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  1. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear! I always want to finally build Eirika whenever I see her destroy stuff like this. @Diovani Bressan You and that monster Nowi... I should really use mine a bit more often. Nice job! @Landmaster Yay lolis! That archer going for dagger Elise instead of wasting the miracle on staff Elise was pretty interesting. Great job as usual! As far as Bartre goes, I just threw an anima blessing on him so he could kill stuff during anima weeks in AA, although I might put him in my defense instead of Ike sometime and see how he does. He certainly fits on an infantry pulse team.
  2. Bartre makes his debut in this one-turn clear. Now we need abyssal GHBs
  3. Did a neat one-turn clear with Lyn, Florina, Eliwood, and Hector. This is Florina's debut as a galeforcer, so hopefully she will continue showing up in abyssal clears later on. I was considering changing her to +spd for this, but it wasn't necessary.
  4. Quick and easy one-turn clear. I should really try using some of my other units sometimes, but it takes a lot more investment and I just don't have the resources. Tried it with Bartre, but just a brave axe+ wouldn't cut it, so I had to go with Cherche in the end.
  5. It is rather nice hearing all of the special quotes. Also, guess a Thrasir is being eaten by Eliwood this week. Glad you liked the music. I spent far too much time on that than I should have, but I love the 3H music too much to have passed up that opportunity.
  6. Woo congrats!! That was super close! Also, you can totally get T27 in AR, just let me know if you want some help. I got Daisy there, so I can get you there as well.
  7. Decided I wanted to record my defense replays so I can go back and watch them to help me improve it a bit. @Landmaster made me leave animations on, so it's a bit long, but feel free to watch it. This defense had gotten me a few flawless weeks, but it did pretty poorly this week. Didn't get attacked by as many mega whales this week, but they generally forfeit when they lose a single unit, so I can't say that is a good thing. In any case, those who did win had a couple deaths and none of them got both pots, so that's always nice. If anyone has any suggestions for my defense, let me know. I am considering giving Eliwood panic smoke, which may have prevented some of the losses I had this week. Also probably going to swap out the darting blow seal for the swift sparrow seal now that we have it.
  8. Congrats Mampf! He will serve you much better than that Loki and corn ever would.
  9. My 17th 5*+10 was created through the need for a bulky healer to auto battle TT with. Sort of a waste, but he does get used a ton, so I thought it would be neat.
  10. Looks like L!Ike bonus + earth season was causing a good chunk of the score inflation. 3,812 score, rank 906/1,185 (/3,953) in T21 this week, almost the same rank as the last 2 weeks with a score of 3,830. Although, the bonus kill change definitely caused some inflation as well. Hopefully some more of the score inflation is just due to the Peony bonus, but we will see the next couple weeks I suppose.
  11. @Anacybele Rather than wasting time arguing with people and derailing this topic, perhaps you could log off the forums and use that time to research another strategy you could use to get to T21. It seems that whenever I offer you guides to read, you don't have the time to read them, yet you have time to read and respond to the lengthy drama posts on here. Maybe if you spent as much time trying to learn the mechanics of the game as you do arguing on the forums, you would be in T21 by now. Anyhow, Looks like light season rankings are getting pretty crazy. At 13,504 lift right now, rank 704, 5 hours and 15 minutes before the end of the season. It's only a matter of time before you need merged mythics or amazing defense weeks to stay in top 1k. Hopefully astra weeks don't follow suit.
  12. Wanted to use Soleil to kill the blue armor, but I couldn't get the positioning correct by doing that, so Cherche had to take over. Soleil just bullied Celica instead.
  13. Eliwood getting some time to shine today, although he used a lot of support from the team. Didn't have to do anything too special with this one, just the usual wings of mercy galeforcing.
  14. Another option for L!Azura bait is just a decent attack archer. They really only need 45-50 attack to one shot most L!Azuras. As long as they can live one hit from her, it's an easy kill. It generally also manipulates her AI into attacking them instead of dancing because she will do some serious damage to that unit, even if it ends with her death.
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