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  1. Heartofpinksol


    Hi! I'm technically doing a "re-intro," as I joined the forum... like... 9 years ago. That's crazy! Anyways, I've been lurking a lot recently since I've rekindled my love for Fire Emblem with Three Houses. I was in the process of making a new account when I was told I already had a log-in. I audibly laughed. It was a fun little experience, hehe. Anyways, hello to all! My name is HeartOfPinkSol, but that can be shortened to HOPS. I am a recent graduate from college -- talk about one of the worst times to graduate. I actually started playing Three Houses again the day I completed my last exam, despite having the game for nearly a year. I have been playing Fire Emblem since... I was a child and I am 22 now. It's my favorite game, and I cannot begin to express my excitement when someone I know tells me they play Fire Emblem or even when someone knows what Fire Emblem is. I guess you can say that is what drew me onto the forum because I missed being around so many people that knows about Fire Emblem and loves it as much as I do, if not more. It's hard to say what game is my favorite (despite my profile saying FE8 -- that is largely due to my massive crush on Joshua from FE8) because every game has something that I love about it. Like, I'm loving FE3H right now because of the gameplay, but then story-wise, FE7 is my favorite (and for nostalgia purposes), but then FE10 in itself is a whole saga, so that makes it fun to play. Anyways, this feels like a long intro (oops!), but figured I'd join back in and say hello 🙂
  2. Hii everybody! :D And, ahhh. Okay, I see about the affiliates thanks all of you!
  3. Here is my roleplaying site: http://fireemblemrp.informe.com/forum/ Check it out if you'd like! :D

  4. Ah, okay. I'll add the link to my signature soon! Do you know who I would ask about the affiliates?
  5. Yeah, I can't lie I am pretty energetic:) That reminds me, I wanted to know if I am allowed to advertise my forum on here and how do I add an affiliate here?
  6. Hi, I'm HOPS also known as HeartOfPinksol. I'm a HUGE Fire Emblem fan! Like I said, I love Fire Emblem, I also love roleplaying, specifically Fire Emblem roleplaying and for that I know a great site for it, if you guys are interested you guys can PM me about it and I'll tell you all the info. Anyways, I'm a pretty chill person
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