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  1. Finally had some extra feathers since I won't be needing them for the next arena bonus units, so I finished up 3 of my merge projects. My 20th 5*+10 is mini Marth. I managed to get all 11 copies with 352 orbs, so quite a bit below average thankfully, 3 of them 5* versions. He has the very common skill set, but it works and he scores well in arena. I considered going with +spd to help with galeforcing or for possible repel use, but pretty much everyone prefers +atk, so I went with that. My 21st 5*+10 is Lilina. This one sort of just happened. I had her at +3 for a long time and as I did clears with her and made AR defenses, she sort of just increased in merges. Have had her at +9 for a while now, so I finally decided to give her the last merge. Nothing too special for her skills, but it works. My 22nd 5*+10 is Baesala. He was one of my early grail projects, but got put on hold for a long time, which saved me some grails in the end. He has a pretty basic galeforce set, but being a beast makes him a bit more mobile. That's it for now. Still a few lingering around the +7 and +8 range, but I need to start saving up feathers for possible arena bonus units again.
  2. @LordFrigid Good use of flier formations there to help out with the awful starting positions. Naga was definitely a blessing for this battle. Great clear! @Diovani Bressan And the Micaiah abuse begins... Glad to see she did some work herself though and it wasn't just mini Marth eating everyone. Good job! Bartre and Bartre return once again, although with heavy assistance from the other two. I just could not get enough attack on regular Bartre to one-round Mila thanks to the insane distance from the starting positions. Just ended up using Naga so he could tear through the red dragon and Mila.
  3. @Some Jerk Wow! Amazing galeforcing Silvia!! That was an excellent use of tactics too, such an incredible clear! @Diovani Bressan Ew Merric. The Awakening + Fates clear was really neat! Glad to see OG M!Robin getting some use. Xander did great as well, nice clears! @mcsilas Wow nice use of Laslow's refine! Nice to see the trio being used in a clear! Great job! Had some fun with quadding Bartres this clear. Decided to use Peri as well since she was the easiest cavalry I could use to galeforce the dagger unit and healer.
  4. @LordFrigid Young Caeda is just too strong... Wish I could build a groom Marth for galeforcing, but he has been sacrificed a couple times, so oh well... Nice clear! @Diovani Bressan Wow Saizo did a great job! Those debuffs are pretty powerful. Good job! Florina is coming close to becoming Bartre's adopted daughter. Probably could have used spring Fir, but I still don't have feathers to use for galeforce for her, so Florina it is. It's more fun quadding and galeforcing with strange units anyway.
  5. My 19th +10, Spring Bartre, is finally here!! I have a ton of sets for him, but the only one that is completely finished is my arena set, so that's the one I'll post. I would like to get him a cake cutter for galeforcing fun and a bellringer whenever winter Zephiel returns for super tanking. He has been doing quite well in my clears even at +1, so I'm excited to get his merges on him finally.
  6. @Landmaster Hmm.. I didn't know Elise could turn into a dragon... All joking aside, it was neat to see Nowi join the squad for a clear. OG Elise never fails to impress me. Nice job! @SatsumaFSoysoy Ooo a double Celica clear! Nothing stood a chance against legendary Celica there and that double lion armoursmasher put in some work. Great clear! @NSSKG151 Wow quadding Anna and a fallen Delthea. The glacies hits on Edelgard... poor girl. Delthea is such a monster, I really want to build her one of these days. Also need to build a Raven at some point, he put in some crazy work there. Awesome job! @Sasori Wow I don't see NY!Lethe in clears too often. She's pretty amazing. Seliph is so good with his refine as well, I'm surprised so few people use him. Excellent clear!
  7. Congrats mampf!! They all look amazing!
  8. @LordFrigid Quadding Leif is so beautiful. Palla's trio duo skill already coming in handy. Nice job! @Alexmender Making Hilda work again... She certainly took out her anger on everyone in that map. Glad to see the Eirika refine came in handy! Great clear! @Sasori The powercreep is definitely getting a bit insane for some of the old units to handle. Great job clearing this with those four! Glad to see they're at least still usable with the right sets. @Diovani Bressan Mini Marth!!! Kind of funny seeing a little kid one-shot Edelgard. Now do it without Nowi cleaning everyone else up Good job! I had tried to do this with only Bartres and Firs, but lunge was sort of necessary to get the proper positioning, so bunny Fir wasn't able to take down Edelgard in any way. Regular Fir's attack is also way too low unfortunately, so I had to replace her with Florina. Also cannot wait to get spring Bartre his merges, as he really needs those extra stats.
  9. She looks quite terrifying mainly due to all that lost infantry pulse fodder. Wouldn't want to try to deal with her with a physical unit. Congrats on finishing her! Congrats Landy! Hopefully that was a trash bag Gunnthra that died for joint hone spd.
  10. @Nowi's Husband lol Nowi is just too powerful. I should really use my +10 Nowi a bit more myself. Good job! @BoaFerox Wow that Itsuki solo was pretty nice. Hopefully Bartre can do stuff like that when I can get his merges. Might need a more useful weapon though. Also nice Lyn clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy That miracle was so mean. Neat seeing fallen Takumi abusing his brother and sister being used in a clear. Very cool! Also, here is a Bartre, Bartre, and Fir clear. Couldn't take Ryoma down with axe Bartre, but that's fine. I also needed L!Azura for the dance and movement due to the useless walls being there, so no spring Fir repositioning this time unfortunately. I really need to work on getting Fir to 5*+10, but I have so many other projects to finish first, it might be a while. She works just as well at 4*+10 for now at least.
  11. Just the usual Bartre and Bartre one-turn clear. Might need to make another +10 OG Bartre so I don't have to use enemy phase so much. Although it might take a year or two to get enough copies again. @LordFrigid Nice to see a quadding Leif, even if his second attack was just destroying a wall. Great clear! @NSSKG151 Wow that bow on Anna is amazing... Neat CC Leo and nice job on the one-turn clear as well!
  12. I ended up giving her galeforce for AR. I actually give her heavy blade for her A skill and quickened pulse for her seal so she can galeforce after her two hits since she won't be doubling anyone. It works quite well, though the low attack is difficult to work with sometimes if I can't hit her target beforehand with atk smoke or something. Great job on your clear!
  13. Pretty boring one-turn clear thanks to Altina. I was considering giving Elincia galeforce to handle the axe flier and red mage, but didn't want to bother wasting feathers for that.
  14. Poor Bartre 😞 Anyhow, he has savage blow 2 because savage blow 3 would have done too much damage to the blue mage. Spring Bartre would have only gotten one hit off and wouldn't galeforce.
  15. Bartre & Bartre return in their newest one-turn clear. This one was rather difficult because both Bartres are so difficult to get into wings of mercy range, I just barely managed it by smashing through the reds with OG Bartre. Cannot wait until May so I can +10 spring Bartre to get him a bit more speed and power. @LordFrigid Ooo nice clear! It's awesome to see groom Marth. Also neat to see Lilith already, even if her special teleporting wasn't absolutely necessary here. Hopefully I can get a copy at some point to use in my one-turn clears. @NSSKG151 Eliwood destroying people as usual is always wonderful to see. I cannot wait for his resplendent version. Great clear! @Sasori Lots of red here! Also so many Julius around lately making me regret not building him up. Excellent job! @GuiltyLove Nothing wrong with using all fliers! Especially a monster like DC vantage sword Catria. Very nice clear! @DLNarshen Julius bringing death to people once again! It's neat to see two people clears like this. Awesome clear! @Landmaster I can safely say I haven't seen a lull skill on a healer before. She's pretty terrifying with absorb. Was somewhat hoping the music box music would continue the whole clear, just to make it somewhat creepy. Good job as usual! @Diovani Bressan Nice to see Azura emblem clears! Odin in a clear! He's one of those units I wanted to +10, but never got around to because I'm afraid he will sit around doing nothing forever. Glad to see you put him to good use! @SatsumaFSoysoy Ooo Lute and Clarisse this time! I certainly love the variety in the units you use. I really need to try using something other than Bartre at some point. Amazing clear! @Rezzy Celica nuking is beautiful as usual. Also nice to see Fjorm getting some love as well, even if just a little. Nice job! @Wanda Fast CC vantage clears are always nice to see! Good job!
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