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  1. Two more units promote this chapter! Hint: Both are in my main team at the moment.. [spoiler=Ch 12x: Stereotypical Horror Movie Psychopath] For once, the group you can bring is severely limited. If you like to use a dancer or at least one healer, you only have five free slots, one of which you'd want to give to your thief. Chest Keys are available at this point, but you're pretty much guaranteed to get the "--- was pilfered" message at least once, and you can't steal without a thief. Generally, the thieves make off with the Antitoxins and a couple Elixirs, but if you're low on healing items you'll probably want the latter anyway. Even Allen and Lance have trouble justifying their presence here, especially together. Oh, and yeah, I am promoting Lilina this chapter. Saul will still probably be around for Chapter 13, but unless everyone thinks it's a good idea to promote him anyway, he'll be getting benched after that. The formation. I'm not going to bother showing off the map this time around, it's basically The Berserker v0.8 in terms of design. Oh, and I (finally!) unlocked the augury! So far, I'm doing fairly well, except for Tactics and Survival. I'm fairly surprised Tactics is even "fine", because I took 20-30 turns clearing some of the earlier chapters and I stalled a bit in 11A to give Rutger, Gonzales and Saul some levels. I know it is a lenient area in general, but I didn't think it'd be this forgiving. I don't particularly like Survival as a rank because it's not going to have an effect if you're not playing in an Iron Man style, and there's no way to recover your rank if someone DOES bite the dust and you have to save the file. This chapter's boss is the stereotypical horror movie psychopath. Let's begin by attacking this brigand, shall we? ...On second thought, let's not. Allen instead kills a man and gets a thoroughly mediocre level for it. I knew that Dieck was in range of the shaman, but the latter had no chance of killing him and there were no other enemies nearby. According to his page, this Roy is only slightly above average, but he seems to be pretty helpful anyway. Ow! OW! Thanks for your time, now get out. Rutger, what kind of swordmaster gains strength but not speed? (I'm actually fine with this level, but I'd prefer it if he does go to the trouble of capping speed.) Also, dancer level. To be honest, even though they are axe users, not sending a backup fighter was a really bad move on my part. And Asshole's level is a dick move on his part. Allen got a Chest Key from the chest! Hooray for logic! That's better. Keep it up. It's common in this level, but it's still an elixir, so I'm not complaining. Holy shit, look at all those stealables... Dieck becoming even more of a powerhouse. A free torch in case you neglected to buy one in Chapter 9. What a lovely guy. They're nice to have, at least. Better safe than sorry. The mugging continues... No, really, I have quite enough. I won't need any more Lockpicks. I've had enough to last the game since Chapter 8. I DON'T NEED ANY MORE. Seriously, IntSys? The first one wasn't enough? the joy of empty levels It's useless wherever you are in the game, really. He's almost literally a copy-paste of Scott. He's dealt with in the same way. Hahahahahaha... fantastic Another antitoxin, because poison weapons are common and deadly! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... These odds look slightly better overall. Rutger does have better odds against this boss, but he has to fight from 1-range, and he still has a very slim chance of being critted to death, so I went with Lilina instead. She needed the EXP anyway. The berserked berserker. Sigh... ...That's actually pretty good. On a side note, it's promotion time! Lilina, the magical nuke. As for Lugh, he doesn't really have anything to offer at this point, and he has consisently gotten bad levels, so he'll probably end up warming the bench soon enough. No, I didn't expect a huge improvement, but you've got to start somewhere. She sure knows when to unleash the crits, though. My favourite divine weapon that I may end up not using, depending on whether or not Gonzales promotes, which is just a "maybe" at this point. See you next time with one of the most chaotic chapters in the game! [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 - Ensnared Treck - Died Chapter 7 - The Ostian Revolt Jerrot - Died Chapter 9 - The Misty Isles
  2. Okay, I wouldn't usually do this, but I've put up a poll about whether to continue using Saul. He's below average in nearly every stat, he blows a deployment slot, he's currently wasting valuable staves because he can't gain EXP at the moment, and he is soon going to face stiff competition with even Cecilia, and the only things he's really going to have to make up for it if he promotes is light magic and S staves. I've managed to pull off getting my Sage a good staff rank before, but it generally means they will only very rarely see combat until they get at least C staves. As a side note, this update came later than expected. Real life issues got in the way, but they're gone for now. --- I have a love-hate relationship with this chapter, though there's not really any reason for me to like it. What I don't like is that you basically have to rush if you play like I do. [spoiler=Ch 12: Manakete Exposure Chapter] Genya Arikado as well? I'm fucked! I then proceed to get Lilina to level 19 while completely neglecting this poor man. It's a bit of an uncreative name, but it could be worse. It could literally be any chapter title from FE8. Some guy in armour tells him to fuck off back to his own country. Unpossible! >Fight with Nohr >Defend Hoshido >Refuse to choose a side >Join Smash >Hijack FE6 "I make my own fate!" Killers are basically going to be common at this point. Luckily, Fighters aren't particularly hard to kill. And here's the first Sleep staffhole. Joy. Eclipse is the worst weapon in the game, unless you're attacking a wall. Then, it's the best weapon in the game. You get no points for guessing how this turned out. Shin gets the first level of the chapter. It's surpisingly, and depressingly tolerable. Ein is the boss of this chapter. He's one of the easiest bosses in the game unless you decide to break your Armourslayer. "USE THE FUCKING WYRMSLAYER" It's all so simple now. Pissed off by my endless criticism of him, Lugh finally goes to the dark side. And then the screen just slowly follows him back to his spot. Don't ask me why, but I find this hilarious. Mate... FUCK YES Manaketes only have 1-range, so this boss is a cakewalk. Roy is probably the best person for the job for once. He can wield the Wyrmslayer without any AS penalties, and he has enough Luck to avoid being critted. Lilina can do decent non-wyrmslayer damage to him, but she's not likely to be at a high level at this point. Lilina, the destroyer of worlds. Lugh, the destroyer of patience. On another note, his bad magic is finally coming back to bite him. I guess I never really bothered to make him fight the high HP enemies enough to notice how bad his problem was getting. However, he does well enough this time. He did waste a Thunder use by critting on the second shot, though. Yes, I know, I'm never satisfied. That Sniper is a real tempting EXP bag, but I think I knew from the beginning that Shin wasn't going to manage to kill him. The former got out of the mess alive this time, the lucky bastard. And so, as suddenly as it had begun, Shin's reign of awesomeness came to an end. He now lies snoring on the ground, using his horse as a pillow. Dark magic we can't use yet. Hurrah! Allen will be chipping the Shamans for Roy and Co. to mercilessly slaughter next turn. He's safer than you might think; IIRC, he has to crit all the enemies and get hit by all of them to have a chance of death, because he isn't doubling any of them. The only person who needs this is Roy, because every other sword user I have at this point is either overpowered, or has access to lances anyway. It's nice to have, though, so I'm not going to complain about it. Hopefully this luck won't run out for a long while. Defence? Wow. Lance reaaally doesn't want to get outdone by Percival. It's not like we need a reason to use bows anyway. >still thinks he's above getting benched Yes, yet ANOTHER Elysian Whip. No one cares about your mages anyway. Allen will be luring the fighters here. Just like before, he SHOULD be fine, but he won't if he goes critting things to death. Remember, money is important! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LALA Holy shit, I forgot how many filler turns there were in this chapter, despite how obvious they are from merely looking at the map. Hmm... I COULD do this... Gonzales, you are the most monotonous brigand in Elibe. Lilina refuses to be outplayed by the low-budget mage, and gets a shit level to rival his. Either that, or Lugh has infected her again. Such a Lalum level. Sue and Shin now work together in a taxi company. They need to ferry Roy to Cath. It's actually a while until the bad ending path reinforcements arrive, but you still barely have any time to fight them unless you leave someone right at the start, and they're generally strong enough to overwhelm anyone who isn't being helped. Wake that slugabed up! The two brothers are going to fight in a bloody battle to the death! Just kidding, that's TOO cruel. *Insert Eastenders theme here as the credits begin rolling* Raigh is a bad guy with a heart of gold. Where have I heard this before? GROWTHS: HP 55, Str 45, Skl 55, Spd 40, Lck 15, Def 15, Res 35, Total 260 Quite possibly the best offensive Shaman in the game. Yeah, he does have low Con, but he will rarely need to use anything other than Flux or Nosferatu anyway, so his AS is alright. Besides, Niime has the worst durability in the game, and nobody in their right fucking mind uses Sophia unless it's for the purpose of learning how bad she is or torturing themselves. He should also be able to take a hit unless a crit happens. His supports, however, are really bad. Chad has paper-thin durability, and there's no guarantee Lugh is even going to be good enough to warrant using him. I'd be willing to use him if it means I get to use Apocalypse, because I don't really have a lot of good magic users right now. However, it's definitely not a certainty. Shin and Sue get a support that will potentially be useful from now up until the end of Chapter 23. They don't have matching affinities, but support is literally support, so any bonuses are appreciated. STOP THIEF The ruthless killing machine has been stopped for five minutes. Oh well, I didn't really need him at this particular moment. Urgh, these guys look like walking EXP bags, but they hit hard enough to be threatening to everyone who isn't taking a nap, and there's not enough time to kill a lot of them. CASSHOLE LOCATED GROWTHS: HP 80, Str 40, Skl 45, Spd 85, Lck 50, Def 15, Res 20, Total 335 Yes, that is 3 Str. She's dealing two damage to the reinforcement fighters in this chapter. She's also getting oneshotted by any enemy except for maybe mercenaries, which are more likely to hit her anyway. She is even worse at taking hits than Chad is, and when he can't survive the regular Wyvern Lord SL to the face, there's a problem. She isn't even a dodgetank like Clarine, though she will probably be your best avoid thief. However, maybe I'm being too harsh on her? Maybe she's just meant to be used for, you know, THIEF purposes? Well, no. You have two other thieves, access to chest keys, and an unlimited supply of Door Keys if you want to give your thieves more time. There should be no reason for to use Cath at any point in the game, simply because the other options are easier to get (in fact, you don't even need to go to the trouble of recruiting the others in the first place), and more rewarding for that matter. I'd say she's the third most useless unit in the game, but if it weren't for her thief utility, she would probably BE the worst. Her biggest contribution in any run is probably the fact that she provides you with free lockpicks. One second later Ein wanted to die an awesome death at the hand... er, blade of the Wyrmslayer. Instead, he got an embarrassing death at the hands of the 1 range lock. Assuming I don't bother levelling Lugh to level 20, I'm right on schedule for promoting Lilina and grinding her staff rank, if the second option on the poll is the most popular. I stay behind a bit to get as much experience as possible. Allen will be "leading" the "charge" as earlier. He'll be fine. Shin certainly benefited from it. Allen is 1 EXP shy of a level up, so he'll be levelling up soon as well. I think that's all the EXP I can squeeze out of this chapter before shit goes down. Time to get out of here! Even the totally-not-the-Etruian-prince bard is tired of the bandits at this point. I guess the guys at IntSys actually somehow knew what they were creating. Next time, we enter a cave that looks like a cave! [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 - Ensnared Treck - Died Chapter 7 - The Ostian Revolt Jerrot - Died Chapter 9 - The Misty Isles
  3. TBH, I'm more worried about her defence. 4 DEF where she is now is appalling, even for her, and that 3 DEF promo bonus isn't saving her from being as frail as the mages. Yeah, once Rutger promotes, you don't really need Fir unless he somehow dies. It's nice to have a backup, though. You can never really predict what will happen in an Iron Man run. Training her now also means it'll be less of a headache to recruit Karel later, if you're the sort of person who likes to recruit everyone. Not promoting her also raises the question about what to do with the Hero Crest. I usually promote Gonzales, but no one is going to be 20/1 by the endgame, and that means his terrible accuracy is going to start kicking in. I could let Dieck have the Armads, but that means I have to grind his axe rank with a dangerous weapon, and he doesn't crit often like Rutger or Gonzales so he risks a counterattack from a manakete. The only real benefit is that he has far more skill. I kind of hate Oifeys in general. The fact that they exist pretty much shows that the game they're in is going to be a cakewalk; Seth is a particularly bad example, because he just destroys from turn one until the end of the game. There's no strategy involved here, despite being in a turn based strategy game. So, seeing a Jeigan who couldn't one-round everything he saw was really refreshing. Definitely need some luck for that. I hear Klein and Tate's AI is unpredictable, to say the least, but even if the both of them move, there's a good chance you won't be able to reach them anyway because of their minions and the map layout. Of course, I haven't went in without a plan, but even with a plan you need to hope that Echidna doesn't kick it as soon as she appears. --- IT'S TIME TO FACE THE BULLSHIT [spoiler=Ch 11A: Going Mad With Power] so scary ...Is this actually something original? Even Shanna can wield this without AS penalty, so she isn't completely hopeless combat-wise... ...If you manage to train her up. My ruthless killing machine. I brought Sue instead of Shin because she has Killer Bow access. Never mind, then. FE6 is as unoriginal as ever. Wait, you're still relevant? --- Let's look at the map: [spoiler=Chapter Map] As I have mentioned before numerous times, this is probably one of the hardest maps in the game... ...but what I didn't mention was that it's not for the right reasons. What you see here is literally the original set of enemies. They don't look too tough, and believe me when I say they aren't. The chapter is completely manageable for the first few turns. After that is when the bullshit unfolds. Echidna will spawn from a village with three enemy fighters who CAN EASILY KILL HER IN THAT SAME FUCKING ENEMY PHASE. The only thing you can do about it is to set someone up as a meatshield. Also, if you're an unsuspecting player, there's a good chance you'll be there right then, and if you are playing on this mode, it's fairly likely that at least one person is screwed. And does it stop there? Hahaha, no. Bandits will spawn from the east to burn the villages and everyone's favourite cavforcements will spawn from the north west. NOW is that it? Ha ha ha, I freaking WISH. That's a matter for later on, though. There are actually three side missions here. The first is for you to visit all the villages, and it'll win you a Hero Crest. I actually forgot this was a side mission until I finished the chapter. I will explain the other two when they arise. Let's look at the boss: Orlo is fairly tame compared to previous bosses, but his tome still stings enough to 2HKO nearly everything he finds. As long as you have a healer nearby, you'll be fine. GROWTHS: HP 70, Str 10, Skl 5, Spd 70, Lck 80, Def 20, Res 30, Total 285 Our dancer. I personally prefer Elphin, but they shouldn't be tanking hits anyway, so Lalum is probably better. Shanna will be going to the east to visit the villages my units can't, while avoiding any nearby archers. Gonzales and Lalum will be going down the western route, because those two are usually all you need for that. Everyone else will be going down the center. You'll probably need them there, anyway. Objection! Narcian is a mere disguise used by the true murderer to frame the culprit! His real name is Richard Wellington! Yes, I've been replaying JFA. No, this is probably not the last time I'll call Narcian that. I didn't mean to do this, but it certainly paid off. Formation before moving Gonzales. This is the only time I've used it this chapter, I swear. Yes. Definitely. Sue gets a good level up. Her HP is becoming scary, but it will be fine for now. Lilina: PICK A GOD AND PRAY The group of enemies on Shanna's side actually move away from her, despite being closer to her. I don't really know why. I'd want to argue with those levels, but I can't deny their usefulness. ALLEN! STOP! THAT KILL WASN'T FOR YOU!! Erm, well... In that case, never mind. Ooh, this is nice. But not as nice as... MWAHAHAHAHAHA... This level up may not look like much, but Lilina isn't doubling many enemies at the moment, so extra speed is pretty cool. DEATH FROM ABOVE! They're all very nice items. Uh... Yes, she is QUITE the sight... This is when the second side quest begins. You basically need to recruit Klain and let all his minions survive. It seems manageable on paper. However, this is FE6, and things are never that simple. Not only is there a house that is in the fucking way, Klain's AI is really unpredictable and you can never tell for certain that even your most fool-proof plan will work. Why yes, luck (not the stat) DOES play a huge part in this chapter, why do you ask? I'm sure that if there weren't so many houses, this would be much more exciting, but that's exactly it. There are so many better things to get. Get on the team, you... Allen abuser... person... thing! GROWTHS: HP 60, Str 35, Skl 40, Spd 45, Lck 50, Def 15, Res 25, Total 270 Klain is one of your two best bets for a Sniper, but why would you want to have them in the first place? Ballistae can't move and are fairly rare, you have two better Nomad Troopers, and your normal combat units will have better stats. Unlike other prepromotes, he actually has growths, but they're nothing to boast about. He also has fairly good supports, but his Ice affinity is pretty bad. He's good filler, but that's about it. You have defied your destiny of death by Rutger. That will not be forgiven. This is the third and final side quest. You need to recruit Tate, and, like with Klain's troops, keep all her soldiers alive until they escape. Overall, she's the much more irritating character to recruit, because literally all her minions can fly while your only flyer at this point is Shanna, who has far more trouble recruiting her than Klain does. I THINK Tate has Klain's same AI, so she's fairly unpredictable, but she starts around three turns away from you so you can probably do something about it. The reward for this is another Elysian Whip, which is fairly unnecessary because you don't really need more than one, but it can still be fairly useful. I'd like to say I'm filthy stinking rich, but at this point I'm still under 10000G. You cocky fucker, you're not safe from the bench. ...Seriously? I'm busy doing something, and NOW you spawn? Honestly? And why yes, it DOES cut to the Enemy Phase after that. Keeping your units alive is overrated, after all. Lance's Resistance is higher than his Luck... What sort of twisted world is this? Sue, for fuck's sake... Actually, no, it's not worth it. Let's talk about the weather instead. Boring weather we're having. It's almost like your mother, Sue. Now get on the team, holy shit you're lucky to be alive. GROWTHS: HP 75, Str 30, Skl 25, Spd 30, Lck 20, Def 15, Res 15, Total 210 Echidna is just mediocre, honestly. She's amazing now, of course, but that won't stick. Though, WHY is she an axe user if she doesn't even have the Con for an Iron? She's literally just prepromoted Oujay, otherwise. Her support pool is pretty bad, and so is her affinity, but it's still better than nothing. I took Klain's SB off him so he could meatshield, but I forgot to take his White Gem off in case of the worst. I just... Stop attacking us, you fucking fucks! GROWTHS: HP 60, Str 40, Skl 45, Spd 55, Lck 40, Def 15, Res 20, Total 275 Tate is your best offensive PK, though her stats are admittedly a little... worse than I had remembered. She'd still be a decent fighter if you level her, but both the wyvern knights are better. 16 STR and 22 SPD after promotion isn't something to scoff at, though. EEK Saul prepares accordingly. Yeah, okay, I admit it, he got ONE useful level. Out of the last ten or so. Surprisingly, no one needs these right now, but I guess Miredy could appreciate it if I promote her early. BE FREEEE Okay, aside from the endlessly spawning bandits, I think I've pretty much won the chapter. Why did IntSys still bother spawning them at this point? All of the villages would have been accounted for at this point anyway. On one of my previous playthroughs, I did see this dialogue, but I didn't linger long enough to see what these reinforcements were. They could have came out of the red houses, for all I knew. BE FREEEEEE Imagine my complete and utter frustration when the armory sold every weapon type except for swords. As much as I want to hate Gonzales' level, it's still improving his Hit. That's right, these fuckers spawn, and they're two turns AT MOST from your units. They even have a leader: Roberts is an 8 move boss with competent stats. He can one-round some of your slower units. If he doesn't kill you, he'll cripple you instead, and his cavaliers will finish you off. There's a way to trivialise his entire group (and the one to the left, incidentally), though. He's no challenge if you bring anyone who can walk on mountains... ...Like this guy, for example. Gonzales is doubled by Roberts at base, but the mountains give him so much avoid that he's not likely to get killed in the first place. Even if he does get hit, he can easily grind levels off the cavforcements in his position, and he can probably deal with them all on his own if you give him enough axes. It's time to take out the trash. None of them are particularly good, but Gonzales' first speed level up meant that he no longer got doubled by Roberts. WE SHALL FIGHT ON THE BEACHES WE SHALL FIGHT ON THE HILLS WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER Oh, wow. Er... thanks? We're the ones defending right now, so... (Allen and Roy now both get 5 might from their supports... ) rip Halberd, you will be missed. In other news, Gonzales just keeps on getting luckier. Providing Lugh never gets speed, Lilina is now guaranteed to be at least as fast as him. So, Lugh is now only beating Lilina in Skill, Luck (by one point) and Defence, one of those stats being something Lilina gets later on, and two being stats Lilina makes up for in her A support. Arena Levels: So, this is my level 20 Saul. Oh, god. Get that thing away from me. Yet, I hate to say it, I'll probably need to use him for another two chapters at the very least. Also, shoutout to Rutger for his awesome level 3 procs. He's essentially my ultimate uber panic button supreme now. Tate gets a support she most likely won't use. Oh really? Well then, fuck you. Why is Resistance raising so often? Are they all just resistant to Bern and Etruria? *shot* Okay, that's Luck down. Lugh's only advantages are Skill, like one or two Def, and... two extra level ups. This was all an elaborate plan by the villainous Elphin! I was legitimately worried I'd have to bench Dieck for a few chapters. This Hero Crest actually gives me a reason not to. You don't really need any, but it's nice to have. Miredy's... still three chapters away... *sob* See you next time with Chapter 12! [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 - Ensnared Treck - Died Chapter 7 - The Ostian Revolt Jerrot - Died Chapter 9 - The Misty Isles
  4. Jumping to conclusions, are we? Though, I guess I'd have to admit, if I benched all the units who got bad level ups, she'd probably be my fourth target. Yeah, this game usually takes HM bonuses too far. On NM, there's more of a balance between units, but the higher amount of extra levels than usual means that some bonuses are going to be ludicrous in HM. I think it could be okay if you give each recruitable enemy a small set of absolute bonuses, but obviously that takes up a bit more space. I think Klain is one of the few characters in this game where HM bonuses are okay. They don't make him broken, they just make him compete better against Igrene, and even then their averages are close, IIRC. Wolt and Dorothy were intentionally given bad bases, so you can't really blame their incompetence on Klain. --- I don't like bandits. They're coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere. [spoiler=Ch 10A: The Good Bad Guy] BUT IT WAS I DIA You know I'm grasping when I reference dead memes This looks like a nice guy. Definitely not a traitor at all. Today's posse. Jerrot's death gave me a little more space to train up the units from last chapter. Hooray? Urgh. This again? A Killing Edge, too? Seriously? ... I can't just what I don't want to live on this planet anymore For what it's worth, let's look at the map: [spoiler=Ch 10 Map] Another very linear map. After the two groups of enemies, there aren't many enemies, but be sure to block the two forts at the bottom, because some fairly annoying reinforcements can spawn there. Pirates spawn from the western fort, but none of them have any special weaponry aside from Hammers, and there's no reason for you to deploy one at this point. At first glance, he seems to be less aggravating than the other bosses, but then you notice he has Nosferatu, and he has enough might to always heal more than half of his health with it. You'd better hope it doesn't hit. IntSys, you may have been learning at this point, but really? This is just disappointing. Speaking of disappointing, so is his army. Ganging up on Rutger? Honestly? That's the worst choice you could make. Despite being a sword that only deals 10 damage, I still manage to find a use for it. OHHHH YES This may be dangerous, but it's fine. The Halberd won't even hit Rutger-- ... It's a four stat level, but I'm still somehow not impressed. What have you done to me, Awakening?! Honestly, strength is what you need right now. Oh, and HP. Oh, and Defence. Maybe a little more Resistance? That Speed needs to get better too. Great! I definitely believed in you. Yep. I didn't just give up after you got five bad levels in a row. Nope. Not me. (How could this happen to me?) 1/2 groups heartlessly annihilated. Aww. Inspired by Lilina, Lance decides to declare his love for his best friend. (Roy and Allen now get four might from supports...) Let's ruthlessly conscript this poor pirate. GROWTHS: HP 85, Str 50, Skl 30, Spd 40, Lck 40, Def 20, Res 10, Total 275 Geese is so outclassed, even Oujay is less outclassed than he is. Unlike Oujay, though, he has no decently fast supports to make up for it. If memory serves, this route's Gonzales is better than him in every stat except from Skill and Luck (and Resistance, but chances are there's going to be no difference). Incidentally, none of those decide battles on their own. He's okay on Normal, just don't expect him to do well here. That Brave Axe is awesome, though. I'll be stealing that. I'm so disappointed, even Saul isn't disappointing me with his disappointingly disappointing levels. The only reason Roy isn't still there is because of a misclick that got him rescued. Yeah, I got pissed off. He just there. Two levels to go until Rutger becomes even more ridiculous. Phew Hooooly shit, Roy's on fire today-- Damn. I swear this sort of thing always happens after a crit. Good, but generic. Rutger only got ~40 exp from this Berserker kill. Urgh, can't he get EXP faster? Another useful crit? With no fliers around, using Geese to get there on time becomes the most logical course of action. Lilina callously manipulates this bandit into joining. GROWTHS: HP 90, Str 60, Skl 15, Spd 50, Lck 35, Def 25, Res 5, Total 280 From what I've read, people either love Gonzales as a unit or hate him. He hits like a truck at level 5 and he's fast enough to double, even with effectiveness weapons. He has enough Luck to not really worry about crits, and he has immediate access to Killer Axes on this route. He has a fairly quick support with Lilina that gives him more hit and Lilina more DEF. His defence is also decent, but it's not great, and he has monstrous HP, so he should be able to take at least two hits. His RES and CON are things to be wary of, but his CON problem isn't as bad as Barth's. Also, his hitrate is absolutely atrocious, but I honestly don't think it's as bad as most people let on. At 20/1, Gonzales wins 1 Hit and 4 Hit against Ward and Lot respectively, and loses a whopping 3 Hit against Geese. When factoring in prepromotes, both Echidna and Garret win hit on him, but Echidna only wins by 6 Hit. Of course, he's not going to be 20/1 at the same time as these units, but his promotion still gives him a good Skl boost, so he shouldn't be too far behind. I probably won't use him because, as I said, I don't want to luck out of every situation, but this is probably something I'll leave on a poll. Of course, he has Fir to compete with, so he has to get good level ups to even warrant that. Like this, for example. ...I guess 13 guaranteed Str on promotion isn't that bad. Learning about what happened with Lilina and Roy, Rutger tries to talk to Dieck, but it doesn't go so well. Hello, Ellen. How has the bench been? Fir gets two bad levels in a row. She's going nowhere quickly. rip Wo Dao. It's not as bad this time, because Rutger was around ~30EXP away from promotion at the end of the chapter. I gave Gonzales a level for the hell of it. I may need to get my eyesight checked. 16 guaranteed strength... See you next time with another one of the hardest chapters in the game! Friggin finally [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 - Ensnared Treck - Died Chapter 7 - The Ostian Revolt Jerrot - Died Chapter 9 - The Misty Isles
  5. Thing is, though, Rutger can die, and you don't have anybody else who is that fast. He isn't even guaranteed to have capped speed at that point - my Rutger was overleveled, and he literally only capped it just in time. Granted, he capped it later than usual, but still. Also, this. Except, it's probably BS at any point because it's very unlikely that you'll have a unit that can offset that avoid, especially now. Yeah, he's absolutely BS as well, but he can't kill you if you attack him from range with a unit he can't double. Shin is a good example here. Tbh I am being a bit harsh on her, but keep in mind that the speed procs just make her an inferior Lugh. Though her growths do improve this chapter, she still isn't really on the track to beating him. On the subject of Sacae, though, that's not what I'm worried about. A large portion of it can be trivialised by having defence, even if you don't have speed. So, Delphi Miredy and Percival are great options here. What I'm worried about are chapters that come before like chapter 11A, chapter 13 and possibly chapter 16, which means my units need to be better, earlier. Besides, as you said, I'm not even guaranteed to go to Sacae, though I prefer that route. --- [spoiler=Ch 9: "Surprise, Motherfucker!" Pt 1/1] "so uh we just ran out of ideas so can you defeat these bandits please" He has done more important things in ten seconds than Lyn has done in her entire life. Good choice. The team. About half of these people are probably going to be people I won't use. [spoiler=Chapter Map] The first fog of war map. I'd say it's about average difficulty on HM; you can never know when those low hitrates, er, hit. There is a Halberd fighter hidden to the north in the fog of war, so be careful of that. We can't see the boss yet because it's fog of war. To extend your vision in the fog of war, you can use the Torch staff from Chapter 7 or the regular Torch from this map's vendor, or you can simply deploy a thief, because they have extra sight in fog of war. Did I mention it's fog of war? I don't think I did. Yeah, it's fog of war. Bah, you cowards, waiting there in the fog! My name is Myrmidon Jim! The boldest Myrmidon in Serenes Forest, wherever it is! If you're not afraid to die, show yourselves! Bwahahahaha! Scott introduces Fir to Shin. They become the best of friends. Ow! Ow! Stop that! I'd usually get slightly irritated, but one kill isn't really worth getting annoyed over. Two uneventful enemy phases later... Arsehole count: 1 Be very careful with this guy. It turned out Jerrot can survive this guy if he has full health, unless he has a lance equipped. If he does get hit, though, he'd probably get finished off by the archers anyway. No, Glitch Rath! Stop checking on Sue! I don't want you here! Chance that Jerrot got hit by one poison axe fighter: 25% Disp. Hit, 12.75% True Hit The sad thing is, Shin is probably still better than you. There's nothing stopping me from using the both of you, though. Arsehole count: 2 If Noah isn't close enough to recruit her, you'd want to get the fuck away. You could already one-round with your support bonuses, but I guess a backup wouldn't hurt. ...Seriously? Chance that Jerrot got hit by two PA fighters: 0.25 * 0.27 = 0.0675 (6.75%) Disp. Hit, 0.1275 * 0.1485 = 0.01893375 (1.89% to 2 d.p.) True Hit Arsehole Count: 3 I guess Shin isn't much of an arsehole, but he still has existent crit on Roy, and that's just stupid. Fir get. She's my arsehole now. (That sounded so wrong.) I mean, just, yeah, really. Did you expect anything else from THIS Lugh? GROWTHS: HP 75, Str 25, Skl 50, Spd 55, Lck 50, Def 15, Res 20, Total 290 Fir is a worse Rutger, but she makes for a decent backup who actually can support Rutger and give him an Atk boost. Her 25% Str isn't a problem as long as it cooperates because her base is high enough with HM bonuses. She also comes with the Wo Dao, which is a Killing Edge with more amplified strengths and weaknesses. She's not a bad choice, but there are better ones. Hoooly Elimine AAAAAAAAA I REGRET EVERYTHING Phew... Splitting up. The characters who need leveling go north, the characters who don't go south. While it is a two stat level up, it's the two best stats, so I'm good with this. Shin is recruited. Let's take a look at his stats: GROWTHS: HP 75, Str 45, Skl 50, Spd 50, Lck 25, Def 10, Res 15, Total 270 Shin is great with HM bonuses, but he is still a bow user, and you therefore will need to take caution with him. Though, he can easily take down a wyvern or two without a problem, and he has a fairly fast support with both Shin and Fir, and his offensive power is much better than the archers. Though, that's not saying much, because Sue also beats them because she doubles. That's a different story, though. I've taken the liberty to compare Shin and Sue's stats. Sue is fairly inferior, but she still has exclusive Killer access for now. Shin has raw stats on his side, but will need extra help to reach C rank. BASTARD LOCATED Not that threatening. While his 53 avoid, while not as high as Henning's, is still aggravating, he's not that hard. Just attack him from range with a magic user and you should be fine. Wow. I think this is an actual, genuine "difficult" situation. I can't kill off anybody reliably without placing someone in danger, and there are just enough enemies for someone to die if I get too reckless. ...Yeah. Sure doesn't look good. Jerrot has lost enough HP to die to the Halberd, even with a sword, and Shin can't deal enough damage to prevent Jerrot needing to. With no other reliable options, I decide to pull back for now. I know, I know, I'm being a big coward this chapter. Saul... Just... It's time to stop. I guess I can let this slide, but only because her bases are so good in the first place. I obviously won't let more bad levels go in the future if she keeps getting them. Fir finally learned how to crit when it's useful. She also learned how to piss me off. Dieck hasn't had much screentime recently, but he's been helping out as well. Good level. It's at this point where I realised I fucked up. Massively. I can't pull back because I don't have enough mounted units available to do so. I can't heal Jerrot or let Shin tank, because the Halberd fighter and the archer will either kill Shin or kill Jerrot anyway (in the case of the former). I can't really kill the archer and guarantee Jerrot's safety. I can't rescue Shin with Jerrot, because Sue will probably die. Jerrot also happens to become a bad unit by the end of the Isles, while Shin needs a little training first but will become great by the end of the game. Ideally, I need to keep Shin and Sue alive for Chapter 20 because I will probably end up in Sacae. Granted, I'm not guaranteed to lose a unit, but every possible course of action I can take can result in a death. This is probably what Farewell, My Turnabout would be like if it was a FE chapter. I decide to let Jerrot kill the archer, but not before taking his non-Iron Sword items off of him. Here we go... ...Guy, I think you should run. You might have pissed him off. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH WILL JERROT SURVIVE OR WILL HE DIE FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON HOLLYOAKS! Huh? Stop stalling? ... Yeah, you're probably right. Where were we? Ah, right. WILL HE SURVIVE OR WILL HE DIE HE DIES Body Count: 3 On another note, I actually didn't expect this to happen. I thought it would've been too poetic after all the Halberd abuse in the last chapters. The irony here is... not that delicious, admittedly. Not important, but may as well give the numbers here: Chance that Jerrot got hit by two PA fighters and a Halberd fighter: 0.25 * 0.27 * 0.32 = 0.0216 (2.16%) Disp. Hit, 0.1275 * 0.1485 * 0.208 = 0.00393822 (0.39% to 2 d.p.) True Hit Underlined: what the heck?! Fir avenges Jerrot in the bloodiest way possible and even gets a bad level out of the deal. Hooray? I would've appreciated this more if you were Fir, Noah. Calm before the storm. I have the most rotten luck sometimes... I can just picture Agent Saul doing an epic action movie-esque dodge before Agent Shanna picks him up and ferries him back to base, with Mission Impossible playing in the background. Meanwhile, Fir gets ANOTHER bad level. I swear she's just copying what she did last playthrough. Christmas has come early for Rutger. The groups stay where they are for several turns. Thanks for the ambush reinforcements, IntSys! Sue has practically given up now. Good enough. I knew Route A would be the most popular, but I didn't think it'd be unanimous. ...Is that a good Roy level? It's been ages... Lovely. From left to right: Good, great, bad. Nice to see Shin start so nicely. Saul is just asking for the bench now. And yeah, most of the remaining screenshots are levels, so consider this chapter to be one big training montage. >Fir still can't crit with a Wo Dao *holds breath* Good. What else do you need from Rutger at this point? Bad. It doesn't even deserve a comment. Bad and bad again. Why are you so obsessed with the worst stats? Good, because Lance could use more speed. Really solid. That's more like what I want to see, but she's still a long way away from matching Lugh. If she does. She has about ten levels left to prove her worth, because I'm going to try and get them both to 20. Of course, if she doesn't, Lugh may not end up warming the bench. Okay, even I have to admit that that was pretty cool. I love how he says this to a frail mage of all people. I guess I asked for this. Again. Here was a Zealot! When comes such another? I was going to provide a screenshot of me saving it like usual (why do I do that anyway?), but I forgot to do it, somehow. [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 - Ensnared Treck - Died Chapter 7 - The Ostian Revolt Jerrot - Died Chapter 9 - The Misty Isles
  6. Tbh you don't want to be a balanced unit in this game, especially with the Hero Crest competition, and there's nothing Oujay really offers that other people don't. He's far from bad, but you can do so much better. I've already poured eight levels in total (counting this update) into her, so I'll be more than a little pissed if she doesn't turn out alright. Though, on the subject of stats, if things continue going as they are, it probably won't matter who I use. Keep in mind I've mentioned returning to using Lugh if Lilina does turn out to be shit. To tell the truth, it's not that scary until you throw effectiveness weapons in, which Ch 9 unfortunately has. I'm not sure if even Jerrot can survive a Halberd. I remember losing a cav at least once to the Halberd fighter. --- Have you ever wondered what would happen if Lugh was secretly a zombie? Look no further. Here's Chapter 8x! [spoiler=Ch 8x: The Lugh Apocalypse] He got mixed results. Very original The team. It doesn't really matter who you bring, this chapter is probably one of the easiest ones in the game. Let's look at the boss: He... has 65/9 avoid... and at least 14AS... How could they... Why would they... (Thrones exist solely to troll people, apparently) Also, he doesn't even have an Armourslayer weakness, so it's going to take a long time to take him down. Hope you have Rutger. LUGH Allen misses a Merc. This only serves to make him furious, and he crits the same one to death as soon as he possibly could. ...Is this Lugh in disguise? Rutger steals a kill, and I'm not even angry. Both good levels. What I really want out of Astol, though, is more Speed, Defence and Resistance. Hahaha no Anna does something helpful for a change. Okay. We have a problem. Holy shit Even Roy gets infected. His girlfriend is such a bad influence. That should sum up this chapter No, Sue, not you too... Everyone! Forget about Lugh! We don't need him right now! It's nice that you capped speed, but I want at least one more strength and defence from you before you hit 20. Then again, it's not like you need either of those 99 problems but a horse ain't one Saul getting hit wasn't a mistake, it was me being too lazy to do anything. Allen gets a good level. Unfortunately, his best friend got infected as well. Now I'm wondering why I'm using Lance when I have Allen... My reaction to this chapter. My reaction to this boss. My reaction to 80% of these level ups. This bandit even has good grammar. The dark age of the FE6 has begun. It took so long, Roy and Lilina unlocked their B support. Well. This sucks. ...There's something wrong with you. Okay I guess that's manageable-- WHOA WHOA WAIT HOLD UP That's a Lugh level, I guess. Time taken to reach the boss: about 20 turns Time taken to beat the boss: around 18 turns ... rip Killing Edge. Now I have to get Rutger promoted as soon as possible. Let's go, I need to get out of here before I turn into a banana mage as well. okay See you next time with Chapter 9! [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 Treck - Died Chapter 7 Oh, and yeah, I've set up a poll for which route to go to. I know it won't get many votes, but that's the point.
  7. I've heard of that strat, but I didn't do it because Roy isn't invulnerable even with the Angelic Robe. I try to be slightly more comedic than usual with this update. Apologies if gets irritating. [spoiler=Ch 8: Teen Mage Vs. Teen Mage] For fuck's sake, Roy. I don't know, maybe he failed because he's an even-shittier-than-usual Ruud-tier boss who is actually weaker than his allies. Aye, one of those mercenaries were so skilled, they suicided on a mage they had no chance of killing, or even hitting, for that matter. His soldiers aren't really that loyal to him anyway, because said archer doesn't even try if he can't kill her. This guy is giving off huge Godot vibes. The only thing he really needs is a visor. It's time for preparations. Let's look at the map: [spoiler=Ch 8 Map] This is a fairly long, but still very linear, map. As Leygance said, the enemies are arranged in a defensive formation, so charging in shouldn't be too hard as you won't get attacked by too many enemies at once like in Chapter 7. The chapter isn't really hard until the ambush reinforcements turn up, and even then, if you know how to use your characters, you should be able to survive the situation without a scratch. The really annoying part of the chapter is actually the boss. Let's take a look at him: At first glance, he looks like your average Ruud-tier boss, but he's much more aggravating than that. Though he's not very accurate, his throne bonuses increase his avoid by 30(!), leaving him with an infuriating 60 Avoid. Even Rutger and Dieck aren't reliably hitting this guy. My Rutger has capped skill and the fairly accurate Armourslayer, but he's still barely achieving fucking 60 hit. That's just about the most accurate you can get against him, unless you arena abuse and promote someone with high skill. Thankfully, he doesn't have Debias' spear, meaning he isn't critting anyone with existing luck. But seriously, you should never have someone on a 30 avoid throne this early in the game. What were they thinking? Finally. I'll (hopefully) never have to put up with Bors again. This guy actually has good weaponry, and you should be cautious with him. You'll probably want that Chest Key, but there's another CK knight at the top of the map who is less risky to get near to. My starting formation. I'm going to give Shanna and Sue some levels because of their promising ones earlier on in the LP. GROWTHS: HP 90, STR 35, SKL 40, SPD 50, LCK 15, DEF 20, RES 20, TOTAL 270 He has better defences and the same stealing potential as Chad in the long run, and that's all you really want on a thief, especially in this game. He can generally survive at least one hit except from things you don't need him to get attacked by in the first place. He'll be replacing Chad in this run. GROWTHS: HP 45, MGC 75, SKL 20, SPD 35, LCK 50, DEF 10, RES 35, TOTAL 270 Lilina isn't usually that great, but she's probably your best backup for a Sage if Lugh doesn't turn out. If you're supporting your characters, she also improves Roy and can make Gonzales' hitrates slightly better if you use him. She can use up to Elfire/Aircalibur without AS penalty, and is generally what Lute would be if Lute wasn't weighed down by everything. I personally prefer her over Lugh, but Lugh is the better choice if you're going for a glass cannon. Roy is controlling Lilina's actions from afar without even knowing. Astol can also dodge fairly well. Bleh. It's not that they're bad, it's that none of those (except for Sue's, anyway) really have anything they need. When you don't know who to support, go with the bros. Seven chapters ago, I said pointless crits were inevitable. That claim is still going strong. Holy shit, it's Robin in disguise! "Big" damn "heroes". Fun fact: my Bors got one rounded at full HP by an enemy mage in my first failed run of Chapter 7. Let's look at these meatshields. GROWTHS: HP 100, STR 60, SKL 25, SPD 20, LCK 20, DEF 40, RES 2, TOTAL 267 Barth is what happens when you take Bors, give him better strength and defence, but strip him of all the redeeming "qualities" that Bors had. He's probably the easiest to train due to being one level away from promotion, but those 20% Spd and 2% Res growths are just unforgivable. He doesn't even cap HP! GROWTHS: HP 85, STR 40, SKL 30, SPD 45, LCK 55, DEF 20, RES 15, TOTAL 290 Oujay is a faster Dieck you don't really need. He can't be used in the same ways, though, so be careful with him. GROWTHS: HP 85, STR 40, SKL 40, SPD 40, LCK 45, DEF 35, RES 10, TOTAL 295 ...Haha. Ahaha. AHAHAHAHA. Worst character in the game. Apparently, some people say she's in the same league as Sophia, but Wendy here doesn't even have 5 move or constant 1~2 range. She doesn't get staff utility after promotion, either, so she can't support your team. She isn't worth it, and even without my desire to make everything seem as crap as possible, there's no way to not shit all over her. Her defence isn't even good for an AK; I'm fairly certain she gets one-rounded by the archer right outside her room in normal mode. While I was ranting, Anna decided to shit on Roy. What happened to him getting great levels? Apparently, these enemies have no semblance of intelligence whatsoever. Should've gone to Specsavers. Give me strength. No, seriously. Please. 10/10 best odds For fuck's sake, Jerrot, I made you equip the Javelin so you could weaken, not so you act like you still had the Silver Lance! Sigh... Allen smites the archer for a meh level. Elibian Wars: The Casshole Strikes Back Fair enough. This mage is very very dead. The LB is shit in this game. It's literally only good for 1~2 range chip. Only one more talk conversation to go. Hooray. About time you got Defence again. Wow. I've finally found an enemy you can handle, Shanna. Formation. Mugging thieves. It's only chapter 8 and I've already got enough Lockpicks to last the entire game. Here they come... Lilina talks to Roy and gets a Thunder tome. Are there even any other talk conversations in the GBA series that gets you something? Roy then proceeds to immediately talk to Lilina again. They support each other for yet another Atk boost. Pretty much every Anima magic user in the game can use this without AS penalty, so Lugh being able to do it isn't that special. Memories of brain-dead stoners And just like that, you've lost my interest. Nice to see that you're finally improving your luck. Don't forget Speed, though. The joys of underleveledness. Looking back, I should've left more people. Good, bad, sort of bad, bad. Nice to see Lilina proc Speed on her first level. I guess this was inevitable. Holy shit, I actually managed to use it for something. Bad, good and good. That magic level means Lugh, in improving himself, is now 1.8 points below his average. Off to a good start! They're kind of expensive, so thank Elimine for that. That was a bit less troublesome than I expected. Oh, and Rutger gets a good level. His defence is now over 3 points above average. What the heck? Still too early to make decisions about the promo items. The other items are nice, if random. Here's Lilina's stats so far. She's off to a good start with her speed, but I hope her defences get better. Right now, Lugh seems like the better choice, but only because he's blessed in Speed and Defence. Like the promo items, though, it's too early to decide. Lot, despite his mediocre stats, has had a good run, and I doubt Chapter 7 would have went as it did if he didn't Halberd hit the Cavaliers. I'd say his contributions in that chapter were actually better than Allen's, and maybe equal to Lance's. However, using him past this point would only be detrimental because there's no chance of him getting a Hero Crest. I am the best at LTC. Let's get out of here... See you next time with Chapter 8x!
  8. It's finally time. Oooooh boy. Let's see just how badly I do. [spoiler=Ch 7: Lotty the Cavalier Slayer] I'll be taking her for a spin because Lugh doesn't seem to be doing so well. If she ends up shitty as well, I will choose the less shitty of the two. --- Rutger and Dieck will be handling most enemies on the left, because they're tanky enough to do it by themselves. Lot will try to Halberd any Lance cavaliers he comes across. Everyone else deals with the enemies on the right. Uh... yeah... about that... You're a disgrace, Merlinus. Well, in this game, anyway. This again? Weren't the ones from Chapter 2 enough? And thank Narga they are, because one of them will really help you out in the future. "probably" CHAPTER START Okay, let's take a look at the boss. Actually, no, he's so pathetic, I'm not even going to give him a description. Just look at this: Debias is bested by his own soldiers. He's so bad, he even gives pretty much all the other Ruud-tier bosses a run for their money in sheer badness. He isn't the "boss" here. He's just the guy Legance hired to sit on a chair. But, enough of that. Let's jump into one of the hardest chapters of FE6! This is a completely untrained Shanna, so watching her fly around this level is like watching a scared bunny in a busy road. He's going to need it where he's going. Also, I nearly always give him one anyway, so there's no point in not giving him one now. Calling it now, Rutger won't cap Speed. I have two words for you. One of them is off. These people join the action. This is as satisfying to see as it was in Chapter 4. JUST ENOUGH Did you just try to hit me, bro? Roy goes full Zephiel on this poor mercenary. ... ...My blood pressure... Okay, okay, I forgive you. Roy recruited Noah, so let's take a look at him: GROWTHS: HP 75, Str 30, Skl 45, Spd 30, Lck 40, Def 30, Res 10, Total 260 Noah is even more average than people like Lot are. He would normally make for a decent backup, but Percival exists. Even his 10 Con isn't that impressive compared to what the Cavalier Classics can do. Wow, maybe he'll actually survive? Of course not. He just suicides on the same mage who missed him in his phase. Body Count: 2 Lugh and Dieck are the ultimate trolls. They seem to know what you're planning for them at any moment. Rutger unleashes his inner ballerina. His girlfriend's life must be avenged! Good enough. DOROTHY! Shanna gains like 53 EXP from this kill alone. Bleh. Holy shit Jerrot. The last thing you need is more skill. Helpful enough items. Thanks for the gem. Your reward is an arrow in your face. Excellent. May as well be the same character. Jerrot gets recruited. Finally! GROWTHS: HP 75, Str 25, Skl 20, Spd 20, Lck 15, Def 30, Res 15, Total 200 Jerrot is Marcus but better. Not much else to say in that regard. Just like Lugh, this is too late, but it's more my fault for not giving you a chance. Goodbye forever, arsehole. Are they trolling?! These would've been so helpful to save Treck... Good enough. Can't really complain about either. Funds after I sold a Red Gem. Gee, you don't say. Rutger's getting this, because he will make better use of it. Insert epic 9v1 battle here So, I picked the worst time to open the entrance. Damn... This definitely doesn't look good, but it's under control. Formation. Lot gets Killer Axe access, not that it's too useful because I'll probably be benching him after Chapter 8. The only reason Lot's level is so high is because he's doing this so often. Both gets great levels. Shanna procced a 10% DEF growth while Bors couldn't proc a 35% once, what the heck. Okay and useful, I guess. Bad and okay. Not sure why I'm still hauling Allen around when I have Lance. Oh. Well then. Remember, guys. Always put Skill and Resistance before Strength and Defence. HE MISSED NOOO NOPENOPENOPE See you next time in Chapter 8. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't save Treck, but I'm not too pissed about that because I expected that from the beginning. He probably wouldn't have had a huge effect if I recruited him anyway, so it doesn't matter. Total deaths will be up tomorrow. tbh I still prefer this over HHM BBD because planning here will make the chapter a lot easier, whereas in BBD you don't really get a choice even if you bring your promoted mounted units.
  9. Huh? Really? Now I feel silly. It's also uncharacteristically forgiving for IntSys in this game, especially when compared to the aforementioned bullshit wyverns. That is a genuine problem Saul has, but he can probably deal with it better than most because he has 1-2 range and therefore doesn't always have to risk a counterattack. You can also give him a Goddess Icon if it comes to that. Elfire only has 8 might in FE6, and even though enemies generally have worse resistance growths in this game, they get far more extra levels here than they do in FE7 and maybe 8 (they both stick to 5 IIRC because /toohard) so it's likely to be higher anyway. So, Lugh pretty much needs both Magic and Speed to do well before promotion. He's a bit like Lance in that respect, but without a lot of room for error in the beginning. Yeah... I think I'm going to need it. The wyverns (and the ambush reinforcements, to a lesser extent) are the real bosses of this chapter, IMO. While I'm here, here are the deaths from my two failed Chapter 7 runs. I played through it the first time without a plan, which of course didn't go well. The second run did have a plan (which isn't as much a plan as "make random characters do random things and hope they survive") and it did go well, but Roy got hit by BS 30s during the one time I needed him to dodgetank. I'll be covering the specifics when I post Chapter 7's update (which will be either today or tomorrow), but if everything goes right, only Treck is expected to die, and that's before he gets recruited. [spoiler=First failed run deaths] [spoiler=Second failed run deaths]
  10. Someone finally dies this chapter, after about like seven fake outs. To tell the truth, this was beginning to feel like a normal playthrough. [spoiler=Ch 6: Bors for LVP] Can someone tell me WHY a guy would hire an archer as their bodyguard? And we've never heard of him until now? Surprise surprise... --- Cool cutscene, but fairly redundant. --- Preparations screen! The options are self-explanatory. You can buy weapons in some chapters, though I'm not sure which. This is Bors' last chance to improve himself before Chapter 7, after which he's definitely getting benched. Most of the enemies you have to fight. You may encounter some more if you open the wrong doors. Or rather, if some Casshole does. NOTHING worth stealing?! Practically everything is worth stealing except for the Short Bow, and even that's useful! (There is an Unlock staff in one of the northern rooms, but it probably isn't worth the trouble.) "We"? I think you mean "I", Merlinus. You're benched. --- Okay, before we start, I'd just like everyone to acknowledge the fact that we have a big fucking problem here. Just... the below screenshots should say everything. He's... a level NINE... Shaman... with 12 speed... and 9 magic... it's inconceivable... He gets destroyed by Rutger, but he destroys anyone without speed. Just make sure no one else can attack your boss killer. Let's look at our new units: GROWTHS: HP 60, Mag 40, Skl 45, Spd 45, Lck 15, Def 15, Res 50, Total 270 Saul is probably the best Bishop in the game, and your best bet for Aureola. He has high speed and good enough magic to have good staff range, and he starts off with a C rank in staves, which allows him to use Restore and Barrier staves right off the bat. He can take a hit unlike the other two healers, and the only stat he doesn't have that the other healers do is Luck, which can be fixed by a couple Goddess Icons. He's defintely not necessary though. GROWTHS: HP 85, STR 50, SKL 45, SPD 45, LCK 35, DEF 15, RES 15, Total 290 Dorothy is barely any better than Wolt, if at all. In fact, Wolt gets free chapters to improve himself in, Dorothy gets none. So, despite having a better growth total(?!), and having better stats in the better areas, she will never contribute more than him. And that just sucks. I guess it's time to sta-- Oh, right. Yeah. You can recruit Sue with Roy. Alright, NOW's the time to start. tfw useful crit Yeah, there are a shitload of lance users this chapter. Marcus is going further ahead to kill at least one of the mages, so Bors has an easier time training. Lance gets a mediocre level from the onslaught. Pick a god and pray. Sigh... GROWTHS: HP 55, Str 30, Skl 55, Spd 65, Lck 50, Def 10, Res 15, Total 280 The first decent bow user. She isn't great, but she can wield Iron Bows and I think Silver Bows after promotion with no AS loss, and she only loses 1 AS from Killers in the end. So, her strength problems aren't as bad as, say, Shanna's. She can also support Shin fairly quickly for good boosts, get even higher avoid than Clarine without use of supports, and rescue drop a lot of people, though Shin is ultimately better at that. She has a D rank in bows, allowing her to use a Steel Bow right off the bat, which is helpful for Chapter 7, but she isn't the only one who can do that. She is also one of the characters who destroys Sacae. Unlike her overrated mother, she's actually worth something. However, she has a very slow start, doesn't really have much avoid yet, and can only take one hit safely. I'll see how she turns out before deciding. I would normally go for the eastern chests first, but I think the gold is more important if you're not arena abusing. Casshole is, without a doubt, one of the shittiest units in the game. So shitty, she actually competes with Sophia and Wendy for the shit crown. Holy shit. Wait, what's that? You say she might be easy to recruit? Hahaha, no. To recruit her, you need to talk to her not once, not twice, but three times. So I can't rant about her until Chapter 12. HE DOUBLES Speed is nice, but why can't you gain Magic? Roy speaks to Casshole. Why yes, I am going to call her that from now on. Why do you ask? No, you don't get any warning about this. Enjoy the shitstorm. This happened throughout the chapter, and it's probably going to get worse. I combat the trollforcements with courage. Nice to finally see Dieck get defence. Speaking of that, my army seems to be obsessed with it. Except for Bors, anyway. Imagine how all these reinforcements would feel to a first time player. How could you, IntSys? I suppose you could use more Speed, but try to get other stats. ROY YOU IDIOT SANDWICHWADIPOOAFUHAFOIHDCP_AEJDO Reset count: 3 Lugh, both Speed and Defence are great stats, but I want you to get Magic. Allen gets a much better level up than before. I shtill wants Spid asdfsafisairohsa The middle group chips and kills a few enemies. Everyone gets defence except for our own Knight. Of-fucking-course. Bors, you would make Chapter 7 so much easier if you got defence, you know that? Beautiful... Sue recruited... again... IT BEGINS Insert rescue dropping shenanigans here I let Marcus have a kill because convenience. He takes his reward with much gusto. My "epic" legion. I love how these motherfuckers just ignore Cass. I don't do this. CASS YOU ASS Chad's stuff. Both useful weapons. PRAISE ELIMINE This bow exists solely to cause you trouble in the Sacae chapters if you haven't trained Miredy. Fair enough. ... You just couldn't get anything else, could you. I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed. Guess I'm using Saul. Allen tortures Cath for EXP. Dieck still gets Defence. Nice level. I forgot you could even get one of these before the Sacae chapter where you fight Gel. Bors, you're not making things easier. Okay, that's it. I don't care how blessed you are. I've given you so many chances to proc Magic, and you're now two points below your average. Stop pretending to be Clarine and sit on that bench. (Actually, I will probably bench him after Chapter 8 at the latest. He's still useful against some enemies in Chapter 7.) PLAYER PHASE Stop teasing me and get that level. This situation could be better, but it's manage-- Fuck my life. ENEMY PHASE I... actually don't have any screenshots of that particular EP. Here's a level montage instead. LEVEL MONTAGE From left to right: Okay, good, bad, great, good. Chad's is helpful because it means he can steal Casshole's lockpick. The one remaining reinforcement kills Clarine, and this time it isn't a fake out. Clarine is dead. Well. RIP Klein/Tate. Body Count: 1 Okay. Does Wagner have a boss quote? If he did, it didn't activate. Oh no, what are you going to do now? Never used you before, but I guess I'll need to. I know your growths, so even though that is a good level for a healer, you can do better. It's always the Casshole. So you've finally arrived. You're too late, the castle has already been flooded. With Clarine's death, I leave Chapter 6 with a heavy heart. I'm still hopeful I can win, though. She's not exactly top tier material. No, Roy. She's the hot granddaughter of one of the chieftains of Sacae. The Traitor Count is at 4 and it's still going strong. Honestly, I hope she is. Right now, all I have is a low-budget banana mage who doesn't know what a magic stat is. I forget to screenshot saving the file because I'm an idiot, but I did save it. I'll be back next time with one of the hardest chapters in the game. [spoiler=Graveyard] Clarine - Died Chapter 6 (Ensnared) Other deaths (Non Merlinus/Roy characters listed here have died, but before Roy himself did): Merlinus (3), Roy (3), Allen (1)
  11. I will not be able to update this as quickly as before, but I haven't forgotten about it. This is the first chapter that managed to fit in one part. The end is upon us. [spoiler=Ch 5: Manly Tears] No! That's not true! That's impossible! Stop following me around... --- Let's look at the boss. Okay, so, Dory. Like most brigands, he has obscenely high HP and STR, but barely anything else. What makes him scary as a boss, though, is his Killer Axe. Never attack him head-on or allow him to equip his KA during enemy phase. You could lose someone very easily if you do. The safest way to get rid of him is to make him switch to his HA and let Rutger kill him quick, rescuing him and moving away if he doesn't kill him. Actually, I failed twice. Merlinus I think died again, and Allen died in one of the failed runs. I didn't block the forts at the start of the chapter, and got surrounded later on for not doing so. Roy didn't take it well. Formation. Two bad characters Saul, the only decent light magic user. He's also the Sain before Sain who came after Sain. He is also the Sain after Sain who came before Sain, if you prefer that. Look at this cocky fool ... Gee, congrats. Anima + Fire, eh, may as well. This is brilliant. Please continue. This bandit just won't quit. Goddamn it Rutger, you were MADE to crit. Not Dieck. This is scarier than it looks. ...Really? Rutger finally crits. ...the guy that doesn't matter, anyway. This is shit. I am shit. Hope this meatshield lasts as long as possible. I'm fully convinced that Elen will die, so I handed her belongings over to Chad. She wasn't that useful anyway. Theoretically, I could've moved her to a safe spot, but that would put Chad in danger and I kind of want to obtain the items in Chapter 6/7. Yeah. This is exactly what I didn't want. Sigh... Here we go. Heart attack count: 1 Phew... I'd appreciate it if you got strength. Skipping a bit ahead, nothing interesting until later. One-of-a-kind. Fairly nifty, but never going to see use on a PK. Um, thank you? Not sure if this is meant to help or if it's a "fuck you". This is scary. It's nice... you STILL need more STR/SPD/DEF though. Look at that army of mercanaries... Ev'ry challenge along the way With courage I will face Lugh gets a mediocre level. In other news, Roy and Allen support for full bonuses. Keep in mind I will prioritise Lilina over Allen for supports if I decide to use her. That isn't impossible, considering Lugh's shoddy levels. I love this part of the game. All of the bandits will go for Rutger, but pretty much none of them will hit. Rutger benefits greatly from the slaughter. >Rutger can't crit with a KE >Roy crits with an Iron Sword And so, manly tears of joy were shed... (For the record, Lilina got two perfect levels in my last HM playthrough, and Fa got one as well. Never got them in any other FE except Awakening, though, where Cordelia seemed to hog them) Lugh gets a much worse level. Come on, kid, I want to use you, but if you're never proccing Magic, there's no reason for me to. Marcus gets an even worse level, but he doesn't have good growths anyway so it's to be expected. It's okay, but only because you could do with more speed, and you have a 30% growth. Watch and learn, Rutger. I suppose everyone has their off-days. Roy kills the boss. Please don't stop getting those levels. Chapter 5 is done in 29 turns. I am the best at LTC. I have not heard of this newfangled Sain. Much prefer the name "Ensared" to "It's a Trap!"... That game was shit. I will be back with Chapter 6 or something. [spoiler=Deaths]Merlinus - 3 Roy - 2 Allen - 1 Red - Dead
  12. Bob. [spoiler=Ch 4: I AM BETRAYAL - Part 2] Dieck is one of the only people who can actually use this without a harsh AS loss. Soon... Glitchmation Sheesh, Rutger, calm down. GROWTHS: HP 80, STR 30, SKL 60, SPD 50, LCK 30, DEF 20, RES 20, TOTAL 290 Rutger is a monster with or without HM bonuses. Just be wary of crits (against him, of course) and durability though. GROWTHS: HP 40, MGC 30, SKL 40, SPD 50, LCK 65, DEF 10, RES 45, TOTAL 280 Clarine's worth as a unit is arguable, but she's a dodgetank in a game where dodgetanking is fairly reliable. Her flaw is her poor MGC and durability, which makes her one of the least potent healers in the game - heck, even Cecilia beats her in that department. SL WLs will one-shot her, but you can mitigate that with supports, which give her much-needed DEF and extra avoid. She is Lugh 2.0 when it comes to combat; she will be doubling more often but dealing less damage per hit. Now you get Speed? Really? That proc would've been so much more useful if you got it earlier... Got a couple of each. Lot gets a level. I asked for strength, so I'm not complaining. The Money Man is apparently omnipresent. Holy shit Lugh. Dieck gets a far less inspiring level. Shanna's overwhelming might. Got a couple of each Iron and a couple Javelins Stop stealing kills from the little ones! Hooray for ambush reinforcements. I can see you don't want to take a SL to the face and live, then. This guy wants to tank. He doesn't want to get good levels, though. DIECK!!! NOO AND SHE LIVED He is not the one percent. ffs Roy Formation This isn't going to take long, I can just tell. Lugh and Clarine get good levels. What is a False Friends Next time, bandit chapter 2.0.
  13. Growths get better from here on out, so that's nice. Roy (and Dieck) is getting worse levels, so I'm not sure how long he'll remain decent. My last Roy was actually four points screwed in speed, and only really had extra STR/DEF to make up for it. Even with the bad levels, Lance was mostly average, so there's still hope for him. [spoiler=Ch 4: I AM BETRAYAL - Part 1] Why is it that everyone in FE7 who appears in this gets facial hair except for Eliwood and Karel? Traitor No. 2 ffs Clarine Oh my god. It begins. Clarine's importance as a unit is arguable, but this is great. Narcian is a very creative name. I never would've guessed it refers to him being narcissistic. Triggered. Slater has been sacrificed to the RNG goddess to improve my levels. CHAPTER START [spoiler=Chapter Map] The first really interesting map in the game, IMO. You're encouraged to take it slow and defensive, because here, on Hard, if you charge in at the beginning, you're very likely to lose someone just because of enemy density. That said, after the mounts are gone, you won't be as pressured for a while, so you should take that as a cue to heal up and slowly (emphasis on slowly) make your way to the left. Roy can't recruit Clarine, so you may need to leave him out in the open for a turn to recruit her. Don't take too long, though, because Rutger and his posse will ambush spawn on you a couple of turns later, and Clarine is the only one who can recruit him. Don't leave a meatshield for him - NO ONE, not even Bors is reasonably likely to survive a double crit from him at this point. Though, if you do recruit him, it shouldn't take long to kill off his posse, and then you can just attack the boss from there. In my opinion, this is much better than False Friends, because there's no rain to kill the pace of the chapter. Let's take a look at Erik: The most challenging boss yet. He has good stats in the most important areas. However, his AS is never higher than 11, and he has low luck, so take that as you will. Rutger isn't as good a choice as he looks because the boss can just switch to his javelin to give him shaky hitrates. The Halberd is also very inaccurate on him even with his Javelin equipped, so you won't be achieving nice hitrates with it. The Rapier is fine, but the Javelin happens to cut into its effectiveness as well. Weakening him with Marcus is probably the best idea, and then you can kill him with whoever you want. He will last long with that 34 HP/10 DEF though. --- Door keys can only be used one and I'd rather use a thief, but it's handy. It's vital that Bors does not encounter more than one enemy at a time if he has base speed, otherwise his arse will be handed to him pretty easily. Not much else to do. They'll be staying there for a few turns. ENEMY PHASE Lance defies the RNG. Bors doesn't. I love it when a bow user misses a 70. PLAYER PHASE The obligatory chip. Better get a good level up this time. The first of many. ENEMY PHASE This is fine, only one enemy (this one) can attack him. I swear I've seen a Lyn crit sprite that moves like this. --- Hey. Hey? HEY. HEY? Clarine is very friendly. --- Gee, I wonder how badly Lugh will do in terms of levels. Spot the mistake in this screenshot. I noticed it right after I moved the last unit. For fuck's sake. Meh. Can't argue with that. Wait what Ahh, fuck. I think Merlinus is the only character who doesn't die if he reaches 0 HP. Lucky bastard. --- And so, Clarine is saved. Clarine: I have to speak to that red-haired guy immediately! --- Lugh is going to be so easy to train up, I can tell. Ward and Lot make themselves useful. Good start, but it won't do in the future. I'm not worried about the Silver Lance at the moment, we get another one in Chapter 6 IIRC. I love it when this happens. Expect to hear this a lot as well. The last thing Roy needs is skill, yet being the intelligent, cunning lord he is, he gets it and barely anything else anyway. I think we might still be in business. Finally getting somewhere. --- Yeah, he does ambush you. Knowing that he will won't help you much when you don't know where from. --- How obnoxious can you get? About time I had another healer. I won't talk about her until next update, though, because then all the new recruits will be in one place. --- Is this even an improvement from Normal?! Dieck is murder. Rutger is murder too. And yeah, he spawned in Enemy Phase for maximum fun. Thanks IntSys. PLAYER PHASE Yeah. Rutger isn't getting recruited for another turn. Also, if I attack the Cav at close range, the unit attacking will be in Rutger's range. One of the reasons I even trained Bors (who I'm benching after Ch 7 at the latest) up to this point was to give him a chance to survive two crits, but you can see how well that turned out. So, this is something I will have to handle next update. See you then.
  14. ALL ABARD THE LUGH HYPE TRAIN CHU CHUUUU [spoiler=Ch 3: Revenge of the Loldiers - Part 2] Let's look at this fucker. GROWTHS: HP 50, MGC 40, SKL 50, SPD 50, LCK 35, DEF 15, RES 30, TOTAL 270 Lugh is ridiculously overrated. I mean, just look at him. His bases are barely any better than bloody Wolt's, and they still don't cut it on Normal, let alone on Hard. On Hard, assuming you haven't been turtling to train him up, he gets one shotted by Chapter 5, and his durability isn't improving with those 50%/15% HP/DEF growths, or even with that decent 30% RES. His 40% MGC growth is unreliable as fuck, and even if it does cooperate, he'll be left with just average magic that isn't impressing anybody. Though that 50% SPD is admittedly good, he still isn't doubling much until after promotion, and Guiding Rings are arguably the most contested promotion item in this game. None of his support options are great units except from Miredy, and she has better things to do than tag along with a little shit. However, he is probably your best option for a Sage, because he should still be able to deal lots of damage and double lots because enemies have low resistance. Besides, nobody is paying 10000G for an only slightly statistically superior uptight arsehole with even worse supports. It's really hard to tell whether I'm extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. One turn later... It'd be useful to support them, but if they continue getting bad levels I won't use either. ... Ha ha ha. Very funny. But seriously, I'm only in for trouble if I keep getting those levels. Gotta go fast Ow! OW! Stop that, that hurt! They couldn't withstand the power of the low tier. I expected no less from you. Actually, I expected no more as well. Get out. The characters who I don't plan to use in the long run are the only ones who dodge. Such is the law of FE. Fuck my luck. What kind of armour are these people wearing to survive two blows of the SL?! Soon... This is both amazing and really fucking irritating. Why is Roy succeeding more than like 90% of the others? Bors: Service with a smile One of the better levels, unfortunately. Roy has a WTD, and he's still beating nearly everyone else in terms of accuracy. Swords OP. 11/10 best formation Pretty good if it hits Pretty bad if it doesn't Bye. This was your doing all along, wasn't it. 3000G is something, I guess. AND IT ONLY TOOK 21 TURNS Well, they're one letter away from burn, what did you expect. Next time, there are actually things to talk about. Surprising how short this update turned out to be.
  15. Honestly, I may need to use him (Dieck) anyway, he's one of only two people who are actually getting good levels. --- FE6 apparently has the inexplicable ability to make me like it and hate its metaphorical guts at the same time. As for screenshots, I merged some of them to fit the limit. I think that's fine, anyway. [spoiler=Ch 3: Revenge of the Loldiers - Part 1] I like to think of Narshen as Richard Wellington's ancestor. Meanwhile, in a mysteriously mysterious secret hideout of mystery... Zephiel isn't the king of Bern. He's the king of Burn. *shot* Is this seriously the little shit I had to protect in BBD? Dear me, the bullshit I have to put up with sometimes... What a travesty this all is. Chad is very reassuring. Forgetting the fact that Hector is the second worst General in the game, counting Trial Map characters. Five chapters later, he scolds Casshole for stealing. CHAPTER START [spoiler=Chapter Map] Also fairly linear. Of note is that this chapter is the first one to have reinforcements, which are of course everyone's favourites, ambush Cavs. In Normal, you don't have to worry too much about charging in, but in Hard, that notion goes to hell, and in this run it took me ten turns to enter because of how strong the enemies are. We don't get to see the boss yet, because he is hiding in the mysteriously mysterious secret hideout of mystery, but that will be fixed later on. Who we do get to see is this: GROWTHS: HP 85, STR 50, SKL 50, SPD 80, LCK 60, DEF 25, RES 15, TOTAL 365 Chad would be fine if this were normal mode. However, this is Hard, so even with those growths, he is getting one-shotted by WLs later on. What makes his situation worse is that Thieves don't promote. Use until Chapter 8, bench for Astore, who can take a hit and has the same stealing potential in the long run. Normally it maaay be a good idea to bring him back for Arcadia, but what little utility thieves have there is ruined by a glitch that allows anyone to find an item, thief or not. Nevertheless, he has three chapters of exclusive steals/treasure (3, 6, 7) under his belt, so he's fairly important. Don't let him die. --- These soldiers can be really dangerous. Don't underestimate them. I actually thought Lance was going to a die for a second there, well until I saw the below screenshot happen anyway. What is durability anyway? This was positively surprising. Except for the fact it hit, but you can't have everything in life. Banana boy. PLAYER PHASE It's showtime. Lot does well against the two soldiers, but he'll need help against the archer. I can just tell this update will go well. At least there's someone I can (usually) rely on. End of turn formation. ENEMY PHASE Enemy phase gauntlet. I made a mistake on Lot 1 - I think he missed once in return. I can't say for certain because I no longer have that screenshot. PLAYER PHASE This action was more to make getting Lugh safer than to "improve" Wolt. Over ~80 hitrate with an axe? This is a nice day. I may look lucky here, but everything goes to hell later. Whose side is Anna on anyway?! One of the only decent levels. It doesn't go well. Lance can get killed if both soldiers hit him. Do they? Find out next time on The IntSys Menace! Right, so, where were we? Oh. ...Yeah. I actually panicked here because I thought Ward would get doubled if he rescued Lance. Would he? Actually, no. Ward finally proved to be a lifesaver, I mean what the fuck. Merlinus even has enough DEF to be used as a meatshield, which is nice. And with that, it's ENEMY PHASE. PLAYER PHASE No, Marcus! Bad Marcus! Stop that! This formation doesn't deserve a description. One turn later... No idea if this is the same enemy, but Roy gets a good level. Hopefully he'll take a bit more punishment now. Formation for reference. ENEMY PHASE He hits the second time. I think this is around the time when the boss room is revealed, but I'm too lazy to check, so I'll just put the convo here: ... ... ... ... Bad idea you have there, Wellington. PLAYER PHASE Time to (finally!) look at the boss: Ruud with a stronger 1-range option. He's just as pathetic. Lance hits a soldier and gets shit upon by Anna. No Allen, that bad influence you call your best friend isn't a good role model. Well, not now, at least. Formation. ENEMY PHASE Who knows when this madness will ever end PLAYER PHASE Mend is Heal but better. Dieck cooperates. This is both awesome and really irritating. Wow. You actually weakened him this time. For fuck's sake, what is it with everyone these days? How do I dodge? Another crit? They're nice and all, but get them when they're useful... Chip. One turn later... It's turn fucking TEN, and I'm still at the entrance. You know what? That's it for this update. See you next time.
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