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  1. Nothing too special about this clear, just the usual destruction by Bartre and Fir
  2. @SatsumaFSoysoy This map certainly was a lot of trouble. I would have had no way to one-turn it without Hel since a lot of the Heroes characters are hard (or impossible) to merge up. I'm surprised to see how well Hrid did. That miracle from Veronica also came in handy. Great job!
  3. @Diovani Bressan Ah L!Leif was a good choice here, he definitely had no trouble vantage sweeping the bottom half of the map. Saizo taking 0 damage from Galle was quite nice as well. Great job! @Sasori Oo a TT unit clear is always nice to see. That ignis from Clive was quite powerful. Tobin taking that dragon fang from Gall was pretty terrifying, but he just barely made it through. Nice clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy I did manage to get a Zihark for Bartre and I also picked on up for Fir, so both Firs and both Bartres will have them when needed. Poor ninja Hana though... I really wanted to build one up like the one you used, but she will cost too many grails now. I'm actually surprised she took so much damage, but I guess taking a dragon fang with life and death is pretty painful. Seteth did quite nicely as well. Great clear!
  4. Sheesh... everything was so far away in this map... At least Bartre got to play with his new pink axe. Fir will get hers after I max out Hana's HM, so she just used her rusty old brave axe this time.
  5. Hel took lessons from Bartre on ignoring the weapons triangle in this one-turn clear. This one had a lot of close kills in it since my Heroes roster isn't (or can't be) merged up. Anna is a wonderful galeforcer as usual and Hel did a pretty great job as well. I am not the biggest fan of duo Alfonse, but he was really my only choice here. Also, here is a video of all of my one-turn clears from this week's LHBs. I thought I would just make them into one video rather than recording them individually. I didn't actually have to do anything too special for any of them aside from Eirikas. Everyone pretty much already had everything they needed and many of them had to use weaker weapons or skills to get the right amount of hits/damage.
  6. @Unknown Gamer11 Watching gen 1 units like Raigh take on these maps is always fun. I'm surprised he managed to tank everything pretty well with the exception of that first hit from Bernie. Great job!
  7. @Unknown Gamer11 Wow I don't see Bantu too often. He did a great job here. Cecila was very nice as well. Lancebreaker was a good idea to easily take out Dimitri. Nice clear!
  8. @Landmaster Wow I thought you might have trouble with the trenches, but all the enemies just walked right up to their deaths. Elise had no trouble taking Dimitri down and Mirabilis did some nice tanking. Very nice job! @NSSKG151 It was nice to see NY Anna Solo nearly the entire right side of the map at the start. Glad commander Anna got a kill in there at the end. Jill certainly made quick work of Dimitri and did some nice galeforcing. Great clear! @Some Jerk Sheesh... attack of the offensive dancers. The infernal clear was impressive enough, but I can't believe they were able to handle abyssal as well. Bonus doubler on young Azura was pretty neat and it was nice seeing her one-shot Dimitri. This really shows how well distant ward and foil can do if used properly. Definitely helped both Leanne and Eldigan. Galeforcing Silvia was awesome as usual. Great job!
  9. @Landmaster Geez when did healer Elise get so tanky? I'm surprised she took those hits so well. The cavalry effectiveness on the other two Elise was quite useful this map I see. Great job! @SatsumaFSoysoy Sophia certainly did some nice work there at the beginning. Was neat seeing Tsubasa as well, she's definitely a great pick for this map. Nice clear!
  10. @Some Jerk Dimitri stood no chance against Nino, although most of the units on the map got destroyed by her as well. It was neat seeing a legendary Marth, he did quite a nice job. Great clear! @LordFrigid Caeda did a nice job as always. Just barely got her under half on that first hit lol. I was shocked to see her do so much damage to the axe armor at the end, even my spring Bartre was having trouble with him. Pegasus flight and the def rein really destroyed that guy's defense. I liked the wings of mercy Snowthis as well. Awesome job! @Sasori Minty cane Chad did very well in the infernal clear. Nice use of the rally on Lugh as well. Watching Seliph take out Dimitri was definitely nice. Using two cavalry units on abyssal was pretty crazy. Good thing the armors didn't have distant counter or any movement skills on them. Some close calls there with Dimitri and that green cavalry mage though. Roy and Seliph both did a great job as well. Vantage really coming in handy on Seliph there. Nice clears! @Diovani Bressan Wow I completely forgot about baby Merric's healing from his special. Too bad it took 3 hits from him to kill Dimitri the cheats are really coming in handy, huh. Poor Azura, needing swordbreaker to not get doubled there. Nice job! @SatsumaFSoysoy I certainly was not expecting to see Celica tanking stuff. Thought she was going to be galeforcing as usual, but I forgot how amazing she is at simply destroying stuff. Kagero did quite a bit of work as well. Panicking Dimitri was a great strategy. Very nice clear! I really don't like how IS has been putting guard or guard weapons on everything that is not 3 or more spaces away from the starting locations. It is also rather frustrating when one unit is super far away from everyone else like Dimitri was. In any case, I managed to find out a solution with both Bartres and a Fir, so I am quite happy with the outcome. I originally thought of using pulse smoke on axe Bartre since I had it from inheriting L&D4 a while ago, but the breath of life and atk smoke play allowed bunny Bartre to tank the bonfire at the end, so I went with that.
  11. @Diovani Bressan Leif did a nice job with bowbreaker there. Was neat to see witchy Nowi being used in a clear. Great job! @Sasori Yea, took quite a while to get L!Azura to +10, but it was definitely worth it for arena scoring. Used her in my arena matches just before I recorded the clear, so I still had part of her arena set on lol. Nice to see the minty cane Chad again. He did an amazing job as usual. Seteth was a great choice to take down Hubert with as well. Nice clear!
  12. Unfortunately I had to abandon OG Fir for L!Azura so I could start on the left side of the map. Couldn't find a reliable way to galeforce off the green bow with Bartre or Fir while still taking enough damage to get into wings range. Thankfully the Firs don't have as much defense as their father, so bunny Fir was able to take enough damage on the left.
  13. My 27th +10 is Caeda. I've had her at +8 for quite a while now and since she got her resplendent, I decided to finish her up. She just has the generic wings of mercy galeforcing set for now, but hopefully I'll give her a few more skills soon.
  14. My 26th 5*+10 is Fallen Delthea. I have wanted to build her for a long time just to have a nice blue mage to use, but I couldn't justify it until now. Since I needed a bonus unit to combat L!Edelgard bonus scoring, I decided to finally +10 her. Unfortunately, I have no infantry flowers to give her since we barely get any and all the ones I had saved up went to the Bartres when the limit increased, so she will have to go without them for now.
  15. @Sasori Ooo wow, didn't expect to see Sanaki, she is quite the nuke. Glad to see Seteth being used already, I'm so excited to turn him into a galeforcer. Great clear! @Diovani Bressan Lots of crazy cheating movement going on here. You definitely brought the power to this one, but that is only proper when galeforcing. Nice job! @LordFrigid I'm surprised that moonbow did enough to get Tibarn into wings range, although I suppose you could have just flier formationed over to him otherwise. Poor Nemesis getting astra'd to death by Caeda. Very nice clear! @Landmaster Wow the Elise squad handled this really well. Nemesis stood no chance against staff Elise. Awesome clear as usual! Too bad Mirabilis got abused the entire map. @SatsumaFSoysoy Neat selection of units! It's rare to see non-dancer mythics in clear videos. Lif did quite a nice job here, though Brunnya was definitely the star, completely destroying Nemesis like that. She is quite the powerful one. Great job!
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