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  1. Here's a helpful video by another SF user:
  2. Dondon151 has a pretty good video with an accompanying thread on this site to explain some of the intricacies in Xavier's recruitment and how to do it quickly. If you haven't seen it, I think it would be a pretty good resource.
  3. Boba Fett spoke a few times in Empire Strikes Back. I remember there was some frustration from fans of the OT when they changed his voice to match Jango Fett's, since it was decided he was a clone instead of a normal man. You couldn't really take him out, since he was the one who brought Solo to Jabba's Palace - that's a pretty pivotal part of the story. He's no main villain but he isn't Bossk or IG-88 who do exactly nothing (and even they got EU material after them).
  4. If someone is made a guard adjutant their class doesn't matter beyond being a guard adjutant. It's not a strategy I personally use but it's not uncommon to recruit someone like Cyril, make him an armor (which takes no time at all), and set him to be someone's adjutant permanently.
  5. First: I don't think you know what Raging Storm actually does. If you did I don't think you would be too concerned with what is between Edelgard and the boss of each map. If you aren't willing to try the strategy, how can you possibly judge it objectively?
  6. I know with a brave bow Bernadetta can use her crest to get a third attack in before retaliation.
  7. I don't want to launch into a big Three Houses discussion with you because you have some pretty deep issues with the game, but you do get Jeritza now (free) in Crimson Flower and you also get a handful of units in the non-CF routes (Seteth and Gilbert in AM, Seteth in VW and SS). You get a kind of new unit when Dedue returns in AM, too. It's not so bad. I still think you exaggerate when you say "can't trust what the game says," but that's not a discussion for here anyway.
  8. Yeah she can one-round some enemies with an iron sword on HM which can be useful. But on Maddening you have a much more strict timetable for reaching promotion ranks.
  9. I know that. I, and others, don't care for his later characterization. It's lame - he would have been much more interesting as a ruthless Jedi killer (like in Genndy Wars) rather than a snake. You are correct.
  10. Swords are not that good on Edelgard because Aymr is not a sword. You cannot be serious here, dude. Edelgard has enough HP to not get one-rounded in the early game (especially with HP+5 which you can get by Chapter 3) on the off-chance you miss a 95% Smash in 2RN. You pick up an Accuracy Ring in chapter 5 from a Knight if I recall correctly. They might be "rare" but if Edelgard is ending chapters in two turns reliably with it I would say it is a more worthwhile investment than putting it on someone like Hubert so he can hit Mire more and still not use Raging Storm. Same deal with Empire Pegasus battalion - yeah, another flier COULD use it but they aren't Edelgard, so they won't use it as well. Ending maps in 2 turns offsets any opportunity cost for a unit not named Edelgard in CF. Authority ranks are shockingly easy to build so I don't really understand why that is a point of contention. Axe Prowess 3 or 4 gives her enough hit to reach reliable numbers against the enemies that matter, none of whom are Assassins or Swordmasters since you really only care about hitting bosses, not to mention the hit boost from linked attacks if seeing a 9 as the first number of your hit rate scares you so much. In a slower playstyle, sure, it isn't as broken because you are consciously trying not to end chapters in two turns with it, but to say that the strongest strategy in the route is "unreliable" and therefore not that good is just being a contrarian for the sake of it, Levant. Go try it yourself and see just how stupidly good it is.
  11. Watch the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated shorts from before RotS came out to understand why people take umbrage with Grievous's depiction in TCW.
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