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  1. Another update~ Last one was on August 7 (around a quarter from the top of page 67). Note still that all assets and flaws will be marked as such.
  2. While I'm here, I might as well put down an idea I've had for a few days.
  3. Elegance Shattered Passive A Exclusive to Fallen!Rinea (evil, not witch) Effect: If unit initiates combat while adjacent to a Cavalry ally whose Atk > unit's Atk+1, inflicts penalty to foe's Res equal to half the difference during combat. A skill that inflicts a Res penalty on her foe during combat based on the difference between her own and her higher-Atk adjacent Cavalry ally. For example, let's say she has 46 Atk, and her ally Fallen!Berkut is adjacent to her and has 62 Atk (that's counting a +7 field buff); in that case, the difference between the Atk of her and Fallen!Berkut would be 16, so the foe would suffer Res-8 during combat. If that ally was Default!Hrid with his Gjoll, and...let's say he got a +6 Atk buff like from Even Atk Wave, and he was put at 66 Atk...that difference would become 20, and her foe would suffer Res-10 that battle instead. Essentially, it's a skill that allows her to have lower Atk and still potentially deal a lot of damage as long as Cavalry has a large presence in her team, effectively allowing them to have Cavalry Emblem buffs (Goad, Hone, etc.) without making her suffer. Its weakness (and in a way, its strength) is the fact that it's in her A slot. She can't raise her Atk with skills like Death Blow or Swift Sparrow. She could, however, inherit a Lull skill (like Lull Atk/Res or Lull Spd/Res, both of which aren't in the game yet at this moment) to make full use of this skill. She could also inherit Res Smoke if she wants to have a Singer/Dancer with her.
  4. Umm? Also, I'd like to say that IS will never make this happen in FEH, no offense. Anyone who's played Awakening can see why.
  5. Alrighty then, how about these updated versions? I took your guys' criticisms into consideration on these ones. Spartan Stance 1/2/3 Passive A Armor and Infantry only Effect: If unit initiates combat, unit deals +3/5/7 damage but takes +3/5/7 damage during combat. If foe initiates combat, unit deals -3/5/7 damage but takes -3/5/7 damage during combat. For this edit, I decided to make it a fixed damage increase/reduction instead of the stat buff. Not only does this not affect the user's Spd stat any longer, but it also doesn't affect stat-based skills like Glacies (which is both a good and bad thing). Also, the damage increases and reductions are the same in each Tier, and are both better and more costly than LnD. One major thing about this is that it's a boon and bane to Moonbow and the like during both Phases; for Player Phase the unit's own Moonbow is less affected by debuffs and the like since the increase in damage is flat instead of stat-based, and for Enemy Phase the enemy's Moonbow is less effective because of the damage reduction being flat instead of stat-based. Again, this one is more of a rough draft concept than an actual final draft. I felt, however, that making it deal damage based on percentage would be going too far because it would turn it into a better Triangle Adept. Also, being honest here, but I feel like perhaps it would be more balanced as a Seal-only skill, except...if that were to happen, it would be able to mix with A passives like DC/CC and Fury. Gamble 1/2/3 Passive B Physical only Effect: Before combat, if unit's HP ≤ 30/40/50%, grants unit Special Cooldown count -1 and neutralizes effects that nullify foe's penalties during combat. Before combat, if unit's HP > 30%/40%/50%, resets unit's Special Cooldown. I wanted to take Hilda's advice and make the cooldown count -2 instead of -1, but with Ice Dragon's mention of Special Spiral I felt doing that would just turn it into a better version of said skill. Instead, I decided to give it another effect that negates the effects of skills like the Tier 4 Bond skills or Demonic Breath that deal with penalty nullification. I felt doing that would help bring out the "critical hit" vibe that Gamble provides in the other titles, without it actually being a critical hit. It's like piercing through an anti-penalty "ward" of sorts, like if there was a way to negate the enemy-only Immune Status skill in Fates. Anyhow, having the ability to nullify anti-penalty skills, combined with the pre-combat cooldown count reduction, makes Galeforce even more powerful because of the potential increase in damage. It won't do anything more for the AoE skills than the first version does, although that's moot point since in-combat effects can't affect pre-combat damage anyhow. And in the end, the self-cooldown reset affects skills the same way as previously. As a bonus, it also helps Panic. With the ability to neutralize skills that would nullify its penalties, you could actually run a Panic set without fear of it becoming useless (or half-useless, at any rate). The only catch is that Panic Ploy and Sudden Panic wouldn't really be able to be utilized effectively without outside help (like if an ally used Reciprocal Aid on the unit after applying the Panic, and then the unit attacks). It would, however, be able to be used with Panic Smoke...even if that would be most effective during the Enemy Phase, which is dangerous for Gamble due to its need to remain at half or below HP%. Notice I also decided to change the exclusivity to Physical instead of Melee. This way, Dagger-using units would be able to use it. I thought it would be too powerful to use on a ranged unit (especially one that inflicts its own penalties by default), but I felt it would be better to let them use it since their debuffs happen after combat (and would therefore need the help of a Singer/Dancer to make use of said debuff); in fact, it would be way worse to keep it Melee-exclusive because Dragons have adaptive damage and would abuse this skill to no end. Also, I fixed the HP% condition on the second one; I went braindead and thought ≥ 70/60/50% was what was needed...I failed to consider the HP% gap I made for Tiers 1 and 2 (40% for Tier 1 and 20% for Tier 2) that effectively nullified its effect. It's fixed now. Anyhow, I think if there was any unit that could use this during Enemy Phase, it'd have to be Kronya. With Athame's Vantage effect and the ability to inherit CC, she would be uniquely capable of abusing this skill during the Enemy Phase because her dagger's penalties wouldn't be nullified (at least without Harsh Command, Restore+, etc.) and her ability to attack before an opponent (without Hardy Bearing) gives her a certain window of safety to trigger her Special before the opponent kills her.
  6. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I kinda just made this one up as a rough draft concept for skill conditions without HP% involved. I knew it wouldn't go that well, but I had to test the waters on that one or I wouldn't get anywhere in actually balancing out the concept. While you're here, what do you think about the Gamble idea?
  7. New concept: Variant Assist, Variant Special, and Variant Passive A non-weapon skill with an effect that changes based on the met condition. This can happen either by increasing or decreasing its potency based on changing its met condition, or by changing its effect completely when its new condition is met. In other words, it can be described as either a single skill with multiple levels, or two separate skills, with opposing but connected conditions. Wrath is not one of these skills, because its two effects only activate based on meeting its singular HP condition (even if those effects activate at different times); even with its two effects activating at different times, it will not activate either effect without meeting that single condition during those times. NOTE: I'll work on making Assists and Specials later; for now, here's 2 Passives. Spartan Stance 1/2/3 Passive A Armor and Infantry only Effect: During Player Phase, grants Atk/Spd+3/4/5 to unit, but inflicts Def/Res-5/6/7. During Enemy Phase, grants Def/Res+3/4/5 to unit, but inflicts Atk/Spd-5/6/7. A Variant Passive based on combining Life and Death and Fortress Def/Res that grants the first during Player Phase then switches to its opposite effect during the Enemy Phase, at the cost of losing 2 more points in the lost stats as compared to LnD. Perfect for units that want to deal a lot of damage during Player Phase, but don't want to take a lot of it during the Enemy Phase. Not abusable with DC or CC unless it's already in the weapon, since it's an A skill. Just so you know, this one's conditions are based on whose Phase it is. If that...wasn't already clear. Just saying, in case anyone is confused, that not all conditions have to be HP-based. Anyhow, its true strength is putting it on a tanky unit to give them a valuable Player Phase without sacrificing their usefulness as a Tank for the Enemy Phase. Armored units would benefit even more than Infantry, since they have access to Vengeful Fighter and thus won't care nearly as much about effectively losing 12 Spd (compared to Player Phase, I mean). I'd probably say that even Surtr would make great use of this skill, since his stats would still grant him a safe Player Phase, and his already huge bulk (and Sinmara's effect on the next Player Phase) would make up for the Atk loss in Enemy Phase. Gamble 3 Passive B Melee only Effect: Before combat, if unit's HP ≤ 30/40/50%, grants Special Cooldown count -1. Before combat, if unit's HP ≥ 70%/≥ 60%/> 50%, resets unit's Special Cooldown. A high-risk, high-reward ability that rewards units that like to play dangerously, especially with self-burn or ally-burn effects. It works in such a way that if you would activate your AoE Special and only had 1 cooldown left while at half or less HP, it would activate as though its cooldown was at 0. Inversely, it would also fully reset it if the unit's HP is above half, and wouldn't allow it to activate during that combat. (I'm saying this with the assumption you'd be using Tier 3, and not Tiers 1 or 2 which have less friendly HP conditions.) Also, since it is in the B slot, you can't combine it with Special Spiral, Guard, or the Fighter passives (unless, of course, the effect was in your weapon or Sacred Seal slot...and it doesn't seem to be in the latter). It would, however, be able to combine its effect beautifully with Brash Assault (which happens to also be a Seal). I feel Default!Lyn and her refined Sol Katti would be the best user of this skill, as she could use it with Brazen Atk/Spd and Flashing Blade to spam Luna as though it was Moonbow. Back to the first part there, it'd be both the best friend and worst nightmare for AoEs. Being able to activate it earlier effectively shortens its cooldown to 3, making the Blazing skills uncommonly powerful tools even compared to Aether or Galeforce; at the same time, having its cooldown reset even when it was originally ready to activate means that any unit not willing to get to half or lower HP% is completely shut out of using the AoE skills (since they need to activate before combat, needing a separate combat even after fully charging it). It also affects Galeforce in mostly the same way as well; having the count lowered effectively puts it down to 4, making it insanely easy to trigger, but having the count reset before combat would make it practically impossible to activate unless Heavy/Flashing Blade and/or a Brave or Killer/Slaying weapon was involved.
  8. I know it's been a month since this was updated, but it would be unfair to leave this topic at 10 pages because we stopped thinking of skills for a small period of time. Flash Flare Special 3 Cooldown Boosts damage dealt by 30% of unit's combined Spd and Def. Flash Freeze Special 3 Cooldown Boosts damage dealt by 30% of unit's combined Spd and Res. Essentially, they're skills that do more damage with faster units that have high Def or Res. Their main goal, however, is to give more damage than Bonfire/Iceberg to fast units that don't have amazing Def or Res. Someone like Fir, for example, would get more out of Flash Freeze than Iceberg. Nailah would get more from Flash Flare than Bonfire. EDIT: Even if it says 30%, it's of the combined total of the two stats; this is equal to finding 60% of the average of the two stats. To put it into math terms, let's say we're doing 30 Spd and Def; 30% of the combined total would be 30% of 60, which is 18, while 60% of the average would be 60% of 30, which is also 18.
  9. At least it's not pre-rework Lollipoppy from League of Legends.
  10. My final builds. Note that I won't list their Levels or merges, as I made them all Level 40 +6. Alm Weapon: Dracofalchion Assist: Reposition Special: Noontime A Passive: Fortress Def/Res 3 B Passive: Dull Close 3 C Passive: Spd Opening 3 Sacred Seal: Steady Stance 3 Idea behind the build: Turn him into an anti-physical melee tank, being more effective than Boey at melee range at the cost of low effectiveness against ranged and magic foes. Dull Close does turn him into an effective dragon-slayer, though. Celica Weapon: Raudrfox+ (+Atk) Assist: Rally Up Res+ Special: Ruptured Sky A Passive: Flashing Blade 4 B Passive: Chill Atk 3 C Passive: Pulse Smoke 3 Sacred Seal: Spur Atk/Spd 2 Idea behind the build: Offensive Support build. Raudrfox and Chill Atk guarantee that the target(s) of the latter will have Atk-11 during combat. Flashing Blade guarantees that she will proc Ruptured Sky every other attack if her foe has 35 or less Spd (with Raudrfox lowering the foe's stats by 4 during combat, this is effectively 39 or lower); this turns her into an effective anti-dragon and anti-beast unit. Pulse Smoke gives her allies some anti-Special coverage even if she doesn't finish her foes off. Mae Weapon: Book of Orchids (+Eff) Assist: Rally Up Atk+ Special: Moonbow A Passive: Swift Sparrow 3 B Passive: Atk/Spd Ruse 3 C Passive: Infantry Breath 3 Sacred Seal: Even Res Wave 3 Idea behind the build: Another Offensive Support build, but built more heavily on maximizing both her own and her allies' Atk/Spd (while also giving some Res help during Even turns, which the team needs). With two units on the team having movement-based Assists, and herself and Celica using Rally Assists, she can activate the Link and Ruse skills with ease. Swift Sparrow 3 helps maximize her own Spd during the Player Phase, and Infantry Breath gives Alm and Boey some Special charge during the Enemy Phase. Boey Weapon: Inscribed Tome (+Eff) Assist: Smite Special: Blazing Flame A Passive: Atk/Def Solo 3 B Passive: Sudden Panic 3 C Passive: Time's Pulse 3 Sacred Seal: Close Def 3 Idea behind the build: Physical Tank, less specialized than Alm. Can combat Bows that would devastate the mages and get free hits on Alm. The only mistake is the Special, as I was hoping to go for Bonfire instead. Sudden Panic at least drive off buffers, and Time's Pulse is pretty much Quickened Pulse for him here. In the end, I definitely agree that this mode needs higher daily stamina. I was left unsatisfied because I was unable to get full +10 builds on the Formas despite logging in every day and only having like 3 or so total losses. You're essentially forced to choose between full builds or full merges, and that's kind of a turn-off in a mode that's supposed to reward imagination. I think the game mode has a huge potential to bring more enjoyment to the playerbase, and this is only the first time it's been put up, but right now it's unsatisfactory. It doesn't give me that spark of "I did this, this is what I made happen!" There's also the difficulty of the maps. Unless you went and steamrolled solo with Alm, you're forced around halfway through to repeat maps. Even at level 40 with multiple merges, the later maps are pretty much guaranteed to kill at least 1 of your units. And no, I don't mean the kind of kill that you can outplay, I mean the kind of kill where you have to sacrifice a unit because none of your units has the offensive potential to take on your enemy. This could just be the fact that I prioritized Fortress Def/Res 3 over Scendscale, but we shouldn't have to bandwagon on the Neckbeard Meta Train to get completion rewards in what's supposed to be a fun game mode that rewards imagination.
  11. It would definitely be easier to simply make it a flat stat growth, rather than a reduction to a stat penalty. So like, "Grants unit Spd+3 if unit is equipped with Brave Bow+." Something like that. In fact, it would actually be a good effect for all Brave weapons instead of just the bow. And you could even combine the "guaranteed follow-up attack during Enemy Phase" effect with the stat growth so that it has a chance to compete with other great skills like the Breaths, Brazens, etc. I'm not taking away from your ideas; I think they're good, but in this age of FEH it just won't cut it in terms of power. My idea would be something along the lines of this: "Grants unit Spd+1/2/3. If foe initiates combat while unit is equipped with a "Brave" weapon, grants unit Spd+2 during combat and unit can make a guaranteed follow-up attack." So...I decided to upgrade it a little bit I guess? I made it a multi-tier skill to make it similar to Speed+3, and if the unit is equipped with a non-Brave weapon it'd stop there (pretty much just being a more expensive Speed+3). I decided to make it that when the unit is equipped with a Brave weapon, the Spd reduction would effectively be reduced to nothing during the Enemy Phase, and the unit would gain a guaranteed follow-up attack (as opposed to getting to attack twice, because that would just turn into Quad attacks in the right circumstances and Enemy Phase builds are powerful enough). It would still have to compete with other A skills like the Brazens, DC/CC, Solo/Bond, etc, because while it does grant the follow-up attack it still only grants Spd+3 normally (or Spd+5 during the EP with a Brave weapon). And its biggest weakness would be that it takes up the A slot, so you can't abuse it with DC/CC, making it more than balanced even on tanky units like Halloween!Jakob. Also, one wouldn't be able to use it with Meistershwert or Amiti, because they aren't labeled as "Brave" weapons (so you wouldn't be able to have an effective Spd+1, or Spd+3 during the EP).
  12. A little bit of a random idea on paper here. Would there be any benefit, even in a niche build, in having a skill that forces your opponent to have adaptive damage (even if it came at a powerful benefit)? Like, perhaps furthering Vengeance plays? Letting you more easily get into Desperation, Brash Assault, or Brazen HP% without giving up damage on Bonfire/Ignis or Iceberg/Glacies?
  13. Today, Tap Battle showed up again. Looks like it wasn't permanently removed!
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