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  1. I must also say that Gregor is the better option for the reasons listed above. Libra generally isn’t considered a great father, as the most valuable thing about him are his classes (mainly sage and Sorcerer), things that are found on other better fathers. Mods and skills are pretty meh. Gregor, on the other hand, is likely one of the best fathers in the game. As said above, he gives a lot of good skills.
  2. I don’t know where to put this, so here it goes. It’s a bit of an odd Kliff build, but I really like it.
  3. Well, I was recently fortunate enough to get Lon’qu (+Spd/-Res), SM!Eirika (+Atk/-HP), and TD!Jakob (+Def/-Res). Truth be told, I’m probably not going to use Lon’qu that much and I was going for Henry, but I’m not complaining.
  4. Hey guys, I’m back. I made five new characters and I made updates to my five existing characters. The new characters are the children of the Five Dragons, and thus have higher stats. I’d love to hear feedback on some or all of these characters. Thanks in advance to anyone that does leave feedback! Ambrose- (New) Edgar- (Update) Freya- (New) Ivy- (Update) Liam- (Update) Phelan- (Update) Sive- (New) Virgil- (New) Yolonda- (Update) Zoé- (New)
  5. I’m voting for Nino in CYL2. She’s done her best for many people in many battles, so I think she deserves it. I’d also be interested to see what they would do for a Brave Nino. Besides Nino, I’m also considering voting for Kliff, Lugh, Canas, L’Arachel, Maribelle, Keaton, and Leo.
  6. Time for a child unit! He is meant to be a unit that performs well during both the player phase and the enemy phase. Atticus-
  7. Yay, I love Kliff. The first thing I notice his his attack stat. 44 is exceptionally high, especially for a mage and a bit unreasonable in my opinion. With minus Atk IVs, his attack is still 1 point higher than Effie’s and 4 points higher than the next highest mages. The speed decrease for Saggitae is fair and a nice touch of accuracy. His Res is also weird to me. For one thing, he has the lowest Res in the game, even though in both Gaiden and the remake he has the highest base Res in Alm’s starting party. My suggestion would be to take points off of his attack and put them into his Res. As for his skills, Saggitae is cool, as long as it’s a unique skill. Attack Pulse is a bit much for me, as it would give people whos weapons give them power cooldown too powerful. But if you have the caveat of “If a similar skill is used, only the highest value is applied,” the this skill is completely fine. Miracle Ring is good and would work well on tanks. Ah, a unit of every color I see. Nice. More Kliff is always good too. Your stat totals are a bit off. The stat total for a non-villager infantry archer is 147 or 148, while Python has 152. The stat total for a non-villager non-child non-dancer non-Fjorm infantry lance unit is 157 or 158, while Forsyth has 159. The stat total for a non-child non-Dancer non-Lute infantry tome unit is between 147 and 149, while Luthier has 156. Kliff’s stats are fine, since he gets villager boosts. As for the the movesets, I like how all of these characters play with stats. Even though Kliff is my boy, Luthier is my favorite here. I made some reworks a while back that didn’t get any feedback, so I’m reposting them. Edgar, The Yellow Dragon (3rd Draft) Ivy, The Red Dragon (2nd Draft) Liam, The White Dragon (3rd Draft) Phelan, The Black Dragon (4th Draft) Yolanda, The Blue Dragon (2nd Draft)
  8. I've reworked Edgar, Ivy and Phelan, and made a small change to Yolanda. I didn't really change Liam, but it seems weird to leave him out. I'm pretty proud of these reworks, but please give me your honest critiques. After all, anything helps. Thanks in advance to anyone that responds to me! Edgar, The Yellow Dragon (3rd Draft) Ivy, The Red Dragon (2nd Draft) Liam, The White Dragon (3rd Draft) Phelan, The Black Dragon (4th Draft) Yolanda, The Blue Dragon (2nd Draft)
  9. Thank you for your honest criticism. This is the kind of thing I was looking for so I could improve my characters. Edgar: I can definitely change his weapon to be unique. It was actually not sure if I should to or not when I was making him. I will change the wording of his specials to specify that they work with current HP. I could change Teal Tomebreaker to give him a weakness to red mages. What would you think about that? Ivy: I can change her A skill to Fortress Defense, possibly, but I really wanted her to be good aginst other armored units. I can see that her B skill is very powerful as well. I'm at a bit of a loss here, because every idea i have just makes her a worse Arden. To be fair, I started making her before he was released. Would you have a suggestion of what to do here? Liam: Like you said, Sharpen Speed is like a Drive skill, just that it buffs stats at the start of the turn rather than during battle. I think that it is very helpful to ranged units, as it allows them to be safe and still help their allies. It also coordinates well with Liam's Physic staff, which heals from two spaces away. You're totally allowed to not like the skill, though. Phekan: Yes, Bloodstone is overpowered. I was trying to make it so people wouldn't run a Blade Tome on him, but I admittedly went overboard. I know how to fix this. Yolanda: Serrated Dagger only applies to that battle, so the scenario you're describing would not apply. I will clear that up in the discription. Thanks again for the help!
  10. Yes, I did mean for it to be a +2. Thanks for catching that. Thanks for your compliments on Phelan and the rest, too. Yeah, Blade tomes do technically get extra damage I guess, but since Arcane Duel only considers base stats, they'll never really be able to use it. From the what you said I can tell that you know that, but I'm just leaving this here in case anyone else is confused.
  11. Hey guys, I'm back, and I love the discussion we've got going. I'll be sure to post some reviews when I'm not busy with college. For now, here are all of the members of The Five Dragons, put together for convenience. Ivy and Yolonda are also making their debuts. Thank you in advance for any feedback you give me. Edgar, The Yellow Dragon- Ivy, The Red Dragon- Liam, The White Dragon Phelan, The Black Dragon Yolanda, The Blue Dragon
  12. This ended up being longer than I thought it would be. High Priority- Azura (Performing) Cordelia Delthea Hector Lyn (Brave) Roy (Brave) Ryoma Xander Medium Priority- Amelia Azura Celica Deirdre Ephraim Sonya Low Priority- Elise Jaffar Leo Skill Inheritance Only- Able Athena Genny Ike (Brave) Katarina Klein Luke Nephenee
  13. That moment when you get a Sigurd after 70 or more orbs and he's -DEF…
  14. I'm back with my newest character, Edgar. He's a Wyvern Rider with a very unique aspect to him. You'll immediately know what it is if you look at his moveset. I will review a character of anyone who reviews one of my characters. So if you review Edgar or any of my other character, please leave the unit you want me to review in your comment and I'll do it as soon as I have the time.
  15. Hey guys! Since I've seen some problems with stats, I've decided to make a quick guide on stat totals. Simply find your unit's weapon and move type, and you'll know what their five star stat total should be. Before I begin, I'll tell you some things that affect stat totals, and some that don't. Things that increase stat totals- Being a villager (+4 to total) Being an armored unit Being a dragon Being a Brave Hero (Rules apparently don't apply to Ike, Lucina, Lyn or Roy) Things that decrease stat totals- Being a dancer Being a cavalry unit Being a ranged unit Being old (Jagen/Gunter) Things that do not (seem) to affect stat totals- Being an infantry unit Being a flying unit Weapons and Skills (don't include these in base stat totals) Unit's Color Now, on to the stat totals! Ranged Dancer: 139/140 Ranged Cavalry: 144/145 Ranged Flier: 147/148 Ranged Infantry: 147/148/149 Dragon Dancer: 149 (there's only one currently) Melee Dancer: 149/150 Melee Cavalry: 153/154/155 Melee Flier: 156/157/158 Melee Infantry: 156/157/158 Dragon: 157-163 Armored: 168/169 Hope this help everyone. Let me know if I missed something and happy creating!
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