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  1. Question. If you posted today, why does it say it's due on Monday, August 5th?
  2. What I love about Shadow Dragon's plot is that it's to the point and simplistic, even with the characters. I don't see them as flat, per say, but the all get the characterisation that they need to be seen as an individual. However, with Awakening, what I dislike about the characters is that they don't get any real characterisation, but end up becoming overplayed "in your face" character archetypes with no real appeal. Shadow Dragon's characters are likeable to me because of the simplicity of who they are.You get to know them just well enough that you can picture who they are. It leaves a lot to the imagination, and that's nice. Fire Emblem isn't necessarily about having a giant cast of super strongly written characters. It's about war. It's about the people affected by the war, and the world it takes place in. I feel that overall, the new series writers are trying to push to have everybody "super fleshed out and important," but in reality its just making them no more than an overly saturated trope with no depth.
  3. The mouth on the swordmaster has been killing me. Really tough to fix, but I'll give it a shot. Also, as for the Wyvern Rider, how do you suppose I should downplay the armour? Make it less prominent? Smaller? The Wyvern Rider and Soldier are both kids wearing armour, so it's supposed to look a bit bulkier. Other thoughts I just had. Using Franz body on the Soldier wouldn't be any less bulky and awkward, plus the angle would be completely off. The character with Innes' hairstyle was intentionally left with that feature because of a specific type of relationship that this character has with his in-universe father's creator. His father's name is Darius Pent, who's intended to look like Percival in purple robes because the creator loves Percival and thinks he's awesome. However, he absolutely abhors and despises Innes. So, since his in game character absolutely hates his son (and relies in-character on mass fourth wall breakage), we decided that his son is even worse with this. He decided he WANTS Innes' smug face just to anger his father. Oh, and one more thing. I've thought about giving the second fighter a cross cheek scar instead, but I'm worried about it looking too cliche. I also changed the swordmaster's face. We left the mouth super long and awkward as possible, which quickly led to the creation of this... Glorious being in which I refer to as "Merp."
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to the Forums here, but I've been perusing the website for a few years now. I decided I wanted to sign up and show off some custom sprite work I've done (lots of splicing with some re-drawing), to see what you guys think. Any feedback is appreciated. I'll list off character classes with each image I post. Pegasus Knights: Fighters: Mages: Trio of Siblings (Wyvern Rider, Cavalier & Soldier respectively): A set of twins (Myrmidon Duo): Swordmaster: Any and all feedback is much appreciated! Thank you! Also, note, please do not use these without consent. If you want to use sprites of mine, feel free to contact me or post in here and I'll be more than willing to do commissioned work.
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