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About Me


I feel ok to say this now, my real name is Mo. You can call me that if you want


Favorite games: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Digimon, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Fusions, Smash, Yokai Watch.

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Dragon Ball, Tokyo Ghoul, Erased, Death Note and Kuroko No Basuke.

Favorite FE Character: Jaffar( He's so badass)

Favorite Anime Character: Future Trunks from DBZ

Favorite FE game: Fire Emblem 7 and Awakening (Hard to decide between these two so let's pick both)

Favorite Sports: Basket Ball, Soccer, Ice Skating and American Football.

Favorite Pokemon: Litten (It's so cute) Haxorus too

Smash Main: Sheik

Favorite Genre of Music: Trap and some Pop

Favorite Food: Noodles and maybe Rice (I come from a country where Rice is everywhere and you eat it a lot)

Favorite Song: Ultimate by Denzel Curry

That's mostly everything about me, hope we can get along and become friends! -Steele


I don't know what to add to this dull space.. :Sophia::Sophia::Sophia::Sophia: BEST FIRE EMBLEM UNIT GUYS! STOP DISSING HER

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