or may not be worth it depending on the character and how you want to use them). War Master is a good class, but it might not be worth it over Grappler in some cases. Outside of those most Master Classes are iffy. Great Knights are bad. Holy Knight are bad because Dark Knight is just better. Mortal Savant isn't really worth it over Assassin outside of just having fun with greater utility.
  11. I would recommend making Lysithea go through Bishop instead of Warlock for better growth and Warp x2 since she can't even enjoy the benefit of Warlock's Black Tomefaire. (I'll leave others talk about how bad a class Great Knight and probably stuff about not putting Petra in the most efficient offensive melee class you can find for her)
  12. I've used it for Felix when I recruited him a bit too late and planned on putting him into War Master down the line and he didn't have enough axe levels to be put into Warrior yet. It was a useful transition class at the time.
  13. More like it's a little too good! Lysithea is one of the best unit in the game indeed, we don't want every units to be just as good good as her!! And Lysithea has a very specific tragic backstory to underlay those growth and some obvious narrative trade off. Priscilla has her own tragic backstory, but it doesn't work that well with being a very efficient offensive unit.. Sounds good then! I guess that makes sense then! Poor Priscilla. I do feel that works well with their backstory. Priscilla having a Major Crest might explain why her parents were able to have her adopted by a major noble house and everything.
  14. Her stat line is maybe a bit too minimaxed. And I feel her Reason spell list is a bit too over the place. Wind focus makes sense, but mixed up with both Ice and Thunder spell? Might be better to just pick one. I love her Faith spell list, it's fairly unique but feels right for Priscilla. Love giving her a budding talent in Flying, too. Her personal isn't absurd, but I find it funny given how many of her support options aren't nobles (then again, that's why she has so many bad paired ending...)
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