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  1. Problem is that players will assume something is wrong because the vanilla games seldom give you more chests than keys, or more villages than you could feasibly visit, for example. I'd argue it is unintuitive to show more resources to the player than they could feasibly get - it feels more like an oversight than intentional because the player has no way of knowing what's inside without save stating or opening up the ROM. Of course, if the game is explicit in that "you can only get one of these" (like helix vs. dome fossil) that feels a bit more fair. When one choice is a restore staff on a map with status staves, it isn't really "nice to have", either. What do you suggest the player counter the status staff with? It's unfair to make the player's ability to get through a map without waiting out the status staves based on whether or not they opened the "right" chest in the situation. A better way to individualize the experience is to focus on units and letting the player have more units to work with to vary up their runs vs. items they can miss if they get a chest that is less helpful to them IMO. Hope that's helpful.
  2. Got up to Ch17 today. The hack is charming and I've enjoyed the characters and stories. Thanks for all of your effort making this. Been a nice way to kick back these past few weeks.
  3. It is not a glitch. If you visit the house, you'll learn the merchants dropped something - it is a range event and is not a glitch. Enjoy and please stay safe.
  4. Thanks again for the kind feedback in support - I updated the first post to note that the final release is out. I've made a handful of updates to the game, including 2 new gaiden chapters. Some stats were reworked as well to improve overall balance. Check out the patch in the first post. Thanks again and enjoy your day.
  5. Congrats on the release. Is this game balanced for hard mode?
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and feedback. I lost my password for SF and recently was able to get back into my account. Many of the bug fixes described here are being addressed or have been made into the most recent live version. Thanks again for giving the project a try!
  7. I really loved Vision Quest!  Hoping for a sequel at some point! In the meantime, Im working on my own!

    1. Pandan


      Awesome! Thanks for the kind words, and good luck on your project.

  8. Thanks for the feedback! All of these bugs should be fixed on the latest version on Dropbox. The Boogjacht is alluded to in the brown house near the starting position. It is neither a glitch nor the archer that the boss refers to at the start of the map. Unsure about the issues with the stat screen, and additionally, only Storch needs to seize to end the map. You don't need to bring everyone along.
  9. Thanks for the review! The language thing was def intentional because I felt cussing and most naughty words don't really suit FE, but I can understand if it feels odd reading it. VQ is def meant to be more surreal and not taken very literally. There are arenas but not very many - there's one in 2-5 and another in 4-6. Appreciate all the kind and thoughtful feedback. I'm making some tweaks and will be releasing a more major update down the line.
  10. The patch is updated on the dropbox and this should be fixed. Apologies for the rocky start!
  11. We're live with v1.0 release! Please check out the first post and see it here on Dropbox.
  12. Thanks! Hope it doesn't disappoint. We are in the final stretch of development - just need to insert supports and paired endings, then do a last round of playtesting before releasing v1. Stay tuned!
  13. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words. As an update here, we are getting close to finishing the first 'complete' build of the game, v1. I expect this will be ready sometime this year. 41 chapters, 58 characters. Looking forward to getting the release out! Please keep the feedback coming.
  14. Know this is a bump, but curious if @Galap knows that the patch link is broken. Would like to give this a look if they're still open to sharing their work! Thanks.
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