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  1. @Diovani Bressan lol that Altina clear... Not hard to see that unit was a bit of a mistake. Your one-turn clear was very nice! Glad to see NY Kaden again with his galeforcing. Seteth is lovely as always. Nice clear! @Sasori Wow a null C disrupt Raigh. Wasn't expecting that. He did quite a nice job. Can't believe how easy it was for him to slaughter half the map. Too bad Chad didn't get to do anything, but he needed a break I suppose. Great job! Just the usual one-turn clear from me. Nothing too special
  2. @NSSKG151 The Jill hit and run tactic was quite nice in the Anna squad clear. NY Anna completely destroyed people as usual. It still surprises me how tanky she can be while still being so fast. Commander Anna did a great job taking down those blues. Nice to see a one-turn clear from you as well. Reminding me that I still have to build Raven some day lol. Glad NY Anna got to make an appearance in it as well. @Some Jerk Oo another great dancer clear! Quadding Silvia is quite the sight. I see the rein skill came in handy for you as well. Nice astra from mini Azura there at the end as well. Great job! @Diovani Bressan Geez had to downgrade Freyja's weapon, huh. The units were so fast in this map, but so easy to kill. Especially with L!Leif lol. Glad to see there was no cheating in this one. @Sasori Haha I loved Mae's quote at the start of the infernal map. Boey was pretty destructive this clear. Nice exact damage on Claude as well. Lex is quite nice, I can't wait to get a few of him so I can build him up. Bow units were really nice for this map. It's always great to see your Gordin in a clear. He's one of those units people rarely ever use, though he does quite a bit of work. @SatsumaFSoysoy Wow... that ninja Hana makes me really jealous. Really wish I could have built her, but her weapons were needed, as you will see in my clear. Brave Celica is such a nice galeforcer to use in long clears. Looks like this map hardly gave you any trouble. Lots of quadding going on in this one. It was surprisingly difficult to keep from killing things in too few hits. Ended up having to use the enemy phase as well because of it.
  3. @Landmaster Micaiah was a really nice unit for this map. Didn't realize how powerful her refine actually was until now. That mystic boost was a great help for her. Brave Ike is broken as usual, though I was surprised at how well armor Ike did. Great clear! @SatsumaFSoysoy Great idea on using Sol as the special for Micaiah. Really helped her out there. The healing from Reyson was nice for Zelgius as well. Mia/Lucina are quite the destructive pair, especially with that harmonic skill. Nice job!
  4. @Landmaster You call the Bartre family savage as the Elise squad bullies those poor people. Not even a miracle could save them. Nice job!
  5. @Sasori Poor Dithorba, just getting annihilated by Ronan like that. Too bad the red flier didn't suffer the same fate, but at least he got ganged up on. Nice job! @Diovani Bressan Ooo some nice galeforcing going on here. Nice to see Kaden and mini Marth galeforcing. Too bad you had to cheat for the Saizo one turn. Those firesweep weapons are fairly annoying since you can't just enemy phase everything. Nice job! Just the usual massacre by the Bartre and Fir team for me.
  6. @Some Jerk Haha that was pretty neat seeing everything do no damage to Leanne at the start. I really hope to get distant ward on mine one day. Nice use of guidance to get Sanaki over that wall without having to break it. Funny that the lance cav just sat there and did nothing because of the wall. Nice clear! @NSSKG151 Vantage Altina sure is nice. She sure does a lot of damage. Galeforcing Jill was a big help as well. Glad Elincia got some action in there at the end. Great job! @Diovani Bressan Close counter Soren was neat to see and wasn't expecting Nephenee either. Cheating bride was expected though. Good use of dominance to take Duma down. I'm surprised Micaiah actually needed it to kill him, but I guess she is rather slow herself. Great clear! Finally ended up giving my trashbag, Tibarn, galeforce since he was the only 3 movement flier that could take down the green dragon in one round. He is now safe from being foddered for now at least. Also got to use OG Micaiah for once, so that was nice. Also, here is a video with all 5 one-turn clears:
  7. Didn't expect to get him already, but my 31st 5*+10 is NY!Keaton. Really needed a good 180 bst green unit and Hana's ninja axe prevented me from merging her up. Keaton works better as a L!Chrom counter anyway.
  8. My 30th 5*+10 is Gangrel. He is a key member of my infantry pulse AR defense teams. He really tears through things and can survive quite a bit thanks to his high hp. Wasn't expecting to get a copy from the anniversary, even though I should have, so it looks like I'll have an extra copy later on since he still has his rerun left.
  9. @SatsumaFSoysoy Oh wow, great use of Flayn there to keep masked Marth alive. She really destroyed the map. Too bad she couldn't handle Seiros herself, but that deadeye from Shamir certainly did it's work. Great job! @Unknown Gamer11 Those AoE specials from Asbel really helped out here. Bringing two of the most destructive flier killers was a great idea for this map. Nice clear!
  10. @NSSKG151 This map had a lot of fliers for NY!Anna to eat. She certainly did a lot of work for this clear. It was neat seeing commander Anna destroy Seiros. Was sort of expecting Jill to do it, but I guess Anna had it under control. Nice job! @Diovani Bressan Seems we had a similar idea for the starting point, though yours involved much less galeforcing. Nice to see Hinoka's new refine in action. I was surprised to see the whitewing trio tank the last hit so easily. Great clear! @Sasori That was a really neat strategy to have Forrest block everyone.. That mystic boost seal is really useful. Gordin sure got a lot of killing in. Also some nice support from Kaden. Glad you gave him the last kill at least. The second clear was nice as well! Roy is still able to do a great job at dragon killing. Also rather surprised at how well he tanked everything. Distant ward Seteth was certainly interesting too. Very nice clears! @Landmaster Ooo the buckets sure came in handy for this map. Gravity from healer Elise certainly helped out as well. That lance flier would have had a feast otherwise. The dragon fangs from summer Elise were pretty devastating. Great job! @Some Jerk Another awesome dancer clear! Leanne was perfect for all the dragons and mages in this map. They couldn't do a thing against her. Eldigan being tanky as ever and blade tome mini Azura was very nice. Great job on the movement too, looks like it must have taken quite a bit of work to get that planned out. Very nice clear! As I expected, the units were super far away once again, but odd tempest came through. Naga had to replace OG Fir as the reposition slave this time since the dragon buff was pretty much required. Spring Fir was the star this time, taking some lessons on muscling up from her father, she was able to destroy the demonic being even with the damage reduction.
  11. My 29th 5*+10 and 3rd 5* exclusive +10 is L!Alm. I have been working on him for quite a long time now and finally got my last copy today, so my earth arena core is complete. Next up is L!Lilina for my fire core and I will be done hunting legendaries until the powercreep becomes too much again.
  12. @BoaFerox Glad you managed to get this clear done! Starting off with the green bow unit was a great idea and it's nice to see the obstruct seal coming in handy for once. That was a bit of a close call with Azura. Thank goodness for savage blow. Nice job!
  13. @SatsumaFSoysoy lol Duessel is kind of crazy. I'm always afraid to run into him in any map because he is so difficult to take down if he's alone. It's amazing how easily he can solo maps like this. Nice job! @Sasori Boey is quite tanky, although that red mage certainly did a lot of damage to him. Too bad it couldn't handle an ignis from him, although not much really can. Hilda did a nice job tanking that luna from Tanya along with the axe unit. Great clear! @NSSKG151 I still have yet to build my own Raven, despite him being an amazing galeforcer. Perhaps when he finally gets his resplendent version I will. That extra movement from L!Azura really helps out in these maps now that IS has decided to put everyone so far away. Great job! My clear is the usual reposition spring Fir somewhere to take damage and then have her father swoop in to remove any threats near her.
  14. @NSSKG151 Fallen Delthea sure is a fun mage to use. I was surprised by how easily Lukas destroyed those armors. He's definitely tanky, but I see him as being rather weak most of the time. Nice job! @Some Jerk Dumar is quite the powerful dragon. It's funny how you just tanked everyone with him for a couple turns and then sent him on a rampage. Fell breath is quite the crazy weapon. If it had DC on it, Duma would be absolutely terrifying. Great clear!
  15. @Diovani Bressan Great job on the one-turn clear! I didn't realize Python had such low res. Made it much easier to get him into wings range on Azura. Great use of the shove to open up that space for duo Alm to keep the galeforcing going. The normal clear was pretty neat as well. Duo Alm really destroys stuff. Delthea did a great job murdering the armors as well. Too bad Mila just stood there, but I guess that's all she needed to do. This month's limited hero battles were fairly annoying. Two of them had units spaced out too far to really use galeforce for everything, so there was a lot of enemy phasing going on. Needless to say, I really hate Clarine now after that BHB, but I made it work out thanks to L!Leif and Ares. First up is the L!Azura abyssal one-turn And here is the video with all 5 one-turn clears
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