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  1. I think it would be interesting if the Fire Emblem didn't have a power that would only be, in theory, used to help the good team win. If it was a relic that both sides were fighting over but rested in the hands of an antagonistic neutral party (say, dragons who don't have a horse in the race that is the war in the setting) that could be cool.
  2. I quite like using Pegasus Knight Mae and anyone as a Dread Fighter on Alm's route is good by default.
  3. I'm still fairly early into the game, but I'm enjoying it okay. It has had its ups and downs, but mainly things have been pretty good (on Maniac, first time playthrough). I think once you get a feeling for how the AI behaves each map can be solved pretty handily, but some of the AI behavior itself is sort of nonsensical. The last chapter of the prologue is also garbage and I hate it.
  4. I read the paragraph and I disagree with your reasoning, however as I have stated I appreciate your transparency with respect to your changes. And it's well and good that you only did it with villagers, but we can surely agree that your changes only came about because, right or wrong, in your opinion you could write something better. The precedent set by Fire Emblem's other mediocre to outright bad translations isn't something I necessarily agree with but I understand your reasoning behind sticking to that precedent. I have read that article and as you can imagine I do not agree with Mr. Borges. Perhaps a private conversation between the two of us is in order, so we can discuss our differences in opinion without further derailing previous discussion ITT (and hopefully we can maintain polite discourse rather than devolving into an out-and-out argument). Of course, you are free to turn this invitation down as you will; I'm sure you are busy. I'm aware that translation is challenging and though it may not seem like it I do appreciate the effort you took in making the patch in the first place. I simply don't agree with some of the changes you made. Also, even if you decided to take a self-satisfied tone, thanks for posting in response to what I have said. I admit my initial post was more callous than it ought to have been.
  5. Re Japan versus English: Correct. Re Hector/Ninian/etc: No, they don't, and I see your point, but my point was that "well it's actually an arabic name so changing it is okay" is a flimsy excuse. It would be like changing Hector to Henry because Henry is a real name. You've missed the forest for the trees - I'm not concerned that Safiya is a bad name in itself, it's that it is a deliberate change. Re "do it yourself:" Not having a price tag does not absolve something of criticism. Anyway, I've said what I have to say. I'm not whining for the sake of it, I was just asking about questionable changes. In the future I will be sure to only speak positively as this forum may not be able to handle hearing things they do not like. Apologies for this being an edit rather than in the initial post.
  6. Does Pokegba have ads? I used to use MyBoy but I got a new phone and rather than deal with digging out my old phone, charging it and hoping its tenuous grip on functionality lasts until I can transfer the application over, I'd like to hear about this alternative in more detail. The MyBoy GBA application is no longer free, or I would just use it.
  7. Your first points are fair, and I certainly agree that NoA and Treehouse have made some poor localization choices with regards to name (Sety is especially egregious). You are outright wrong about the second point. Read through the .pdfs again - the first one I mentioned comes up in the change to Cyas/Saias's dialogue about not hating "the sword." And again, it isn't just that one bandit boss's death quote - the notes say, "This dude's dialogue is so plain and boring that I scrapped it and rewrote it literally from scratch." I don't care what the translator's opinions of the writing are - keep the script intact.
  8. I don't recall Safi being an Arab. I get that the translator found out that Safiya was actually a feminine Arabic name after making the change he already had made, and that's great and dandy, but Safy/Safi is not an Arab so her name being masculine in Arabic means nothing in the context of Thracia 776, which is not set anywhere that Arabic is anyone's first language. There are other examples (though none spring to mind as I write this) of names being masculine in one tongue and feminine in the next. And no, you misunderstood me - I was saying that instead of using terms of endearment (the better alternative), nicknames are appropriate rather than keeping honorifics around. Of course, the original point of that was to show that not all of the changes were made for the sake of embellishment, both good and bad ones. Please pay attention to the context of what people are saying and think critically rather than taking things at their face value.
  9. "Latching" is a strong word, I just mentioned it. But you're right, there's no reason not to use Safi. Why Safiya, then? Because the translation team liked it better? "Westerners don't understand Shintoism so I made the dialogue about free will instead because Westerners like free will." "I thought this guy's dialogue was plain, but what I wrote is better because I said it is better." "Honorifics are scary, so instead I came up with nicknames." The only change that is arguable is the last one because some Westerners really are so dim as to misunderstand terms of endearment and nicknames are an easy way to circumvent that. I also never said that the changes were arbitrary - my disliking them is mostly because of the intent of the translator's intent rather than the apparent lack of one. Your definition of "mild changes" and mine may not be the same - if you like this "localization," then more power to you. I was personally greatly looking forward to it but it's a letdown that such changes were made. As I said, I suppose I will have to continue studying Japanese and do so more intently. I unfortunately have the habit of using romanized Japanese rather than the proper characters because I am surrounded by spoken Japanese at work and I have to speak it occasionally, but it is a hurdle I will need to overcome. But anyway, this isn't my blog. My point is, I am not a fan of localization changes to any degree unless they are absolutely necessary - if you're translating a book about courtly nobility in Japan, it's important to signify in the text (ideally in a seamless manner) that something someone just said was rude if that statement wouldn't come across as rude in English. However, it isn't necessary to change the dialogue so that the spoken words themselves are more obviously rude - Japanese is a language of subtlety, after all, and to make such a change is to use your own interpretation rather than the author's choice of words.
  10. Ah yes, you are better than the original writers and authorial intent doesn't matter. Creative liberties are different from outright removal of dialogue because the translator didn't like it, or adding in Phoenix Wright-tier changes because honorifics are confusing. I'm not expecting a perfect and rigid 1:1 translation, but I am expecting things not to be added and removed at the translator's will because he thinks himself a better writer than the Japanese who wrote it. Yes, I know Japanese is very different language with different roots than English, and it's fine to consider that when translating - but "I live down the street from this business so that means everyone in the world would be confused by Safy's name" is a silly change to make. You are wrong about what I have and have not enjoyed, but that is okay. This is a common argument I hear when I speak about bad localization changes, that in the past the things I have enjoyed went through a similar process...but they haven't considered that I (and I can't speak for others who share my view) go through some efforts to ensure the accuracy and veracity of the translated works I indulge in. For a simple example, Dragonball's localization is wildly different from the original in a number of ways, principally the decision to write Son Goku as an altruistic hero rather than his actual character. The dub is, thus, worse, as is the official manga translation and some subs (though it depends on the group). When I was a child and didn't know any better, yes, I did like Dragonball for what it was (or what I thought it was), but as I grew older and came to understand that the story was altered, I distanced myself from it. The original intent is, of course, much better than the localized versions. I'm not advocating for a 1:1 translation, as I said, but removal and alteration of things because the translator "felt like it" is poor practice and frankly embarrassing to read about. I thank the translation team for their transparency, but I can't help but admonish them for doing the same things for which Treehouse was lambasted years ago. Also: the comments about my never learning Japanese are falsehoods, but if that makes you feel better you are welcome to continue believing such things.
  11. Why on Earth would you deliberately change and alter dialogue like you have? Why would you remove and add things at will? I guess I'll continue to not play Thracia until it's remade or until I learn Japanese. What a letdown.
  12. Could be this one or the movie game. There may also be more, I'm not sure.
  13. The only truly unfair mechanic I've seen in Fire Emblem is unannounced reinforcements that move when they spawn. Losing a unit over something you couldn't predict doesn't reflect badly on you as a player (as other difficult chapters or maps do if you fail them).
  14. Usually means playing on the low difficulty and turtling. Poor play in general.
  15. Daddy and Mommy always get a laugh out of me.
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