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  1. I don't have Move+1 in any of the mentioned characters but I have Move+1 in Elise and Dwyer
  2. I am looking for Aegis in female Kana.
  3. I managed to get it from elsewhere. Sorry if you were getting it already.
  4. Anyone that can quickly put Profiteer in the avatar?
  5. Looking for Life and Death in Elise.
  6. Does anyone have Elise with Aptitude?
  7. 1) I forgot the name change since I was playing the Sacred Stones, sorry. 4)My mistake, I just realized how stupid that was.
  8. This isn't a Skill Request Thread. If you are looking for specific skills, go to one of the Skill Request Threads like this one: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=61825&hl= Post here any skill combinations/skill sets that you (or someone you know) thought of. Write for what character is the skill set, for what class, if you do have/use the skill set, and how to use the character. Try to avoid including hacked skills. The children can have any non-enemy-exclusive skills because they can inherit any skills their parents have, and you can save the character with their skills if you defeat Anankos. If you come up with a better combination of skills quote your original previous post and write what you would change. Don't be afraid of commenting about a skill set; constructive criticism is always good (just write a real explanation of why you would like for it to be different). If you did not make the skill set by yourself, please, remember to give credit to the original creator. WARNING: THIS THREAD WILL CONTAIN OPINIONS. NOT EVERYTHING WRITTEN HERE IS A FACT, SO DO NOT START SAYING WHAT IS STATISTICALLY THE BEST SET OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. BE RESPECTFUL. These are the skill sets I have come up with: 1) Charlotte as a Berserker (A Berserker's Axe can help with this set if used right, but Killer Axe is practically a necessity): Vantage, Death Blow, Strength +2, Axefaire, and Swordbreaker. This set is used by getting Charlotte to 50% HP and then hoping she gets crits, so she will need as much skill and luck as possible (I expect that max strength is a given). This set is not recommended for attacking other castles because of the effects of the building in castle battles makes it VERY hard to crit. I have Death Blow, Axefaire, and Vantage. 2) Veloria as a Wolfssegner (Beastrune will be the most efficient weapon for this set): Beastbane, Trample, Certain Blow, Poison Stike, and Grisly Wound. This set is a physical tank killer; use Poison Strike and Grisly Wound to deal damage after every battle to the tanks. Trample and Beastbane are for dealing extra damage to most units (everyone by mounted dragon units). Certain Hit is just to not miss. I am still looking for ways to make this set a little better, but no such luck right now. I have everything here except for Poison Strike. 3) Benny as a General or Great Knight (if you don't want/can't use Boots on Benny): Defence +2, HP +5, Wary Fighter, Lancefaire, and Heartseeker. This set is based around the idea that Benny will hit practically anything it battles thanks to Heartseeker + Fierce Mien (Benny's personal skill). Also, Def and HP are what keeps Generals alive (alongside Wary Fighter), so why not some more of that. Lancefaire is totally replaceable for any other skill you would like. I have everything here except for Heartseeker. 4) Shiro as a Spearmaster (I want him to be a Spearmaster to have a higher Skill-Cap and also a passive crit bonus): Hoshidan Unity, Astra, Rend Heaven, Quixotic, and either Luna. This set is just to attack and hope he procs one of his skills, so don't use any lances that block him from using his skills (Peri's Lance > Javelin and no Bronze/Brass Weapons). Any aggressive trigger skills can be put here in place of Luna, Rend Heaven and Astra (e.g.: Vengeance and Aether). I suggest not giving Shiro a Bolt Naginata either for the same reason for the Javelin. I have the whole set. Everything edited is in bold.
  9. Sorry, I won't have internet for a while. Is it too much trouble to leave Dwyer up for a while?
  10. Looking for Movement +1 or Replicate in Dwyer.
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