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  1. Yes i think it's better to get the children as soon as possible since you would be able to train them more so they might get better stats than what the offspring seal gives them. Or you could just not use the offspring seal at all
  2. Hector First, and from there on it was Ogma, Caeda, and Lucina.
  3. I used to have one of General Forrest but sadly my save file got deleted and so did the screenshot. He was actually pretty good at 46 Str, 45 Def, and 40 Res with Effie as a Mom i also had a Great Lord Felicia. I kind of regretted it...
  4. Hana. she's basically the generic "i need to train hard 24/7" character. As a unit I think she does OK.
  5. General Elise (A+ Support with Effie?) Vanguard Forrest (If you have DLC and are doing it I didn't read the whole topic)
  6. I stopped playing fates after I deleted my Revelations save file (I worked so hard on it too ;-;) and I started a new save file on lunatic. Unfortunately my units (most of them children) were not good and I didn't want to max their stats out since it took such a long time and the end result would never be good. A few days ago I started another save file this time just casual and on hard mode since I just want to make a save file where my units are maxed out and it's going well so far.
  7. Either Conquest Or Birthright can be canon I think. In my opinion i think Birthright is probably canon
  8. I'm not exactly sure but I think reverting Kana back to a legal class and then updating your castle can get you unshadowbanned
  9. Ah ok. So Hisame is a physical child and and your boon will make his strength really good. Consider using Hoshidan Noble or Master of arms for Kana/Hisame as they are physical classes
  10. Nina: Sniper Siegbert: Falcon Knight
  11. Midori: Master Ninja Kana/Hisame: depends on boon/bane
  12. I have yet to marry Keaton in my revelations save file and I'm planning on either Effie!Velouria or Charlotte!Velouria. Which mother gives Velouria her full potential? (As a wolfssegner)
  13. Once you get Odin to lvl 10, reclass him into a Samurai to get Vantage and Duelist's Blow.
  14. They would probably be Dwyer and Felicias child
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