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  1. I got this Matthew with capped strength,speed and unusually decent defense. Hell,I even went as far as calling him the Scott Pilgrim of FE(A very good chance a lot of you dont know what Scott Pilgrim is) Oh and then I also had this Rebecca who doubled everyone except Lloyd,but using a Brave Bow would fix that and not get doubled. She also had a strong tendency to ORKO bosses Then on my current run,I have this Serra whos about to cap her Magic and Speed and with a little luck,Resistance and Skill
  2. My,aren't we impatient?Well I suppose I can tell you one: It all started on Lloyd's chapter. It was Fog of War and I was scared out of my life. Being the idiot I am,I was busy grinding supports there,though it was not through the arena. I was happily moving Matthew and Serra,because I just really love this pairing until I realized what I have done. They were trapped by 2 Wyvern Riders,7 Myrmidons,2 Ballistae and they were surrounded. I couldve used my Paladins to save them but instead I was just like "Fuck it,let's see how this plays out" and so began enemy phase. Matthew took out the Myrmidons,with simple ease,however the Wyverns were another story. They did quite the damage on him and meanwhile,Serra is just there watching him take beatings not getting hit,because lol attack the unpromoted,amirite? But anyways they both survived and I moved them away cause no way in hell will I do anything like that ever again
  3. What was something you did,that was SO DUMB that it actually worked? I have 2 stories of this myself
  4. Nah,FE7 is fine as it is. Although Pent cockblocking anyone trying to marry Louise would be funny
  5. I'd like to hear some of the most devastating and most destructive Affinity combos
  6. Sophia is a bad unit in FE6 and we know that. However,some people say that she is good and that she can outperform Raigh and Niime y won't they accept that she's bad
  7. Forget what I said,Kieran's japanese name is Kevin fml
  8. The Cain and Abel duo is practically existant on just about every FE game. And we've seen a bunch of them,so it begs the question. Who's your favorite Cain and Abel duo?
  9. I am literally torn down by 3 of Seliph's options. Plz pik 4 mii. Should it be Lana,Larcei or Patty?
  10. We know two things. 1.Sacred Stones is a piss easy game in terms of difficulty 2.It introduced Ross,Ewan and Amelia...the Trainees If FE8 was buffed in terms of difficulty,and without the use of grinding,how would each Trainee fair in battle?
  11. Milady is a great unit...but who's the best non-Milady playable flier in FE6?
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