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  1. Astiki sounds cool! YStiki if pronounced "Wystiki" i guess XD Flykumi is go and I'll add Slinde.
  2. That works I like Sunmilla Wingtiki and Floatiki work. Hmmm. I think I'll add Sunkumi, but not sure about the others... if someone else has some imput. I like Lindagger. Cavlinde also works. I'll add it in. Sure!
  3. But he doesn't eat people... That makes sense. I'll add Hecthor!
  4. Shorrin works! I'm not that fond of Dihardt though (Direhardt, maybe?) also bump for Legendary Hector
  5. Swordhardt Online is kinda funny, I'll add it. Not sure about the others, but since someone seconded Redhardt, I'll also add it. I like Bladelyn and Lissmas! I'll add Glyn. That works. Chrobin is for the ship; so having it for a character is confusing. Too relient on spelling to work. ... too vague. SunTan or SunTana works for Tana I guess! (fuck Oliver). That works!
  6. Sinnes is go. Oh I like Bikinoire! Cordini works. Swinnes works! All the S!name don't really work for me anymore. With Spring starting with an S too and so many seasonals existing, it's easy to get confused.
  7. I dunno, the "-no" suffix feels fairly distinctive. You mentionned Bruno, but for Bruno it doesn't feel like one would resort to "no" the same way and he has another name. What about Flyino, would that be sufficient to make it clear who it refers to?
  8. I don't much like those... Flyno isn't bad, I'll add it. OK, I'll add it up. haha that's cute.
  9. I love Peganino and Aeronino, so I'll add those two.
  10. Not bad. A bit unintuitive, but I like the pun XD When I hear Maddox, I think Multiple Man, so idk, that be Legion? So yeah, too obscure. Cute. BUMP FOR FLYING NINO
  11. Of those Lyoma sounds the most feasible, I'll add. I'll add Skyoma Lilywood is nice too! Too vague. Lobster Wings sounds like the most feasible (aka short) of the food joke name, so I think I'll add it (Flyoma already added on my own ;))
  12. Probably not very feasible in practice but it made me laugh :D Oooh I love Ryomair. Very similar to Ryanar, too XD I'm afraid Legendaryoma is slightly too long.
  13. Let's see... Mike, Bulgefonse, Bunfonse, Buntria, Brideja, Bun(n)tria already exist. Blessing: gonna have to explain that. Bridelash: gonna have to explain that. Eliweed: fun reference to weed aside, there doesn't seem to be a point? Not!Faye: WAY too vague Brideian: unclear Sprinena: why not i guess Bunny Boobies: if a name can refer to either character then it's not a good name. also BUMP FOR KINSHI RYOMA
  14. Interresting! I'd like to get feedback from more people before taking a decisions like that, personally. To answer some of your specific points: - Scam, Scamilla: that's the one me and my friends actually use. It's short and handy. Never seen any actual use of playboy camilla though. - Naked Xander: same, me and my friends actually use it. (Nothing to say about Wonkander). - Brideload: true. Still somewhat clever name. - Mike: Eh. Neutral on that. - Greenzura: Good point. I should remove it. - F!Grima or M!Grima should be enough for reworking: fair point. I still mostly use Grimair myself for FGrima. - Fakumi: what's wrong with that? I don't understand what you say. - Flagger: I dunno, I like it, even if I agree it doesn't seen much use. - TotallyNotLucina, LuciMask, Flat Marth : I agree I never much liked all those nicknames for Lucina. - Sakakitty: It's not great, I'll give you that. - Mery Miss Axe: Faintly funny puny name, but a bit long. - Awww I like President Eliwood but I love bilingual puns. - Coy ain't great, yeah. - Berserktor is pretty good even if not as much used as Vector or Hunktor.
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