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  1. Hi fellow Fates fan. Do you have any ideas surrounding modern versions of the Hoshidan and Nohrian relics ? Personally here are my 2 that I have for now : The I Brynhildr. The legendary tablet that contains 75 million terabytes of biology, gravity and history. The Fujin Shotgun : basically a laser shouting shotgun. For the other three I believe they would be laser sword but I find it unoriginal. Hence why I am here. So yeah if it doesn't bother you all, could you tell me your modern versions of the legeèdary weapons ? + I believe this community is very creative so we can get some funny things here and there
  2. I agree although I hope the plot will be good. For KH's example I am just talking like Fates is a world in KH you visit which in a way is easy to have a crossover with
  3. Obviously excluding Shin Megami Tensei. I personally think a [Kingdom Hearts x Fire Emblem Fates] crossover would be fantastic as the use of disney characters give a bad image to the KH series making it sound childish when in fact it covers very mature content. Aside from that I believe this would make a good crossover for the following reasons : - They have similar things surrounding their series ( Darkness, strength of mind and of course friendship) - It would be cool to see some interactions between characters of similar personalities. Like you see how Xander values strength for than anything to protect his friends ? Then why not have him interact with Terra from Birth By Sleep who does the same ? It could make him soften a bit because Xander really hates when you side with Hoshido without trusting you even though he is trying to convince himself that his father is good. Terra in this scenario can relate because he believed his father figure was in the wrong of being afraid of the darkness and fighting it. The only difference is that Xander thinks the bad guy is good and Terra thinks the good guy is bad ( arguably if you want to consider his last fight.) - It would make the game more cchallenging as I am certain Valite soldiers can be merged with Heartlesses, their KH équivalant. Heck have Anankos join forces with Xehanort would be pretty cool. This one I am to talk about is for trolling purposes I know but I would just love it if they could put Beruka in Metal Gear Solid and Laslow in a dating sim. Now from there I cannot think of any other game franchises but that's my two I'd like to see overall. Let me know yours. I am curious.
  4. Isn'it contradictory to give Hinoka a Suijin naginata when her name has "Hi" meaning fire in Japanese hence why her hair and temper ? By the way Azura counts on this
  5. I find it a bit funny how the princes have those badass weapons and represent their kingdom and all but what about their sisters ? Ispeak mainly for Elise who has a great potential to be a fantastic warrior stat and plot wise. So anyways what about their sisters, would you give them legendary weapons of your own imagination ? If so why. I am curious.
  6. Thank you everyone for your feedback. If I make another one of these I'll make sure to get better evidences.
  7. Hi mates! I wasn't planning on sharing this theory on the forum but more on my channel but since my new computer can't handle editing I changed my mind. My name is Okami and today I am here to prove you that Corrin is actually Chrom despite the small things pointing towards Corrin being Robin so I have 2 sections to explain my point. 1.Robin and Corrin have opposite personalities 2.Corrin's similarities with Chrom on their journeys when they encounter the Awakening reincarnation ( Which has an explanation on why Gaius calls Robin bubbles instead of telling this to Chrom if he is Asugi) 1.Robin and Corrin have opposite personalities I believe IntSys and Nintendo were planning on making Corrin and Robin one person however they messed up their personalities. This mistake gave a fantastic addition to the lore. You see if Robin is Corrin's reincarnation then he has a similar personality right ? Let's see then if they are alike. Note : Keep in mind that Chrom and Robin have drasticly opposite personalities so the points I'll list to differentiate them will apply to Chrom as he and Corrin are the same in theory. -Robin is calm and rational whereas Corrin is naive and reckless - Robin is a strategist and isn't charismatic in the same way Corrin is. You see Corrin is bad at strategy as Leo pointed out that in their support conversations however he is improving. Robin, my friend, is on a genius-like level as he brings tactics never seen before. He always studies tactics and is overall very happy to learn more, similar to Leo and Takumi. You could say Corrin would grow as a better tactician and that Robin's personality altered after he lost his memory but I disagree because studying isn't part of Corrin's hobbies, what he likes is bonding with his friends and Queen like a certain someone but amnesia doesn't affect personality in FE because Morgan didn't change personality after losing her memories. Corrin is charismatic in the same way as Chrom. When they met Corrin mentioned how they both give a chance to people. - Chrom and Robin have opposite personalities due to the writers wanting an anime friendship. You can't have a reckless hero aspiring to become king if he doesn't have a calm best friend to support him. Freddy is calm and is Chrom's retainer but he doesn't really see him as a friend. Sure he likes him but it's like with Jakob, he can't imagine them be on the same level unlike Robin. - Robin isn't a leader but a right hand man. See ? Not alike. 2.Corrin's similarities with Chrom on their journeys when they encounter the Awakening reincarnation ( Which has an explanation on why Gaius calls Robin bubbles instead of telling this to Chrom if he is Asugi) We can pretty much agree that Chrom and Corrin have very similar personalities but it doesn't end there. They both have : - A younger sister who admires their older sister, thinks she is a burden, is just so cute, for some reason have names based off Élisabeth and love their brother. (Elise - Lissa) - A retainer obssessed with them as crazy (Jakob-Frederick ) - A loyal clumsy friend ( Felicia - Sumia ) And they also meet other reincarnations like Tharja-Rhajat, Asugi-Gaius, Caeldori-Cordelia. Now I know you are waiting to pull the S-Supports of these lovely ladies and the bubble thing but don't worry I know. The relationships with Rhajat and Caeldori make it sound like they will meet you again in Awekning. Rhajat says in the OG that you'll meet her in a desert and Caeldori wants you to promise you'll remember her. Now how can Chrom still be Corrin ? Well, simple he just didn't recognise them and so did they . Chrom indeed encountered Tharja in Awakening and asked her to join. Cordelia worked at the castle and only interacted with her on small occasions. This explains her crush on Chrom as it is likely that Caeldori had a crush on Corrin but only admits it when you S-Support her(OFC taking in consideration that Corrin's A supports areall canon as his bonds saved him in the two paths ). Gaius only interacts with Chrom when he joins but after that it's done. Notice those are 3 characters Chrom can't have support conversation with.and that Chrom has more duties than Corrin since he is not only a leader but a king. The reason why they didn't recognise him, to me at least is that Chrom is more intimidating and less available. Cordelia did recognise him but he didn't recognise her as probably they didn't talk long enoug or Chrom didn't S Support her in a past life. This now brings us to Robin who like Corrin is very social and talks to everyone. Chrom is the same but his busy schedule makes it harder, Corrin could do that because multi tasking was a thing in the Astral Plane. This is that very social side of him that made Robin be loved by these characters although we could argue that Tharja sensed Grima's darkness and that turned her on making her feel it was Corrin. Anyways this was my theory, makes sure to let me know what you think of it, I am curious ?
  8. Fun fact Effie!Mitama!Kana has +10 Str if your boon is str and bane mag
  9. CorrinxAna Canon ? For Silent Dragons to have descendants without breeding they'd have to be like Garon : receive huge amount of dragon blood/energy to the point of transforming. {Now that I think of it maybe if Anankos had a dragonstone none of this mess would have happened which is a plothole since if Azura can make dragonstones that mean that her family was able to do so which means Anankos going mad was out of meaning}. So yeah unless Corrin gives all her/his powers to Kana known as a dragon child in the epilogue then that would explain how the power spread. This way you have dragon like creatures but don't look so draconic so to speak like Tiki.
  10. You made me laugh, that was great. As useful it is to use the outrealms though it makes the story line look lazy but hey they hired a detective story writer for a medieval-fantasy game, not like it's their only mistake. I think Fates come first since Corrin, the Rainbow Sage and Kana are the only known dragons I guess all others like the Manakete and the Earth dragons could be descendants. Manakete definetly are descended of the Rainbow Sage's species imo since they have similar abilities like creating illusions, seeing the future and awakening/forging divine weapons. Silent Dragons I think got extincted on the other hand since Kana seems to have less dragon traits than Corrin {Red eyes, less pointy ears}
  11. Great thread. I really like Corrin's critical hit quotes/skill activation quotes they are awesome and Scarlet's "I'm gonna go Nohrian on your butt" always gives me chills it's really cool and enjoyable to hear. So 2 questions for Ms.Marcela : How did it feel to save yourself in Revelations during the jump in the Bottomless Canyon ? Also who is your favorite male character in Fire Emblem Fates.
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