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  1. Wow that's the first time I've seen that! Hana's hair colour has always been light brown to me and all the other players I know. Maybe a difference in our screen resolutions?
  2. I can see what you mean! Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely consider Kagero!Shiro although I'm partial to Mozu!Shiro myself. As for Siegbert I'm fairly pleased with him having Charlotte's hair (no other options really unless Avatar), but maybe this means Avatar would be a good option for Percy to receive the same brightness? o: Edit: Hana would be a good option for Siegbert or Elise but one's not coded and one's just wrong lol
  3. You can make any changes! I like the idea of Orochi!Sophie and Camilla!Velouria... However it's a shame not to give Forrest his blonde since he's an heir of fate. Avatar, maybe? I feel like Orochi!Velouria could work, but alas, not an option. Oboro!Velouria would be almost ideal too!
  4. I can see what you mean! I guess I just chose it over Charlotte because her's is less bright than Charlotte. Thanks for the Selkie thoughts! I think the red is less obvious when it's paired with Kaden's blonde, and since Selkie's streak is meant to be brownish, red isn't too far off. Hmmm... The Avatar could also provide highly necessary blonde to Percy or Ignatius though. So many struggles! :/
  5. Kagero and Saizo is adorable! So is Orochi x Saizo and I've heard good things about Sakura x Saizo ---- Just saw your edit - out of these Kagero x Saizo is ideal for Asugi
  6. Mild spoilers for FE13 and FE14 ahead Hi all! So I have had a Revelations file planned for a while now, in which I pair couples based on the colours the mother will pass down to her child to get the closest to the official sprites as I can. Official sprites (as used on Twitter) compiled here This poses some immediate challenges. Some children could use the same mother for the closest hairstyle. My choice? The characters with the most hair or the most plot significance (i.e. Heirs of Fates or Awakening references) will get precedence over non-plot relevant children. For example, this would imply that Soleil wins Felicia's hair colour over Miitama as Soleil's hair references Olivia. There are some highly sought after hair colours (i.e. blonde) that we just don't have enough units for or colours that are rare/inaccessible. So I will be using a female Avatar to wed one lucky guy - though I'm undecided on who. This is where you come in! Below is a list of chosen pairings that create near-canon hair colours for the children. Midori - Kaze x Setsuna (closest to green) Asugi - Saizo x Sakura (commonly paired for near-orange hair) Caeldori - Subaki x Selena (implied as Caeldori's 'canon' mother) Siegbert - Xander x Charlotte (Siegbert is an Heir of Fate. Charlotte provides a near ideal blonde.) Soleil - Laslow x Felicia (Priority over Miitama as reference to Awakening) Ophelia - Odin x Elise (provides same shade of hair as Odin) Shiro - Ryoma x Mozu (Mozu's hair is darker and thus closer to Shiro's canon shade than her other contender, Kagero) Rhajat - Hayato x Nyx (Black hair that references Tharja in Awakening) Miitama - Azama x Rinkah (White is closest to her sherbet pink) Kiragi - Takumi x Hana (Closest to Takumi's hair colour) Hisame - Hinata x Kagerou (slightly lighter brown is closest to Hisame after Hana) Dwyer - Jakob x Effie (Silver hair is close to Dwyer's grey) Unsure: Sophie - Silas x Beruka? Selkie - Kaden x Hinoka? Percy - Arthur x ??? Nina - Niles x Azura? Forrest - Leo x ??? Ignatius - Benny x ??? Velouria - Keaton x ??? Please post your feedback and suggestions below! All suggestions for couples will be considered, even the "established" ones! Let's canonize!
  7. Hey guys! Does anyone have any decent skills for Benny? Ideally Death Blow but I'm honestly not picky. I can't find the poor guy anywhere!
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