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  1. Hey man, sorry I didn't wind up being able to reply to you in the chat the other night, wifey and I ended up having a longer convo than I expected haha ;; BUT I did read what you said about Hinoka and I think that sounds like a great idea to give HER more initiative in the story too, just wanted to let you know

    1. Marz


      Oh don't worry about it, I honestly think you should do Character Analysis'. I would love to hear your thought about certain Fire Emblem Characters as I think you have a unique way of thinking about things and it would be nice to get a more in-depth look for FE Characters like you did with Camilla. Anyway keep up the work man.

    2. BANRYU


      Oh dude, I'm making a tumblr post that expands on it haha. Been writing it on and off for the past few days but hopefully it'll be ready soon =3=

    3. BANRYU


      ....on the Camilla thing, I mean (realized I didn't specify whoops)

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