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  1. Instead of going through all that, just kill Wolt.
  2. Thank you for putting this together. Do we know if students default to two skills or if they split their skill experience more than that? For example, does Lysithea only have additional ranks in reason and authority or does she have ranks in other skills also?
  3. The other option is to have a totally different Fire Emblem game, so yes, for Three Houses to work as it does Byleth needs to be a teacher.
  4. I really like the music in this game, it's probably my favorite in the series.
  5. I think it does. Impregnable wall would also work to get him off his avoid tile, yeah? If you can get either of those on NG before Chapter 4, anyway.
  6. I was referring to the side objectives, not just clearing the chapter. The citizen that gave me the most grief was the one on the bottom right, because he was inclined to move toward Solon and nearly got himself killed on the armor and mage that are there with him. Thankfully, killing the red civilian who was attacking him made him disappear before they could take him. Anyway, yes, I did that without stride. Although I don't know if it's possible without one of Warp, Stride, or a Flier to save the one you mentioned in your post.
  7. People struggle with Chapter 8? I recall beating it pretty handily without either Stride or Warp, just using a couple Pegasi...
  8. Do we have confirmation that enemies are not being placed in greater numbers or better positions? At any rate, I wasn't expecting Conquest 2 but I am hoping that the challenge is enjoyable.
  9. It's okay for media to portray characters acting however the author wishes. If they do not like stuff like that they can ignore it and not buy the game, or not unlock the support, or not read it and skip it, or even go so far as to get Ingrid killed if she says something they really hate.
  10. I think it was Otonoko, or perhaps just Otoko. I can't remember certainly. In either case, I am familiar with the meaning behind either word...and, more importantly, that doesn't excuse changing the translation to suit delicate sensibilities. One should be able to see a character say, "If you hit on a man you mistook for a woman there is something wrong with you" and go on living without getting up-in-arms about it. It's nonsense and shouldn't have been changed.
  11. "You hit on a guy that you thought was a girl, you'll really go to any lengths to flirt" makes much more sense for a human being to do than hit on a scarecrow he mistakes for a person. I don't see how "I didn't know he was crossdressing or I wouldn't have hit on him" is hateful.
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