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  1. I voted for Ingrid and Leonie, because they were my favorite Dancers I've had so far.
  2. It wasn't intentionally worded, but you made it worth not editing XD
  3. I voted for Gangrel. Teach me the ways of depression, Gangel-sama!
  4. So there's a new Voting Ballot, themed as "The Hero You Want as a Teacher". Winter is coming, lads. Be ready for the meme overload.
  5. I was expecting a "BUT MAAAARS!" in there. Oh well.
  6. I summoned on the banner a few minutes ago, and I was really lucky to get a +Atk/-Res Bramimond on the second summon, first session. That superboon really helps things out, even if the Res bane is a little annoying. 61 Atk with his weapon means he'll serve very well as a nuke, even if he's not especially quick. I've already inherited to him Steady Stance 4 and Cancel Affinity 3, as well as given him the Hardy Bearing seal. I figure on making him capable of living at least one hit against ranged enemies during the Enemy Phase (even if they use bows), and Cancel Affinity will turn the tables on any Raven tome users I happen to come across that try to take advantage of his status as a colorless unit. Hardy Bearing is for nullifying Vantage during the Player Phase and Desperation during the Enemy Phase, so he has something of a fighting chance against anti-nuke builds. EDIT: I have a question about Impenetrable Dark. Does it negate effects that already applied earlier in the turn (as in start-of-the-turn Field Bonuses)? If it does, then that's an all-around buff negation. I'm wondering if it does that, or if it only negates current effects; in Yu-Gi-Oh! terms, Continuous Effects. If the negated effects also affect the bonuses they applied previously, that'd be huge. If, however, the negated effects don't affect any bonuses applied prior to combat, then that would make Field Bonuses something of a weakness of his (if Dull Ranged didn't exist, that is). He meant all Field Bonuses. Lull doesn't negate Combat Bonuses. Though Combat Bonuses from the foe's allies will also be negated (or at least, the foe will be isolated from those Combat Bonuses) due to Impenetrable Dark.
  7. Men's side: Ike and Hector Women's side: Lucina and Veronica
  8. Did anyone else get the impression that Anna's weirdly-done smile in her sprite made her look like a half-horse hybrid? Cavalry Anna unit confirmed?
  9. Askr: Donnel Embla: Xander Nifl: Nowi Muspell: Default!M-Robin Hel: Zelgius/Black Knight Ljosalfheimr: Lilina Dokkalfheimr: Oliver
  10. I think there would be a few of them who'd fit in the category of "destroy every rubik's cube they see"
  11. Finished, and I have to say...they actually listen! Or at least I feel like they listened, because wow! This was such an improvement from what we've had so far that I don't really have any criticisms about it this time. I do have one complaint, but I'll leave it at the bottom. Below are the current merges and skills my units have. They're all level 40, so I won't list that. Leif: +2. Light Brand (+Eff), Repostion, Noontime, Steady Posture 3, Chill Spd 3, Threat. Atk/Res 3, no seal. He was the straggler. Despite having good Spd and Def, he could never hope to match up against many enemies, and it just got worse for him in the later stages. He did manage to wall the occasional attack, and when I finally got Reposition on him he became an invaluable asset for positioning, but he was clearly the least valuable unit on the team. Finn: +2. Slaying Spear+ (+Eff), Ardent Sacrifice, Ruptured Sky, Atk/Def Solo, Lull Spd/Def, Drive Spd 2, no seal. He was my most offensive unit here, even more so than Reinhardt. He rarely suffered, and was the luckiest unit in terms of RNG. I'd go so far as to say that if I ever get a Finn up to 5*, this build will probably be on my mind. In fact, I did give my Brave!Lucina a Slaying Spear+ a long time ago...hmm, a thought for later. Reinhardt: +2. Meisterschwert, Rally Up Atk+, Ruptured Sky, Atk/Spd Push 4, Spd/Res Ruse 3, Threat. Atk/Spd 3, Spd Smoke 3. I thought he was going to by my MVP, but I was left surprised. Despite his nice Atk/Def stats and access to Meisterschwert, he was never able to secure kills before he was retaliated upon by pretty much every enemy he faced. This is one time where I'm actually glad I wasted $10 on the FEH Pass, because I had to abuse the rewind mechanic SO hard for him. By no means did this mean he was a bad unit, though. Once he got Meisterschwert, I steamrolled through some of the early-mid stages with relative ease. A couple times, he came in clutch as the last unit standing. But in terms of overall usefulness, Finn was the clear winner here. Olwen: +5. Thunderhead (+Eff), Rally Up Res+, Blazing Light, Life and Death 4, Atk Feint 3, Spd Opening 3, Savage Blow 3. Despite having LnD4 for the majority of the playthrough, she never did a lot of damage to non-Blues. Reinhardt had Joint Hone Atk before he got Threat. Atk/Spd 3, and even that didn't do much for her. Though I know her seal will disappear (at least, if I get her with a Forma Soul...which I won't, let's be honest), I do have to say that Savage Blow 3 came in clutch way too many times to count. That little bit of damage was just enough to give me victory in a lot of fights I otherwise would've failed hard. The units that I'm at least considering using a Forma Soul for are Finn and Reinhardt, most likely Finn. Finn left me highly impressed, and I just know I can make great use of him. Reinhardt on the other hand is a unit I already have at +1, which would make Formhardt +2, and the skills he has right now (except the seal, which would disappear) could potentially make him one of my most valuable units if I could get extra merges on him. In terms of merges, though, Finn is a lot more common than Sword!Reinhardt and would end up being +10'd far more quickly. In terms of what skills I'll shoot for in the remaining days that I wish the two might have in the end of this round of HoF, so as to make them more likely to choose them? The only thing Finn would need, funny enough, is his default Goad Cavalry. I've been wanting to make a real Horse Emblem team for a long time, and he could be the piece that puzzle needs. For Reinhardt...I'd probably say he needs nothing, but I wouldn't be averse to his Ruse being Spd/Def instead of Spd/Res. It really just depends on what kind of team I'd put him on. He'd probably thrive in a Mixed team, and my Brave!Lucina is more than happy to let new friends join the slaughterhouse. For the other two units (Leif and Olwen), I won't make any suggestions because I wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole. Now for the complaint, which isn't a major one but is still something that annoyed me. The enemies' stats in the later stages got way too bloated. Many of my losses were specifically because I lost battles that I should've won (even with the enemies having "merges"), but didn't win because a random Fir had 77 HP and destroyed Finn in retaliation. It went so far that I had to check the battle forecast every time, and if I saw Idunn in it then I simply went to one of the first stages to give a unit a free skill/merge. I love that the RNG is finally taking the units' personal strengths more into consideration, while still giving occasional weakness cover-up options. I also love that they have torches as a prize in a lot of the final stages, so people could have more chances to improve upon their units before taking on the next stage. But there are two things I feel that need to be fixed. 1) Units like Idunn that are difficult to eliminate outside of HoF, and NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to damage in HoF's later/latest stages, need to be removed or at least need to show up in early and/or mid stages only. No one likes being dealt a hand they have no chance of winning with (just thinking about Bridal!Marth still makes me angry), but it's even worse when they're shown their enemy's hand and know they have no chance of beating it. I know it's just an oversight, but it low-key makes me feel like IS is taunting us. 2) There needs to be more incentive to merge units. With merges in HoF not transferring to the main game with the Forma Soul, there's not really a lot of incentive to give merges to your units despite how important they are. Perhaps giving you an extra prize based on how much you merged your units combined by the end of the round (capping at a certain amount so you didn't feel awkwardly pressured to sacrifice your skill inheritance) would be a good start? Some feathers would be nice, although I wouldn't say no to a few more Codes either. Overall, I enjoyed this way more than I expected to. Round 1 was great, but round 2 was disgustingly stressful and round 3 wasn't much better, so it's a great breath of fresh air to know it's not just IS using as an excuse to stall for time for some random new project they have. If they continue to improve like this, Forma Souls may potentially end up a lot more valuable — and also a lot more worthy of purchasing.
  12. Donnel's Lance Weapon Exclusive (Donnel) Might and Effect: 11 Might. Grants HP+4 but inflicts Spd-3. Unit attacks twice. (Even if foe initiates combat, unit attacks twice.) If unit is 5* and Level 40 and unit's stats total less than 170, treats units stats as 170 in modes like Arena. (Higher-scoring opponents will appear. Stat total calculation excludes any values added by merges and skills.) Refine Effect: HP+3 (HP+7 total). If foe initiates combat, grants Def+4 during combat and Special Cooldown charge +1 per attack. (Only highest value applied. Doesn't stack.)
  13. That's more of a gamble, really. It's not able to be used on Staff and Tome units. If they changed it so that it was unable to be used on Staff and Colored Tome units, that'd be fine. But IS will likely take the lazy way out and keep it as Staff and Tome. IS has made these kinds of lazy decisions before, and with games other than FEH. I mean, just look at Fates...that game's a museum of laziness. EDIT: Then again, it looks like some skills have been updated to include colorless tomes as incompatible, and Cancel Affinity isn't one of them. You may be right after all about them being able to use it. I'd say it wouldn't matter how long it'd take to make an armory of colorless tomes, because games like this are all about the long game. But that'd go against what I just said, and with how IS has been acting recently I truly believe they'll have neither the patience nor the foresight to do it. Especially with how much less they're making from this game every year.
  14. I wonder what colorless tomes will have to set them apart from the other colors and weapon types? Unlike colorless bows, breaths, and daggers, they won't be able to inherit weapons from colored units, and colorless tomes themselves will have an extra weakness to Cancel Affinity due to the above weapon types' capability of using it (not to mention their own inability of using it due to them being tomes) in case they gain their own Raven tome. I suppose there's something special about a tome user — especially a nuke — being able to ignore the weapon triangle (*coughlegendarycelicacough*). But I don't really see what else they can offer on paper.
  15. I know she's not actually +10 yet, but I've seen people post +10 units without getting them to +10 dragonflowers. A +8+10 is perfectly equivalent to a +10+6 (I checked), and people have posted those with less dragonflowers than that, so I'm counting it as fine. (Heck, the one who posted the last Brave!Lucina has theirs as +10+3 — great build by the way, Johann). Honestly, I'm just impatient and want to show off by beautiful Brave!Lucina to the world. I have plenty of other skills and builds for her (and that's a major understatement), but this is my main build for her right now. My finished project will be giving her Ruptured Sky and Close Call 3 to replace Glimmer and Mystic Boost 3. I went with Atk/Spd Push 4 over Swift Sparrow 3 for the former's usage during both phases as opposed to the latter's usage during Player Phase only. Also, I normally go with Close and Distant Guard combined so that allies within 2 spaces get the Def/Res+4 boost no matter what attacks them (combined with Geirskogul, that's +7 Def/Res), but I have both versions available for her fully upgraded as both C and seal skills, so I can choose to specialize more against either range if/when I wish.
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