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  1. Hello good people of Serene's Forest! My name is Reshriham, and good god, it has been a LONG time since I had to write one of these. I've used the site for a while, but never bothered to actually participate until now. So once again, Hello! My name is actually Trent, but I would be preferred to be called Resh, Reshri, or Reshriham. Im based on the west coast of the U.S., and will be a junior in high-school in approximately... 1 week. Hmm. I generally spend all of my time on my labtaop, usually just watching youtube while playing something on my DS (Almost always pokemon, tbh), or playing whatever flavour-of-the-month game I have for my Xbone. I do a few clubs at school, but nothing outstanding. My hope is that, by getting involved here, I'll meet some people who I can call friends. I do love reading, although I rarely find time for it with all the gaming I do. My biggest dream is to create, whether it be a story, a game, or just youtube videos. I will eventually, now just isn't the best of times for starting any commitments. I love math and strategy, part of the reason I love FE so much. I was introduced to the fire emblem series with Shadow Dragon, but I was never able to play it through. (Not my copy, but a friend's.) Then, I saw awakening in the store one day, and I picked it up. One of the best decisions of my life. I have since played through FE3 and FE6-8, and loved it the entire time. Im currently playing through FE4 and it is easily my favorite so far. The series has become one of the few that will stick with me forever. (Lowen of FE7 is best char ever. Not because of anything about his personality, but because every time I've ever used him, he's EASILY been my MvP.) Anyway, I hope to make some good friends here, and will do my best to help others to the best I can. Here's to hoping for many good times to come! -Reshriham (P.S. Also this is probably the last time I'll use apostrophes. Those little suckers are so annoyingly easy to forget, I kinda stopped caring. :/)
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