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  1. New patch is available on Dropbox with fixes from last month's release! And two new gaiden maps. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jve90wdp0t7asvm/AABR2LudpHmsNkLvdJFiMrgPa?dl=0
  2. Not sure what's wrong, since it seems to be working on my end. Apologies for the confusion. Will be making more fixes and will update the patch as needed. Thanks for all the feedback and support!
  3. Hey there! Sorry about this issue. There is a new patch in the dropbox that fixes this issue. Basically, I made a boo boo with the ending events of 1-7. Gunnar also didn't show up if you initiated the Lera/Marlen talk conversation. Both these, and a few other fixes, are accounted for. You will need to apply a patch to a clean rom, but you can use the same save. In your emulator, you should be able to "load an alternative save", and you can use the .sav file from your old patch and have it work. Let me know if that works for you. Sorry for the troubles! @familyplayer the dropbox link is now fixed in the first post - thanks!
  4. Hi all, Want to share an update here that I've made on FEU - v06 ft. 25 chapters (23 mainline and 2 gaiden chapters) is now available here: on Dropbox Attached are some screenshots as well, most of these come from the new chapters, but the team and I have gone back and edited quite a bit of the early game as well.
  5. Thanks for playing! These are good callouts. As part of the next update, I'm revising the writing and dialogue to fix things like that and make the tone more consistent overall. Thanks! Glad you've enjoyed it. Could you expand a bit more on what you mean by unbalanced? The Sword Peg is a glitch that I've fixed - unfortunately, when i updated the skill system, class levels reverted, and the sword peg slot is the same as one of the trainees, hence why she caps at level 10. A few of the other characters had their growths tweaked, namely Ruslan and Vagelis, to help make them a bit more viable long term. Feedback is always helpful! Thanks again for sharing. I'm hoping to get a new release with 23/30 chapters done soon. I had a few computer issues which set me back a bit, but I'm hoping to get the next part done w/ updates in the coming months. Stay tuned.
  6. Having started an FE romhack with limited knowledge, my approach was as follows. 1. Come up with a concept/story that I liked, and map it out chapter by chapter in terms of events, the type of battle, and the cast/characters - all quite loose and high level to see if things make sense. 2. Draft up enough of the script to see if this is actually worth pursuing and if you're enjoying it. 3. Lay out how you want to do the classes, weapons, skills, etc. - all the nuts and bolts needed so that assembling the rest won't require back and forth - get everything set up first so that it's easy to make when you're in that mode. 4. Create a chapter, test it. Repeat. Only focus on gameplay to start. Once gameplay is good, then add in the dialogue from the script. 5. Repeat until game is complete (or at a point where you want to make a release) then go back and add flourish / improvements. This is largely what I've done over the past few months and its been a helpful approach for me.
  7. Hey all - team and I are making a lot of progress, I'm going to start updating the first post with periodic progress reports (and new screenshots) to show how much we have left to do. Here's the most recent one as of today: **Progress Report as of 4/8/19** * Text inserted for 29/30 chapters, final chapter and endings remain (supports to come after v1 release) * All maps completed (some will be reworked w/ playtester feedback) * 21/90 custom mugs complete, all have concept art created * All palettes created and inserted If you're interested in helping out w/ art and/or playtesting, let me know. Thinking of doing a private beta run ahead of a public v1 release.
  8. Try restarting and skipping the cutscene at the end, let me take another look at this. It may be an error with how I set up the transitions.
  9. Hi all, New patch up through chapter 18 is out: Click here to view Hope to hear your feedback! Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for playing and sharing the feedback, glad you enjoyed it overall. And you're right, there are loads of polish issues I am working through in prep for the next release, which I hope to get out before the spring here in the US. RE: Chapter 8, which tile caused this? I caught the unlimited item thing, but I didn't notice the random tile. I've been going through as you've said, but it is hard for one person to catch everything, so I appreciate the report. Glad you like the gameplay - good to hear the level curve isn't too punishing. Which chapters in particular stood out to you as good or bad? Admittedly, I am a huge fan of FoW, but also know it isn't super well-liked. Glad the resources make it more bearable. Most of the FoW chapters are frontloaded, there are only 2-3 more planned for the rest of the game after the 3 in Part I. Glad you like the warp staff too, I received some feedback that it is too OP, but think it opens up some more interesting strats early on and allows you to move faster or compensate for mistakes that get made. Keep the feedback coming, really appreciate you taking the time to play and share your thoughts.
  11. @(s)ad touch very helpful, thanks for the feedback. On 1-1, I tried widening the corridors or removing houses to open it up, and found that it made the map a bit more difficult than I wanted for an opener, since none of your units are particularly bulky from the get go. Good feedback on the reinforcements, I can make that clearer. Ha, get your point on the exposition. It becomes more important as the story goes on - the goal is to highlight that these people are poor, they're being taxed oppressively, and they're turning to banditry to protect themselves and their families. It tees up the initial conflict of the game, so I apologize if that is unclear. On 1-2, yeah this one I had issues with too. I redid it from the previous version. There's the one archer that Natsuko has to worry about with the longbow, but other than that she is good in this chapter. You can thank circleseverywhere and his team for the skill, I didn't make it. Could make the brigands a bit tougher, but felt the difficulty drop from chapter 1 was justified since you go from fighting town guards that are trained soldiers to a group of opportunistic bandits. Will look into this more, I played around with this chapter a lot and found it difficult to balance as well as I'd like to, but I'm satisfied with the overall flow. It's chapter 2 so I'm not trying to do anything too crazy just yet. Keep this coming, super helpful for me.
  12. It looked fine on my end, could be an access issue? Try this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wusjn8kgi024cey/Vision Quest v03 FEE3 Demo.ups?dl=0 Or this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vzoxf17kfhhizp1/AAADOT6NxaqRvUMNmGh5vkIYa?dl=0
  13. @(s)ad touch how do you mean busted? link not working? edit: I tested the download link and patched a clean FE8 rom, are you sure you have the right type of rom? let me know what the issue is so I can troubleshoot for you. Thanks!
  14. Hey all - FEE3 Demo v.03 is now live! There are a few additional changes, but the major issues with gameplay (Natsuko's level 10 cap) are resolved. Download Vision Quest v.03 here! This will be showcased at FEE3, stay tuned! Additionally, I am looking for artists to help out with mug sprites - we have some great concepts now and are looking for someone to take it to the next level and help with talking/blinking frames. Message me here or on the Discord channel if you're interested in helping us out. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! Helpful to know - the art issues should be partially resolved in the latest release, need to spend more time to spruce up the music a bit.
  16. Hmm let me play around with this - thanks for sharing.
  17. No worries. I appreciate the feedback. Hard mode hasn't been touched yet, that's on me - I should've advised against that.
  18. Thanks for sharing. Will look into Chapter 1 and fix enemy placement. I am doing some work to open it up a bit as well. Yeah, I see what you mean. The forests are more or less there to slow down the rate at which enemies come at you rather than a place for you to fight in. Where would you recommend reinforcements come in from instead in 1-3?
  19. Hey man - there's no need to caps lock when sharing feedback. I hear you. Some good points, I'll tweak the hand axe, but both Marlen and Larisa have enough bulk to survive a few turns. There's another way to save the top right village, but it may not be as obvious of a first move to do so. You can recruit Marlen with both Lera and Storch, so you have flexibility in who you send up. EDIT: Oh realized that the talk screen doesn't show this, but Larisa can also be recruited by Storch. You can recruit her with Marlen too, but that's just a talk conversation.
  20. Got it - I'll experiment a bit more with the map. Currently moving around some enemies to mix up the flow and seeing how that plays out. Yeah I'll get rid of the hatchet then, thanks. I see what you mean, Arckady is def a standout unit, but you also don't really get a proper Jeigan and his defense is lackluster so you can't overextend him (At least in theory and from the playtesting I've done). It's funny you say that, I felt the first chapter was way better, but I suppose difference in style/opinion. Will look into replacing Natsuko's skill, wasn't sure what to give her. Haven't learned how to do custom skills yet.
  21. Thanks for sharing the feedback. Will try to address your points as best I can. - I'll look into changing the enemy AI a bit. I wanted to avoid enemies charging too much and clogging you up at specific chokes. Part of the reason for the one-tile chokes are to make it so your squishier units don't have to face as much EP combat. - The boss is set up as such because I view dealing with him to be optional, I think making him move could be interesting. will experiment. - Have to figure out how to change seize -> escape, so bear with me on that. - I wanted to design the class to be like sword mercs with axes (so FE5 fighter), you get a more traditional axe user in a subsequent chapter. - You get a lance unit in Chapter 3, didn't want to give the player the full suite of options up front. - Turn 1 is important since it's where you decide who goes where... can understand what you mean, will play around. - I'll look into terrain options. - Yeah, I want to make the music work but I can understand not everyone likes pan flutes as much as I do. I'll look into fixing this or removing it.
  22. (FEU Thread: http://feuniverse.us/t/fe8-fire-emblem-vision-quest-6-2-18-v-02-beta-release-is-live/3815) Hi all, Proud to announce a new hack I've created, titled **Fire Emblem: Vision Quest** . This is an FE8 hack built with FEBuilder. We now have an official hack discord! Come join us here on Discord. Patch Download About me: Want to include this section to provide more insight into my design choices. I've been an FE fan since FE7 hit the west. I knew of Fire Emblem through melee and immediately went to purchase the game after my friend showed me the game where "Marth uses an axe and Roy was mistranslated". (For the record, the first chapter he showed me was New Resolve, and the first animation I remember is watching Guy crit-kill a monk. I was immediately intrigued). Since then, I've played every mainline FE game. While I've enjoyed all of them to varying degrees, my favorites are FE3 (feels the most Fire Emblem-y of all the games, I'd say), FE5 (neat mechanics, Dalsin's my favorite character in the series, and Leif is my favorite lord.), and FE9 (best cast, worldbuilding and writing). I got into emulation when I wanted to play FE6 in English, and then learned about rom-hacking through Tactics Universe (better known now as The Last Promise). I wanted to make my own hack since I learned you could do it, and used to mess around in Nightmare to change classes around. Once I learned of all the new things available to hackers in FE8 (which was untouched back in the day), I decided to dive in after writing up a script. When it came to making a hack, I wanted to create a game that would be challenging and fun, while offering enough variance to (potentially) make each playthrough unique. I dislike the newer entries emphasis on skills, so I wanted to implement a more pared down skill system that added unit flavor without making anyone gamebreaking (ie there are no proc skills in this hack, while all foot units get shove). I also wanted to make effective weapons useful and enemies threatening, so I think (From my initial testing) that this game is more player phase focused on the whole, but I'll leave that judgment up to you. I made common throwing weapons weaker and heavier so they're less desirable to use, and gave swords more of a niche by creating a diverse array of effective swords. From a story perspective, I wanted to make a story that deviated from the norm and focused on small scale events, similar to Thracia. I also wanted the central character to not be of noble birth (and not find out he's a noble later on in the story, I promise). Additionally, while the story does touch on more serious topics, I tried to pepper in some humor and lighten things up. I hope that the story isn't cringey and that you find it serviceable. (I promise the endgame boss is not controlled by a dragon) **Plot** The continent of Yaska is home to six nations, but the largest and most powerful is Nevan, an Empire composed of states that swear allegiance to the Emperor. In the rural state of Belaro, Lord Gradin, head of state, imposes cruel taxes on the people and jails those that cannot pay. A young farmer, Storch, along with his hometown friends, fear the worst. Seeking to protect themselves and their families, they look to procure funds through less than savory means. Conflicted, the group begins their plunge into banditry in hopes for a better tomorrow. **Hack Features** - Story set on a new continent. - 18 playable chapters today, with 30 total planned. - Concept I'm temporarily calling 'inverse branched promotions' (ie There's an unpromoted Axe Fighter and Bow Fighter class, then they promote into Warrior and gain the weapon they couldn't use unpromoted.) - Custom weapons (and rehashes of Kaga-era weapons) - Early game Warp & Rescue. - Generic female enemies. - Armor knights with 5 move. (because I want you to use them) - Pared down skills to give units a niche without making anything wonky - Skills are learned at level 15 unpromoted / 1 promoted - Universal promotion items - Stronger bows (and no 1 range BS). - Fog of War (but not Thracia FOW, I promise.) - FE5 style trading (SNES is SNEBEST) - New (and old) tracks - Escape maps with spooky bosses. - Support points are gained if units are within 3 spaces of each other, same as the range for the support bonuses themselves. **Patch Download and Instructions:** - You'll need to use a UPS patching tool, such as NUPS. - You can download the file here on Dropbox. **Known Bugs** - 1-3's end event can cause the game to freeze, skipping the event avoids this problem.- - 1-7's end event may have issues if you fail to recruit Gunnar and keep him alive. Please report if you have any challenges. **Staff Credits** Project Lead - Pandan Writing - Pandan Eventing: Pandan (w/ support from Pikmin1211 and Snakey1) Maps: Pandan (w/ Zoramine for the aesthetics on 1-7) Palettes: Spear Doggo, Pikmin1211, Author Pendragon, Pandan Music: Pandan, A_Reliable_Chair, Scraiza Portraits & Map Sprites: Laurent_Lacroix, Melia, Zaim/Zmr, Card, Zanyru, DerTheVaporeon, Levin, Scraiza, Peerless, myst1c1p4nd4, Author Pendragon (& Pandan for concept sprites/edits) Playtesting: Bloopy, WarPath, A_Reliable_Chair, KMoran2085, Bartz, Josh, Jace, Scraiza, Levin, Laurent_Lacroix **Credits (please correct me if this is wrong/inaccurate)**7743 for FEBuilder and willingness to provide technical support Tequila for patches: Show Battle Stats w/ Anims off Circles Everywhere: Skill system Circles Everywhere: (and VBA team): Gaiden music MIDIs, among other things I can’t think of off the top of my head. Zane for the modular mini-mug box, and Scraiza for the custom box. Klokinator for compiling the Animations Repository, made my life so much easier. There’s a few with credits, but most are uncredited, so apologies to those I missed. NickT for his collection of free-to-use mugs MK404 for FE10 Fighter battle animation LG’s sprite freebies Capibara’s F2U mug collection Black Mage for Female Fighter Temp for Female Warrior The Blind Archer for Halberdier 2.0 Subbastian for Wyvern Axe Map Sprite Sme for FE3 music rips and amazing MIDI -> GBA guide. Alusq for the Armored Merc and Soldier 2.0 Team SALVAGED for cavalier, paladin, and armor knight animations Scraiza for the Bow Fighter map sprite Sephie for the sword pegasus map sprite Flasuban for the soldier M and F map sprites Scraiza for the custom Storch sprite Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Ukelele, SD9K, Temp, Black Mage, and Wan for the F!rogue repalette animation Cipher Lee for Greil Lord animation. L95 for horse map sprites and class card Pikmin1211 for the MK404 F!fighter edit and map sprites InvdrZim13 and Tequila for playtesting and sharing valuable feedback very early on in development of the hack And many more **How Can I Help?** - Download and play the game: I would love to get player feedback to see if there’s anything I can tweak. I want the game to be beatable playing Iron Man, but I also don’t want to create juggernauts. I’d love to see your endgame stats and get your feedback on overall unit viability and utility. - Report bugs! - Tips and advice - I am new to hacking and there are a lot of neat things out there that I do not know how to do yet. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Whether it be sprites, animations, maps, events, or general advice - it’s all welcome and incredibly appreciated. - Join the team! Currently looking for portrait/mug artists and playtesters to join the team.
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