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  1. So yea as the title suggests I'm leaving SF, it was fun while it lasted but I just don't have time anymore and since I'm almost never online, might as well make it official. So to all of you guys on here, to the people who have been kind to me, to the people who are just way too cool and the people who were just super chill good~bye, au revoir, adios and buh-bye...The community on here has been great, and I wish you guys a good day~ - Zahr/Seraphiel/Steel/Ocultus/Umbra/Marz GOODBYE!
  2. Don't leave!!

    1. Marz


      Meh, school is just being a jerk to me AKA Final Exams

  3. Hi, welcome to your demise!
  4. Hey man, sorry I didn't wind up being able to reply to you in the chat the other night, wifey and I ended up having a longer convo than I expected haha ;; BUT I did read what you said about Hinoka and I think that sounds like a great idea to give HER more initiative in the story too, just wanted to let you know

    1. Marz


      Oh don't worry about it, I honestly think you should do Character Analysis'. I would love to hear your thought about certain Fire Emblem Characters as I think you have a unique way of thinking about things and it would be nice to get a more in-depth look for FE Characters like you did with Camilla. Anyway keep up the work man.

    2. BANRYU


      Oh dude, I'm making a tumblr post that expands on it haha. Been writing it on and off for the past few days but hopefully it'll be ready soon =3=

    3. BANRYU


      ....on the Camilla thing, I mean (realized I didn't specify whoops)

  5. Hello! hope you enjoy your time here.
  6. Hi! Welcome to Serenes Forest, hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. FE X FIFA/ FE X SPORTS Now...I can Imagine Robin kicking the ball and getting a critical kick..." IT'S TIME TO TIP THE BALLS"
  8. All of Fates because Fates is bull shit. I didn't like the story Corrin/Kamui was executed poorly. Some of the siblings are just there and don't really affect the story. Corrin/Kamui's whole parentage and backstory. Revelations was tedious as hell. Some of the characters are just there and have no backstory/Importance and really lack depth. I can go on and on but I don't wanna bore you with my opinion
  9. Team Skull is my favorite Team because of how similar they are to me and I feel like Guzma is me in Pokemon
  10. You beat me to it...I was thinking about doing this as well. So guess I'll answer it then. Normal: Kanghaskan Fire: Chandelure evolution line Water: Suicune Grass: Lilligant Electric: Shinx line for me too Ice: Froslass (Glaceon is a super close second) Psychic: Chimeco ( It's mostly due to me sweeping a team with Bella the Chimeco) Dragon: Haxorus Dark: Houndoom (Zoroark almost took this spot) Fairy: Granbull (Always loved Granbull as a kid) Fighting: Gallade ( Gallade used to be my favorite Pokemon for like 3 years) Ground: Gliscor (Love Gliscor sooooo much) Rock: Rockruff ( I never really liked Rock Types but I really like Rockruff) Bug: Leavanny Ghost: Gengar ( I always loved Gengar and have used one in every game) Poison: Crobat Flying: Honchkrow Steel: ME! Mawile ( This one was VERY tough since I like most Steel Types Those are my favorite Pokemon of every type
  11. Welcome to Serenes Forest, Kawaii. Nice to meet you.
  12. It's been a while since I have played the Unova games and that's why I completely forgot about Colress. Colress is interesting, I don't remember much about him since it's been a while but from what I remember, I liked him. He was just mysterious and I feel as though his appearance in the new games means that he is going to be a significant character in the upcoming games.
  13. Hello, all! so this is a pretty simple question. In YOUR opinion which Pokemon Evil Team is the best, what I mean is what Evil Team was the most just in their actions and what Evil Team's motives made sense to you. Personally, I'd have to go with Team Plasma from Black and White and Black2 and White2. I think N and Ghestis were pretty interesting ESPECIALLY N. I loved how in Black2 and White2 there were 2 sides of Team Plasma. The "Black and White" if you may. N's squad was the one that wanted Pokemon to live alongside humans in peace, while Ghetsis' Team was all about "Liberation". of Pokemon. N was super interesting as a character. He actually had a pretty reasonable motive to be how he is in the games and I feel like he is the most compelling and well-written Pokemon Villian/Character out there. That's just my opinion anyways, what do you think. I'm probably just ranting about how good N is. I believe that the Black and White games will remain my favorite Pokemon Game in terms of story (I still like the gameplay) for a long time. Sun and Moon's story was good. Guzma and -------- were ok, I didn't expect -------- to go crazy like that when you fought.
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