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  1. I've been on SF for a year now omg

    1. OurBoyRoy


      Quite the benchmark!

  2. if you load mods using the browser and Kernel/SDCafiine bookmarks, you won't be able to load it - no matter the content. I don't know whether other methods still work or not (or if there even are any haha)
  3. The new Wii U version 5.5.2 has stopped the Kernel and SDCaffiine exploits from working. Now we're left with an error saying "Can't load video". If you use mods regularly, I would be sure to not update your system. Hopefully a new exploit is found in the future which works on 5.5.2.
  4. Quick update to tell y'all that I'm alive. I need to visit SF more often again ~

    1. Melissa


      Why not join my Dicksword channel? https://discord.gg/rty3e

    2. voltimer
  5. Best part of the Heroes Easter event: 


  6. I think I'd rate them as Ryoma>Camilla>Takumi>Xander>Elise>Hinoka>Leo>Sakura Don't take this too seriously though this is mostly from personal experience.
  7. Should have made it clear, but they are ordered from best to worst from top of the list to the bottom. You are thus right in your presumptions.
  8. I could make a pretty reasonable one in like, 10 seconds (top -> bottom = best -> worst) - Ryoma Tier: Ryoma A bit above everyone else tier: other Royals Everyone else tier: everyone else Gunter Tier: Gunter
  9. Hey, you, person reading my status here.

    Have a nice day!

    1. Melissa


      I wish you could like statuses 

  10. Surely we shouldn't restrict this to Fates - the rest of the series has some great men. If it has to be Fates, though...
  11. voltimer

    Hello Forest

    Welcome to the Forest, infmz! Serenes Forest is a loving community and I'm sure you'll really enjoy yourself here. Heroes is obviously quite a hot topic right now so you've come at a fantastic time if you love to discuss the game.
  12. I hope that any plans that any of have for Valentine's Day tomorrow go perfectly.

    Have a lovely day.

  13. There's no shame in taking part in things you love. If you enjoy the stuff, keep doing it - it will only continue to bring you joy. Nobody here will try to stop you, that's for sure. SF is a very welcoming and loving community. Regardless of that, welcome to The Forest!
  14. If you've seen this due to following a notification link, I send you hugs.

    You clearly care enough to check my latest status <3

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