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  1. Venin [Edge, Lance, Axe, Bow]/Venin [Edge, Lance, Axe, Bow]+ 10/14 Might (8/12 Might with Bow) Effect: Slows Special trigger (cooldown count +1). If unit attacks, inflicts 10 damage to foe after combat. Essentially a Poison Strike weapon that triggers during both phases. I gave it what is essentially the "Bladetome drawback" because these weapons are essentially a better Deathly Dagger (except it trades the Savage Blow effect for a dual phase usability), and the weapons would be mainly used for chip damage anyhow. I did, however, make it so that the unit has to be able to counterattack to get the effect off, which would make Null C-Disrupt its best friend.
  2. Here's another update. Last time was on May 11 (middle of page 65).
  3. You can sadly only go up to 8 characters in your name in 3H 😞
  4. Imagine if you could marry the gatekeeper lol Someone should make a fanfiction of that
  5. Lol so I just realized yesterday that I could save 5 files before you choose your S-Rank, so I guess I'm going against my own topic idea and making 5 choices. Ingrid and Shamir, obviously, as well as Leonie, Mercedes, and Annette. I also had Bernie ready, but without enough files I'll just have to wait on doing her. I'd say this idea may help Completionists save a lot of time getting all the support conversations.
  6. Lol I've been seeing people that choose Ingrid also going for Shamir...and I'm also one of those people~ I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate, but I'd like to think that people with more serious personalities tend to choose people like Ingrid or Shamir first. Also Ingrid is damn gorgeous post-timeskip. I didn't say who I was going to choose for the other houses...so for Black Eagles I'll be with Bernie, while for Golden Deer I'll be going with Leonie. I love their personalities, but sometime through my current playthrough I got Bernie's conversations, and they struck a chord with me. I'm a sucker for that kind of backstory.
  7. Fiendish Blow 1/2/3 Passive A, branches from Death Blow 1 Tome Exclusive If unit initiates combat, grants unit Atk+2/4/6 and nullifies foe's hidden bonuses (from skills like Ward, Drive, etc) during combat. In Three Houses, this is essentially Death Blow for magic users, but since Atk is the only stat for damage in FEH and we already have Death Blow I decided to make it nullify invisible buffs. Using this alongside a Lull skill essentially lets the unit ignore all buffs (or at least 2 buffs, in Lull's case) when they initiate combat. I decided to treat it as a Tier 2 skill as a sort of trade-off for the nullification ability, since Tome users can already use Death Blow. Alert Stance 1/2/3 Passive A Not Exclusive If unit does not initiate combat, grants Def/Res+4/6/8 during combat if foe initiates combat. This is another skill from Three Houses, but it grants Avoid in that game so I turned it into a better (but more situational) Bracing Stance instead. At the cost of forfeiting their attacks during Player Phase, they're granted up to twice more Def/Res than Bracing Stance provides. This is for units that absolutely thrive in Enemy Phase combat, and is perfect for defensive units that spend most of their time using Assist skills on their allies. I decided to make it standalone instead of an upgrade of Steady or Warding Stance 1, because the normal Stance skills don't lose their buffs when attacking in the Player Phase. One build you could do with this skill is a movement skill and Def/Res Link, letting you gain a total of 12 Def/Res while moving your ally out of harm's way. You could also do it with Wings of Mercy, teleporting to an ally while moving them away from harm and still getting Def/Res+6 (making this a perfect for Black Knight, who already comes with Wings of Mercy and pretty much already follows this style of combat). Weight Reduction 1/2/3 Passive C Physical Armor Exclusive Grants Spd+1/2/3. If unit has an adjacent armored ally at the start of turn, grants Spd+1/2/3 during combat. Originally from Three Houses, but all it does there is lower the overall weight of your weapons. In my version for FEH, it's pretty much Darting Blow and Darting Stance in one skill, but for Armor Emblem. By itself, it's a generic Spd+3. However, if you're adjacent to an Armored unit at the start of the turn, you gain an additional 3 Spd during combat, making the total gain 6. Add this to a Darting Blow or Stance, and this becomes a total Spd+12 during the chosen phase. I made it a C skill so that you'll need an ally with Armor March to take full advantage of it, making it pretty much necessary to put the user on an Armor Emblem team. It's also practically an Armor-exclusive Rouse Spd (Rouse skills being exclusive to Infantry and Cavalry), letting them have some sort of independent role just as Edelgard — even if its condition is more Bond than Solo. Speaking of A skills, this becomes a pretty great skill alongside Distant Counter (or Close Counter with Armored Bows like Halloween!Jakob).
  8. I thought I'd make a topic where we put down who we chose as our Byleth's first S-Rank, whether it's heterosexual or homosexual. If you'd like, you can also put down any reasons you had for choosing that character to be your S-Rank first (if any). For me, I chose Ingrid (#BlueLion4Life). I chose her because I like the balance between her strong personality and noble upbringing, without having the obvious tomboy stereotype that Leonie has (though I think I'll be going for her when I do my first Golden Deer playthrough). Also, I love her hair.
  9. Wouldn't the "doesn't stack" clause clash against each individual effect? In this case, I'd think the -3 cooldown would nullify all the other -1 and -2 cooldowns, and would only be nullified by a -4 cooldown that is itself -4 (and not a combination that adds to -4).
  10. I was thinking about going to Gamestop in the evening, but I think I'll hold off until morning. I'm planning on giving my girlfriend the free Byleth for FEH, and it'll be easier to do that when we're both together.
  11. Lol I love how you can get a warning for spamming, when you only put up a single video that has everything to do with the topic and literally speaks for itself. Back to what I've said before, I'm really happy that Lull skills are exclusive to Infantry and Cavalry. The latter's been on the bench for the longest time, so being able to nullify the Field Bonuses of its competition more effectively than Dull skills do should help get it back on track.
  12. Lol I got a warning for putting the song up. Apparently sharing a song featured in the chapter is considered spamming ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyhow, I'm a bit sad that Eir isn't an alternate Sharena. Oh well, there goes that theory XD
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