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  1. Do note that the Untolds and EOX are balanced around Expert mode. It's true that you can do some ridiculous damage in the Untolds but there is no way EO4 is harder than EOU. EOU Claret Hollows has particularly evil encounters. And escaping from battles is generally a valid thing to do in Etrian games outside of 4 due to 4 having a really broken escape formula.
  2. Bit bummed that there's no English dub since the NPC voices in EOV were really good and I have a heart for PC voices but I'll take this over no localization/a really long one. I'm hoping guild cards will be compatible. Be nice to see my current guild show up in Adventure episodes where I can actually understand.
  3. Reached the 5th dungeon so far and I'm having a pretty good time. This game does a good job at shaking up the returning dungeons to make if feel familiar but also freshen up the experience. The last floor of the second dungeon has some of my favourite events in the series. My party is Imperial/Highlander/Hero/Arcanist/Zodiac. Having an Imperial at the beginning of the game is really weird. Drives cost a ton in this game so they can't spam them for rando fights but it's fun to manage the TP cost during boss fights. Zodiacs have really good synergy with Imperials since their force break makes the TP cost for turn 0. I had a fairly rough time with bosses since I had all of one buff and no debuffs before hitting level 20. If there's one thing I'd want to change in this game I'd get rid of EOIV's level gating skill trees. It makes some classes really limited until they hit level 20/40. My Arcanist only set up circles and casted dismissal heal before I got veteran skills. Also any fans of EOIII music will be in for a treat.
  4. He has the same amount of Ulir as Delmud has Hezul. And Delmud seems plenty useful in your hack.
  5. Every character gets assigned one six generic palettes if they don't have unique models. The traditional Blue, Red and Green. Black, Brown and Yellow(ish) for males. Pink, Yellow and Brownish for females. As for the overclass, the way the games assigns models, animations and palettes IS would have to use a hacky method to assign it to them. A method which I don't think IS knows about and I'm not sure if it still works from Fates(they use the same file so I'm assuming it still does). Could they have made unique palettes for everyone? Probably. It's just that they chose to do an easier, quicker and cheaper method. I'd say it's a step up from Fates and Awakening since everyone isn't just a generic blue. That's not unique palette. It's the red one.
  6. At 0xCC is a pointer to where the characters are and 0xD0 has a pointer to items. Character, class and items are stored in the save by throwing their labels in two polynomial hashes. So using the Golden Dagger as an example which had the hex string 11 D2 EB 9D 4B 41 83 D5 in the save file, the first four bytes is when the label is through the hash using 0x25 as a base and the last four bytes is using 0x1F. Golden Dagger's label in hex is 49 49 44 5F 89 A9 8B E0 82 CC 92 5A 8C 95. Starting from the end of the label the hashing goes: 0x95 * base^0 + 0x8C * base^1 + etc. Bytes are signed so watch out for that when doing the calculations. Once it's done only the last four 4 bytes are used.
  7. Immunize reduces the damage of all elements including all the physical elements. The multiplier is applied earlier in the damage formula compared to other buffs so the deduction is huge.
  8. I've played the demo of EO5 so I have a feel of what the classes can do. Compared to EO3 they feel a tad stronger and can get skills faster since the skill trees are better.
  9. So I ended up playing through twice so I could get a feel for the entire roster. Obviously there's some overlap between the two playthroughs.
  10. Happy birthday!

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