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  1. Hi I am looking for caeldori with counter, draconic hex and hoshidan unity. thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks! Also, if anyone has some good skills for setsuna it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I had it on my revelations castle but I accidentally deleted it :(I will try to set it up on my new rev file but that will take around 30 or so mins. I'll say when they are up Edit: up now! Charlotte has lucky 7, replicate, lifetaker, death blow and certain blow
  4. RIP my revelations castle. Wasn't paying attention and accidentally saved over it. :( Edit: I'm gonna speed through normal casual rev. Any skills you want me to get for just ask
  5. Sorry about that, I must've forgotten to update data. It should be up now
  6. Done! If you need any of my benched skills just ask Also, If anyone has savage blow on saizo it would be greatly appreciated thanks
  7. Here are my skills if anyone is interested. Castle Address: 03616-45160 skills in brackets are not equipped. Bold units are the ones currently in my castle I have a Birthright Castle which I may have up either on request or if I was messing around on the file Kamui: Replicate, Bowbreaker, Trample, Death Blow, Lifetaker (Str +2, Mov +1, Draconix hex, Seal Strength, Seal Speed, Seal Defence, Rally skill, Rally Defence, Lethality, Astra, Dragon fang, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Vengeance, Pavise, Aegis, Dragon ward, Counter, Countermagic,Vantage, Nohrian trust, Hoshidan Unity, Lunge, Swap, Life and Death, Duelists Blow, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Shurikenfaire, Tomefaire, Swordbreaker, Shurikenberaker, Quixotic, Renewal, Amaterasu, Poison Strike, Savage Blow, Profiteer, Nobility, Futute sight, pass, Locktouch) Jakob: Shurikenfaire, Death Blow, Luna, Trample, Replicate (Skl +2, Res +2, Astra, aegis, shelter, Quick Draw, Elbow Room, Amored Blow, Defender, Gentilhomme, Tomebreaker, Air Superiority, Amaterasu, Live to serve) Sakura: Replicate, Tomefaire, Inspiration, Pavise, Luna (Mag+2, Rally Mag, Rally Lck, Lethality, Astra, Rend Heaven, Aegis, Miracle, Darting Blow, Quixotic, Renewal, Amaterasu, Future Sight) Hinoka: Inspiration, Bowbreaker, Trample, Savage Blow, Movement +1 (Rally spd, Astra, Luna, Rend Heaven, Replicate,Darting Blow, Warding Blow, Lancefaire, Quixotic, Camaraderie, Renewal) Subaki: Luna, Bowbreaker, Pavise, Aegis, Axebreaker (Seal Speed, Seal Defence, Rally Speed, Astra, Rend Heaven, Vantage, Swap, Duelists Blow, Darting Blow, Warding Blow, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Swordbreaker, LanceBreaker, ShurikenBreaker,Camaraderie, Lifetaker) Caeldori: Movement +1, Bowbreaker, Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Replicate (Seal Def, Rend Heaven, Golembane, Swap, Darting Blow, Air Superiority, Amaterasu, Poison Strike, Locktouch) Hisame: Renewal, Death blow, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude, Gamble (Seal Def, Astra, Vantage, Life and Death, Duelists Blow, Swordfaire, Underdog) Shiro: Nohrian Trust, Tomebreaker, Hoshidan Unity, Dragon Fang, Dragon Ward ( Seal Spd, Seal Def, Astra, Vantage, Swap, Duelists Blow, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Nobility) Asugi: Sol, Quixotic, Aptitude, Renewal, Hoshidan Unity (Res +2, Golembane, Replicate, Shurikenfaire, Gentilhomme, Poison Strike, Locktouch) Midori: Renewal, Rend Heaven, Movement +1, Quixotic, Lancefaire (Mag +2, Seal Speed, Seal Defence, Rall Mag, Lethality, Golembane, Swap, Replicate, Spendthrift, Shurikenfaire, Tomefaire, Potent Potion, Poison Strike, Profiteer, Future Sight, Quick Salve, Locktouch) Felicia: Renewal, Replicate, Swordbreaker, Pavise, Mov +1 (Res +2, lethality, Astra, Sol, RendHeaven, Aegis, Miracle, Counter, Golembane, Shurikenfaire, Tomefaire, Demoiselle, Inspiration, Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker, Quixotic, Live to Server, Poison Strike, Pass, Locktouch) Ryoma: Replicate, Rend Heaven, Death Bloq, Savage Blow, Tomebreaker (Astra, Luna, Vantage, Life and Death, Duelists Blow, Swordfaire, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker) Anna: Sol, Pavise, Armored Blow, Luna, Renewal ( Mag +2, Mov +1, Rally Skl, Potent Potion, Locktouch) Rhajat: Deathblow, Counter, Vengeance, Quixotic, Lancebreaker (Mag +2, Seal Res, Rally Mag, Rally Lck, Rend Heaven, Miracle, Tomefaire, Malefic aura, renewal, future sight) Selkie: Replicate, Aegis, Lifetaker, Sol, Death Blow (Beasbane, Evenhanded, Even Better, Grisly Wound, Future Sight) Kiragi: Lifetaker, Replicate, Death Blow, Rend Heaven, Lethality (Quick Draw, Life and Death, Certain Blow, Bowfaire, Quixotic) Oboro: Replicate, Vantage, astra, Duelists Blow, Renewal ( Seal def, Rend Heaven, Golembane, swap, spendthrift, Lancefaire, Quixotic, Potent Potion, poison Strike, Profiteer, Quick Salve, Locktouch) Dwyer: Hoshidan Unity, Armored Blow, Aptitude, Lifetaker, Dragon Fange (Lck +4, Res +2, Astra, Sol, Luna, Rend Heaven, Aegis, Shelter, Quickdraw, Elbow Room, Shurikenfaire, Defender, Gentilhomme, Live to Server, Profiteer) Kaze: Trample, Savage Blow, Death Blow, Sol, Mov +1 (Seal Str, Seal Spd, Seal Def, Lethality, Astra, Vantage, Swap, Replicate, Life and Death, Duelists Blow, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Shurikenfaire, Poison Strike, Locktouch) Takumi: Luna, Tomebreaker, Deathblow, Replicate, Lifetaker (Skl +2, Lethality, Astra, Sol, Rendheaven, Golembane, Quick Draw, Life and Death, Certain Blow, Bowfaire, Air Superiority, Quixotic, Amaterasu, Poison Strike, Locktouch) Shigure: Replicate, Lifetaker, Dragon Fang, EvenHanded, Hoshidan Unity (Rally Spd, Beastbane, Darting Blow, Warding Blow, Shurikenfaire, Defender, Foreign Princess, Camaraderie, Amaterasu, Nobility) Azura: astra, Pavise, Renewal, Profiteer, Replicate (Mag +2, Lck +4, Inspiring Song, Lethality, Sol, Luna, Aegis, Countermagic, Darting Blow, Voice of Peace, Foreign Princess, amaterasu, Live to Serve, Future Sight) Kana: Bowbreaker, Replicate, Swordfaire, Tomebreaker, Lifetaker (Draconic Hex, Astra, Dragon Fang, Dragon Ward, Counter, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Shelter, Duelists Blow, Defender, Quixotic, Profiteer, Nobility) Rinkah: Rend Heaven, Seal Speed, Replicate, Axefaire, Death Blow (Seal Res, Lethality, Sol, Lua, Counter, Shove, Shurikenfaire, Gamble, Quixotic, Salvage Blow Sorry for no coding on all unequipped things, I am too lazy to do it.
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