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  1. I know it's late, but just to clear this up, no I freakin love rock stuff. Like Serpent Eating the Ground from Bravely Default is a super good example of that.
  2. I pulled Bride Lyn when the banner first came out and then all the sudden my luck went to hell. I pulled 3 4* Raighs in the same summon and a 2 4* Azamas. I have a million of both of them and it's so frustrating that I almost never pull 5*s. The last 3 5*s of mine (Zephiel, Donnel, and Camus) are all from feathers (with the exception of my Bride Lyn and Hawkeye but I don't care about either of them).
  3. I agree because it's certainly paid off for me but that's a perspective of some people who'd only spend feathers on high tier characters (like most of my friends who play the game). I've never been one to play only by what's considered "high tier", but some people do and would probably consider what I did as a "waste" since I have some pretty good 4* units that would make great 5*s.
  4. Hey everyone! Recently I "wasted" 20000 feathers to make my 4* +ATK Donnel a 5* as a meme but with his +ATK and a little teambuilding he's actually an incredible lance unit! I was wondering if any other people have weird stories where they make uncommon characters 5*s and they actually end up being good.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, but thank you all for taking the time to help me build up my list of music! It is very much appreciated! :)
  6. Hey there everyone. I'm trying to make a list of really good orchestral arrangements from franchises like Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, and Kingdom Hearts for my girlfriend to listen to (because she likes that kind of music) and also partially for me because I love any good music. I've already found a few I like, such as Valse di Fantastica from Final Fantasy XV, but I was wondering if any of you have more suggestions. Thanks!
  7. So I tried summoning for 5* Titania and this happened
  8. Uhh so I'm looking for a reliable SNES emulator and maybe a link to it too if it's not too much trouble.
  9. I didn't end up spending money, but instead I wasted a bunch of feathers and 4* units to make a godlike 5* Donnel. It's a dream come true, the ultimate meme.
  10. So far the best thing I pulled from the new banner is a 4* Seliph, which is fine by me because I actually like Seliph and I somehow didn't have one yet. These new heroes and their skills are insane. I'm gunning for pulling Boey, but getting all 4 focuses would be amazing. Up until now I've only been a f2p player, but...
  11. @MrNight48 If you're going to use a healer at all I agree with this. I'll take your Y!Tiki into account and I'll try coming up with a nice set with your other units.
  12. I get that your Elise has a lot of work put into her and everything and that's cool but for this team I don't think you want a healer like her especially for arena where often times people are running multiple reds and no healers. Do you happen to have other 5* units, reds especially, just sitting around?
  13. So since Zephiel just came out I thought I'd ask if anyone has ideas for skillsets on him. The skills he already has are pretty good but I don't exactly agree with LD on Zephiel, I almost think Fury would serve him better along with Swordbreaker. Seal Res or something like that would be good to pair with a mage. As for C slot skills I'm not so sure. EDIT: Wary Fighter might be good to keep or I could keep LD instead but pair it with Quick Riposte.
  14. I couldn't wait for the Zephiel Grand Hero Battle, it definitely proved to be very fun and now I have the god Zephiel himself. But when I saw that 78 HP on Zephiel I was like rip I wish I could have that.
  15. Ahh that sounds good. Quick Riposte and Fury would probably work well together on Alm
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