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  1. Calill and Largo's adoptive daughter. Best character in the game if I do say so myself.
  2. I just found out you can vote for Amy. I would have voted for her if I knew earlier. But I voted for Nephenee.
  3. I believe he was captured by Daein soldiers because he was caught tending to wounded Crimeans.
  4. My friend, I welcome you to this lush Forest! To most I am Seth, to others Yed. Choose your preference, choose it wisely. Popular opinion is the Jugdral games (particularly FE4) have the strongest story in the series. I have yet to complete it, so I can't really give you my opinion on it. And since it's an SNES game, you shouldn't have computer issues as long as it's not a computer from the 1980s or something like that lol. You will need to research a lot of how the game plays, since I don't think anything is explained in-game. A lot of the mechanics are much different than they are in later games. From Sacred Stones and Fates though, I'd recommend playing Awakening. The gameplay is very similar to BR especially. Although FE7 is a good game to play to ease yourself into the more "traditional" style of FE. It's a nice blend between what you're used to from SS and what you can expect from other games in the series. The Tellius series would also be great for getting into the more "traditional" style of the series (and are just fantastic games overall) since they are more similar to the pre-GBA games, although FE10 especially is a bit more difficult than what you're probably used to from SS and Fates, but if you're forced to emulate them, you will need to check and make sure you have a powerful enough computer. Same, though even earlier for me. Tell me, how hyped are you for Sun/Moon? And what starter have you been looking to start with? I've been Team Rowlet from the start. Visit the Creative section. That place is mainly for fan-fiction, rolepays, etc.... Enjoy your time here at Serenes Forest!
  5. "Okay Rhys, I need you to lure in and tank a few hits from these Halberdiers for me, okay? Thanks."
  6. My friend, I welcome you to this lush Forest! To most I am Seth, to others Yed. Choose your preference, choose it wisely. If you want to start with an easy game, I'd recommend not playing one that requires a translation. The JP games can be confusing for first timers with the exception of FE6 (Binding Blade). I'd recommend FE8 (Sacred Stones). It's more similar to Awakening and Birthright than any other FE game, featuring a world map like these games. If you prefer Conquest's map design and lack of grinding though, either FE7 (Blazing Sword) or the Tellius series (FE9 and FE10, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) would be good to play. FE8 is definitely the easiest of the western games. FE7 and FE9 aren't too difficult either and shouldn't give you too much trouble. FE10 can be rather difficult on Normal and downright brutal on Hard (not as bad as Awakening and Conquest Lunatic, though), but if you play FE9 first (which you should since FE10 is a direct sequel), it shouldn't be that bad. Also, the translations are not the games themselves. They are a tool to modify the JP version of the game to make it English. You will have to find the games yourself elsewhere. I can't help you unfortunately because discussion of ROMs and such isn't allowed here.
  7. I'd be shocked if the Switch didn't get Smash. It's always been one of Nintendo's best-selling games on their respective consoles. But I think I'd prefer a new game over a Smash 4 port. I'd buy the game either way, especially if new characters were added to the port, but I personally haven't been playing Smash 4 as much as I used to. Plus, another Smash game within a year of release would boost sales quite a bit. Although the best thing to do from a business perspective would be to remake Melee for the launch window. The gap between 64 and Melee was 2 years, so a new title is not out of the question. But please... Sakurai... Melee HD.
  8. http://serenesforest.net/radiant-dawn/general/chapter-guide/part-1/ ^^^Radiant Dawn Chapter Guide Part 1, the link to Part 2 at the bottom leads to the Binding Blade Character Introduction Page 2. http://serenesforest.net/radiant-dawn/general/chapter-guide/part-3/ ^^^Also, RD CG Part 3, the map for Ch. 3: River Crossing is the same as Ch. 2: Stormclouds. http://serenesforest.net/radiant-dawn/general/chapter-guide/ ^^^RD CG Part 4 is not listed here, but it is listed at the bottom of the Part 3 page.
  9. Schaeffer (FE9, Ch. 22 boss): “...Gwaar... Haaaarr... Haaaaaa... Shoulda brought...more priests... Or some...babies... Dang...” Best generic boss quote. Every word that comes out of Bastian's text box is great too.
  10. I'm a nostalgia loser for this, Crystal and Blastoise all the way. But I meant in relation to Sun and Moon.
  11. My good comrade, I welcome you to this lush Forest! To most I am Seth, to others Yed. Choose your preference, choose it wisely. Pretty much what happened with me, though I went back to it after a few months rather than a few years. Now it's my favorite series. I didn't even realize it was the series Marth, Roy, and Ike were from until later lol. What teams you on? Like, which game and starters? Those games are pretty anime-esque. You into anime as well? Lol don't worry, pretty sure mine was even longer.
  12. Bronze weapons can crit in Awakening, tho. Takes away some of the challenge.
  13. FE10: Dawn Brigade only. Only exception are chapters where you don't have any DB units and Ike (for the final boss). Yes, this means everyone is either benched or unequiped (aka meatshields) once Ilyana joins Ike (Haar and Lethe/Mordecai can be used to recruit Jill and Zihark in chapter 3-7). Don't try this on Hard Mode. Want an even harder challenge? Only bring the Crimean Royal Knights into the endgame. Ex-Crimean Royal Knights count. BEXP is banned on Easy/Normal. Is this possible in FE9/FE10? Ike is necessary for 3 fights. If he can't do damage to any of them, then the game is literally unbeatable. Same goes for FE13 if you count the Avatar as a lord.
  14. Lol what? One of my favorite jokes in the show was an error? How did they mess up that much? That's amazing.
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