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  1. Yeah, that's also what I'm currently using. It's fun!
  2. Sylvain has a good enough Charm growth i think it's kind of a waste to give him Gautier. And even if he's built to dodge tank with Black Magic Avoid, then he'll want a magic/mixed battalion.
  3. Not sand. Only mage-classes move normally through sand, thief-classes are still impeded. War Monk/Cleric does move normally through sand btw.
  4. It's very easy to raise Dorothea's strength by certifying her in Sword using classes. 17 is Mortal Savant's base strength.
  5. Annette does not have a Flying Boon (your post was great tho!)
  6. Hmm good point. There's the in class stat bonus, still. There could be relatively higher in the infantry classes (except for the Move ones). As it is Swordmaster's 4 Speed is equal or overtaken by Wyvern Lord (also 4) and Falcon Knight (5), for exemple.
  7. One of the balancing factor of mounted classes in previous FE that's pretty much gone in FEH is stat caps. It used to be that mounted classes caps had, overall, much lower caps to infantry classes. How's that for a balancing factor to reintroduce?
  8. Reposting this here where it's more fitting: Hapi should move one slot to the left by the final count (either because I miscounted or because her rating was changed by the last grade posted on the thread), but I'm too lazy to remake it just for that.
  9. It was very fun and enlightening to read too! Thank you.
  10. Since I followed the series, I wanted to make a visual representation of the final ranking
  11. What? Leonie is one of the least.... interested in sex and romance of the characters? Where do you get that from?
  12. To Sylvain's credit as a character rather than as a person, he's not meant to be funny or endearing. Unlike previous "chilvarous pervert" portrayals which were played as cute or funny; Sylvain is obviously fucked up in a way that harms both others and himself, is shown to have hatred, spite and self-loathing at its source, and the game always portrays that as a negative thing.
  13. Nifty to get safe health decrease on someone like Bernadetta.
  14. do characters with Dark Magic spells count as wielders of "Agarthan Technology" or is it only for Slitherer NPCs?
  15. Raphael is the only stupid cartoons out of the 3h cast. There are others in other FEs, but 3H core characters actually have depth and nuances, except Raphael. He has a sad backstory... and nothing is ever made out of it "later disappointing you when you realize the writers suck" is exactly how feel about this! Ok wait, I also hate Caspar, but i haven't looked at his support enough to say whether that's fair, maybe there's some glimmer of interest in there.
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