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    My english is not the best, if you speak spanish, its better for me.

    I like the replicate skill, if you have it on: Reina, Ignatius, Hayato, Hisame, Hinata, Oboro, Azama, Mitama, Kaeton, Selkie, Niles, Arthur, Nina, Laslow, Soleil, Odin, Benny, Subaki, Gunter, Peri, Setsuna, Mozu, Beruka, Charlotte, Kagero, Hana, Felicia, Shura, Rinka, Fuga and Orochi.

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  1. Today is my birthday, just say me happy birthday atleast...

    1. blessed volty

      blessed volty

      omg sorry it's late, but happy birthday!

    2. blessed volty

      blessed volty

      hope you had a good day!

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