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  1. Swordbreaker 4 Effect: If unit's HP ≥ 50% in combat against a sword user, unit makes an additional follow-up attack and foe cannot, and if unit attacks or is attacked first this turn, calculates damage from foe's weapon like a staff during combat. Pretty much normal Swordbreaker, but also severely weakens the sword user's damage output if the first combat that turn (Player OR Enemy Phase) has the unit in it. Mainly an Enemy Phase skill, but works plenty well as a Player Phase skill with proper positioning and/or high movement (like from Tibarn and the like, cavalry units, or infantry mages). This would also apply to the other Breaker skills, just...against those weapon types. Anchored Boots 3 C Passive Armored only Effect: Neutralizes skills that would move unit and/or foe into another space after combat. If foe has a skill that would move unit and/or foe into another space after combat, unit takes 7 less damage before and during combat until the end of the turn. [Tier 1 is 100% HP before combat, Tier 2 is ≥ 50% HP before combat, Tier 3 requires no HP condition.] Prevents the unit and its foe from being able to make use of effects that move themselves or their opponent, and makes the unit tankier for the rest of the turn if the foe does indeed have a skill like that on them. It's balanced in the way that it takes up the C slot, making Armored Stride or Armored March impossible to equip at the same time. Slayer of Words C Passive Exclusive (Legendary!Claude) Effect: Unit is unaffected by effects of skills from foes in cardinal directions from unit. At start of turn, inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res -4 on foes in cardinal directions. Neutralizes the effectiveness of Ploy effects and the like on Legendary!Claude, while also inflicting Spectrum Ploy at the start of his turn. Claude in 3H has always been the kind of person to make plans, but also turn his enemies' plans against them. Ploys are indeed plans designed to turn situations to the person's advantage. This doesn't mean that it works only on Ploys, though. Foes that attack him from a cardinal direction will find the stat debuff from their Lull skill doesn't activate. Debuffs from daggers don't lower his stats after combat if his foe attacks from a cardinal direction. Guard loses its effect in those directions, making Legendary!Claude capable of charging his Special with Flashing Blade if he wishes. Stuff like that. This means that foes find it a lot more difficult to position themselves; melee units will never be able to get past it unless he himself attacks from a diagonal direction, and ranged units find it a lot harder to position themeslves. Note that this doesn't stop skills that don't affect the foe. Close Call, for example, only compares the foe's Spd but doesn't actually affect the foe (it reduces the damage the unit takes, not the foe's damage output). Push, Brazen, Solo, etc. skills don't lose their power because they only increase the unit's stats during combat. It also doesn't stop Impenetrable Dark's effect, because Slayer of Words only stops effects that would affect the unit during combat, and Impenetrable Dark specifically disables skills from everyone else except for Bramimond's foe.
  2. I'm trying to have it be a field buff because I don't want it to be capable of stacking with the combat bonuses that Healers are capable of inheriting. But you're right that I'm trying too hard to do it in a way that is lowering its potential. How about this then: "When any skill compares the Spd of an adjacent ally to another unit's, that ally's Spd is counted as +7 over actual value. At the start of the turn, if unit is adjacent to an ally with a skill that compares their Spd to another unit's, grants Spd +7 to unit and that ally for 1 turn." This way, it gives the Spd+7 field bonus to both the unit and their adjacent allies that have Spd-comparing skills during the Player Phase (and the Enemy Phase if no combat was initiated by the unit(s)). With smart usage of the skill's effects, you can achieve a total effective Spd boost of +14 on the ally, increasing to +24 if the ally also has Phantom Spd 3. Of course, while the Spd boost is great, it also relies on having a healer adjacent to the unit at almost all times. This makes combat reliant on having the adjacent Healer, making ranged combat and ESPECIALLY enemy dancer formations difficult to deal with. I feel that would justify the large potential Spd boost, what with Legendary!Azura being so prevalent in Arena even today. There's also the fact that since the ally would have PS3 in their seal slot, it removes their ability to use any other seals like Quick Riposte (especially since their B slot will already very likely have the Spd-comparing skill in it). This makes the ally and the healer a lot more reliant on each other, which potentially opens up holes that enemies can exploit. Which is why, again, that the potential +24 would be justified. How's the skill look to you now, though?
  3. Fair point. What if, instead of the field buff, it granted the unit a status effect that gave them Spd +7, which only disappears at the end of the unit's turn?
  4. Joint Phantom Spd C Passive Staff only Effect: When any skill compares the Spd of an adjacent ally to another unit's, that ally's Spd stat is counted as +7 over actual value, and unit is granted Spd +7 after combat. It's like combining Defiant Spd 3 and Phantom Spd 2 into a Spur/Hone skill. The ally Spd is counted as 7 higher than normal, and the unit gains a Spd +7 field bonus after combat. Of course, the condition is that the ally's Spd has to be compared to another unit's skill (like Windsweep), which means that neither effects happen if the foe doesn't have such a skill. That being said, it would allow itself to combo with the Phantom Spd seal on the adjacent ally, giving that unit a whopping Spd +17 boost if the condition is fulfilled. EDIT: I made it exclusive to Healers because we really have a terrible lack of Healer-only skills in FEH. Yes, there are a good deal of Staves, but as for Healer-only Passives? I'm pretty sure Live to Serve, Wrathful Staff, and Dazzling Staff are the only ones we have. In addition, the skill isn't even overwhelmingly powerful like most of the shit non-Healers get, and it's very conditional to activate (unless the skill that's comparing its Spd is one of the Parry skills — currently being Close Call, Repel, and Spurn).
  5. Ideas for reworks for both Fujin Yumi and Brynhildr, and Prf Weapons/Refines for Default!Lissa, Default!Elise, Default!Sakura, Azama, Default!Genny, and Forrest. NOTE: For the Healer weapons/refines, I'm going under the assumption that Brave!Veronica's refine will add a unique effect rather than simple Dazzling/Wrathful Staff.
  6. Spiked Shield 3 A Passive Melee only Effect: If unit's Special triggers based on a melee foe's attack, grants Def/Res +7 during combat and neutralizes effects that prevent unit's counterattacks during combat. I might have made this too powerful, but mainly this grants the unit Def/Res +7 and gives them Null C-Disrupt, as long as their Special is one like Pavise (but not Aegis). This and the Ward version also work with Miracle, so that's also there. Spiked Ward 3 A Passive Melee only Effect: If unit's Special triggers based on a ranged foe's attack, grants Def/Res +7 during combat and unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range. Trades the half-effect of Null Follow-Up for Distant Counter, and still only grants you these as long as your Special is one like Aegis (but not Pavise). Like mentioned, this works with Miracle as well. Infernal/Glacial Pavise Special, 3 cooldown Melee only Effect: Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from melee foes by 60%. If melee foe deals physical (magic) damage, reduces damage from foe's next attack equal to the damage reduced by this Special's activation (max 7). More powerful than normal Pavise, and splits off depending on what field bonus is gained from it. Infernal Pavise is more useful due to the amount of targets, but Glacial Pavise is effectively your anti-Dragon shield which makes it very useful in certain matchups. Infernal/Glacial Aegis Special, 3 cooldown Melee only Effect: Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from ranged foes by 60%. If ranged foe deals physical (magic) damage, reduces damage from foe's next attack equal to the damage reduced by this Special's activation (max 7). Same as the respective upgrades of Pavise, but obviously on Ranged foes. Glacial Aegis would be more useful this time because of its targets, though Fliers would definitely appreciate Infernal Aegis to defend against Bows more effectively. All-in-all, these are my ideas for making defensive Specials useful again. Definitely first draft in terms of balance. The Spiked passives make the units fight better against their match-ups. The half-effect of Null Follow-Up for Shield prevents the unit from getting cucked by Sweeps or other anti-counterattack skills, which in turn helps make use of the defenses gained. Distant Counter for Ward obviously makes melee units able to counterattack against ranged foes. As for the Pavises and Aegises, their damage reduction is a little more effective, and they grant the unit another bout of damage reduction during the foe's next attack if their type of damage matches up with the Special. So Infernal Aegis reduces damage from a ranged attack by 75%, but it reduces the foe's damage again if that foe uses bows. This effectively makes the Pavieses/Aegises capable of walling their specified damage type really well against their specified foe. Especially if the unit's weapon reduces their cooldown count.
  7. I hope Duo!Veronica-Xander will have a pirate-themed Duo skill (like stealing or nullifying bonuses, or applying a status effect). In other news, I'm very happy that Brave!Veronica is getting a refine. She was a really popular unit in Aether Raids back some time ago (I used her often as well), and the thought of her possibly getting an S-Tier refine like Brave!Lucina makes me hopeful. Just the fact that a healer is getting a refine is also making me hopeful that others could get refines. I have a +10 Default!Lissa that sorely needs her own refine, dammit! Now, in other news again...Bernie and Sothis are definitely baiting me into summoning on the Hero Fest. But it's a bait I CANNOT REFUSE!
  8. Fair. This is meant to be an upgrade that grants the user a slightly smaller WTA over a foe of the same color as the user, but maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. Perhaps I should be thinking about reworking the skill, just like how Push 3 is reworked into Push 4...an idea for later, at any rate. I was distracted when making this skill and thought I worded it well enough to post, even though it's really not what I'd been thinking of when I wanted to post it. This time, I'll word it the way I was thinking of. "At start of turn, if unit's max HP < max HP of nearest foe(s) within 3 spaces of unit, grants Atk +7 for 1 turn. At start of combat, if unit's current HP ≤ 50% foe's max HP, grants unit Atk +7 during combat." Mainly, I was trying to make it a skill that fits best on units with low max HP, but can also work with units that have somewhat higher max HP as long as they devote more of their kit to it's usage. The field buff rewards the unit for having lower max HP than your opponents on the board nearest to you; being that those on the frontline tend to be either tanks or glass cannons, I though this would have been useful. Meanwhile, the combat buff is meant to be used against foes whose max HP is much higher than the unit's current HP. This is useful against tanks who have large amounts of HP, but it's even more useful against higher-difficulty AI battles due to those enemies having over-bloated HP pools. I'm sorry about the version it was at before. I really was distracted, and fully accept your criticisms on that one. The 6 HP restoration is meant to be a partial HP restoration used in conjunction with other skills like Mystic Boost, Renewal, or the HP-restoring specials or weapons. It rewards the unit for having a high HP pool by giving them extra HP restoration. Also, note that both parts of the skill compare the unit's max HP with the foe HP. That means the foe's current HP, which means that even lower-HP units can make use of it as long as their max is higher than the foe's current HP. Something I didn't realize before I typed this is that this would actually be really useful alongside AoE specials. While the Passive wouldn't support the AoE skill directly, the AoE damages the foe before this Passive's checking starts. This means that even glass cannons could potentially make use of this if they can inflict enough damage to the opponent (though yes, I know there would be far better options for them at that point). It really shines more with high-HP units, though. But like I said, the HP restoration on this Passive is meant to be an add-on to other restorative effects, so that's why it's 6 and not higher. I agree with you on this one. This one is more of a rough draft more than anything, but I'm just not really sure on how to correctly balance skills that both add stats and debuff foes as a combat buff/debuff. I ended up letting it get away from me there lol Maybe I should have made it this: "At start of combat, if unit is adjacent to magic ally, calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res -3, and unit deals +5 damage during combat." How's that one look? Not really. I did mention in the effect that this Passive counts its own bonuses towards the total. When it says 24, it means 6 x 4. Which really means that if the unit has a +6 field bonus to any of their stats, this skill grants the unit All+6. That All+6 counts towards the stat total (and since 6 x 4 is 24, it triggers the penalty self-nullification). Legendary!Azura would be less needed because you would no longer need to have her Dance on the unit to give them Prayer Wheel's effect. This skill would do that instead. As for making the unit more independent, the penalty self-nullification speaks for itself. As for relying on allies for the buffs...you have heard of the Rouse skills, right? And for Armor and Flying, there's always the Wave skills (which grant their field bonus whether the unit is or isn't adjacent to an ally).
  9. I made them this way to incentivize healers with a Wrazzle-Dazzle set into actually practicing both styles of play, rather than just one style that can technically play the other style. I agree that Dazzling Pulse could be a little more powerful. I made it +5 because I didn't know how powerful it should actually be, but +7 looks much better. And since it's a status effect rather than a Passive, it isn't as "useful" as a Passive that grants the same as an Atk boost and therefore is more balanced than said Passive. I should've taken that into account when making the skill lol 1) Probably not. This skill would generally be used when you want just a little more "oomph" to the danced unit's attack when facing high HP tanks, but I think the utility of WoM still outclasses this by a mile. 2) Pretty much, yep. Though I also like the thought of someone singing under the moonlight...in that case, I could see something like this on an Azura alt (if they were to make another one). 3) Love the idea! And it's potentially even more useful than Lunar Sonata because it allows the unit some pretty good sustain (even if it's for one battle). Granting Solstice to a unit with Shield Session 3 or Guard Bearing 3 would make for some pretty good Enemy Phase sustain in AR.
  10. Do you have any opinions/criticisms on my other skill ideas? I'd love to see them ^.^ I like the idea, but I think the problem would be Isolation itself. Putting that onto an inheritable staff seems a bit unbalanced, at least in that form. I think a weaker form of Isolation would work, like one that prevents the unit from being Danced on, or maybe Rally'd on? Essentially, something that would prove incredibly useful as Isolation is, but isn't strong enough to make Bridal!Fjorm obsolete. I wonder if it would be too powerful if it said "Does not grant another action to target ally with Sing or Dance." instead of outright preventing the ally from being targeted. A healing skill preventing itself from healing certain units makes itself less appealing than other skills that can target those units. Anyhow, might as well come up with a new skill while I'm here.
  11. I thought I'd try my hand at those skills there. Too much time on my hands and I'm bored lol Triangle Adept 4: Gives Atk +20% during combat unit has weapon-triangle advantage, Atk +15% if neutrality, or Atk -20% if disadvantage. Sometimes the best upgrades are the simplest. I gave it an effect that gives you a reduced damage increase against weapon-triangle neutrality, giving you a damage boost against at least 3 of the 4 available colors out there. And it only helps Raven tomes, since it doesn't add a redundant "WTA against colorless" effect or anything of the sort. Defiant Atk 4: At start of turn, if unit's max HP < foe's max HP, grants Atk +7 for 1 turn, and if unit's current HP ≤ 50% foe's max HP, grants unit Atk +7 during combat. If the unit has less max HP than the opponent, they get a field bonus of Atk +7. If the unit's current HP is less than or equal to half the opponent's max HP, they get an additional combat bonus of Atk +7, for a total of +14. Here's an example. Unit A has 40 max HP, Unit B has 45 max HP. Since the unit's max HP is less than the opponent's, they get Atk +7. Since their current HP isn't ≤ half the foe's max HP, they don't get the combat bonus. Example 2: Unit A has 25/40 HP, Unit B has 50 max HP. Since the unit's max HP is less than the opponent's, they get Atk +7, and since their current HP's ≤ half the opponent's max, they also get the combat bonus for a total of +14 Atk. Example 3: Unit A has 20/45 HP, unit B has 45 max HP. Since the unit's max HP isn't lower than the opponent's, they don't get the field bonus, but since their current HP's ≤ half the opponent's max, they get the combat bonus. Mainly, this would be a great A Passive for Desperation-based units, especially those that have less max HP to start out with. Earth Boost 4: At start of combat, if unit's max HP > foe's HP, grants Def+8 during combat, and if unit's max HP ≥ foe's HP +5, restores 6 HP to unit after combat. Random little idea I had for it. Has the same kind of effect everyone's been doing for Boost 4 skill ideas, but my twist gives the unit Mystic Boost's HP regen effect if the unit's max HP is at least 5 higher than the foe's current HP at the start of combat. It rewards units with naturally high HP, while still being very useful to those with a bit less. And it can combine with said Mystic Boost for a total 12 HP restored after combat, making the unit capable of self-sustaining pretty well if it can defend itself well enough. It's not as powerful as the 10 HP bit, but it's balanced enough. EDIT: I didn't see that this was already done above...so ignore this lol Sorcery Blade 4: At start of combat, if unit is adjacent to a magic ally, calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res - 2, and deals +2 damage during combat x the number of magic allies adjacent to unit (max +6). Effectively inflicts Def/Res-2 on the foe during combat on top of the adaptive damage effect, and also grants a flat damage boost that increases its effectiveness with more adjacent magic allies. At its max effectiveness, you deal +6 damage (which really adds to +8 damage when taking the debuff into consideration). The -2 Def/Res isn't even a debuff, since the damage is calculated as though the lower stat was 2 less than normal, rather than actually inflicting a stat penalty. Bonus Doubler 4: Grants bonus to Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat = highest bonus on unit. If bonuses on unit granted by this skill total ≥ 24, neutralizes unit's penalties during combat. So the unit gets access to a self-based refined-Seiglinde effect. In addition, if the bonuses this skill grants total to equal or more than 24 (spreading a field bonus of at least 6 to each stat as a combat bonus), the unit's penalties are nullified. So...it essentially removes the need to have Legendary!Azura on your team, and allows for many units to start acting more independent from their allies. Note that, like Bonus Doubler 3, this only gives the unit combat bonuses, and doesn't improve upon their field bonuses. So Blade tomes still can't take any kind of unfair advantage of it. I'll do some other Tier 4s too, in the spoiler below.
  12. I always feel awkward about taking out any students from Three Houses with Byleth. I also feel bad about using anyone to take out Ingrid, because she was my first S Rank on Three Houses. Somehow, this discomfort excludes Sylvain and Lorenz...
  13. Conquest!Garon (pre-endgame) Pre-Fates Adult!Sumeragi
  14. Berserk (status effect) Effect: Grants unit Atk+8 during combat, but prevents Special activation before or during combat. Atk/Spd Provoke C Passive Inheritable to Tome and Dagger units only Effect: Grants unit Atk/Spd+7 during combat. After combat, inflicts Berserk on foe through their next action. Aggravation Staff+ Staff Inheritable to Staff units only Might/Effect: 10 Might. Unit cannot make a follow-up attack. After combat, inflicts Berserk on target and foes within 1 space of target through their next actions. Calm Mind C Passive Exclusive Effect: Grants Def/Res+5 during combat. Grants unit Def/Res+10 instead if unit is affected by Berserk. Bölverk Axe Exclusive (Conquest!Garon) Might/Effect: 16 Might. Grants Atk+3. At start of turn, if there are no allies within 2 spaces of unit, inflicts Berserk on unit for 1 turn. Note that Berserk doesn't stop the special's countdown, it only prevents the Special from activating once it reaches 0. And it doesn't stop Specials that activate after combat, so Galeforce becomes your go-to Special. It's a Status Effect that hits hardest against units with a high reliance on offensive Specials before or during combat (especially those with low Atk). It also greatly hurts those who rely on defensive Specials like Miracle or Aegis/Pavise, since they also activate during combat. It's a double-edged sword, though...because while it prevents them from dealing damage with their Special, their normal attacks end up getting buffed in addition. So against units that already have high Atk without the combat buff, or have Galeforce as their Special (since it's unaffected as it only triggers after combat), it only helps rather than hinders. Those with Ruptured Sky would probably find Berserk a good status effect to inflict on their opponent, since it prevents the foe from using their Special and increases the damage Ruptured Sky does to them since RS does more damage the higher your opponent's Atk is.
  15. Resisting Subjugation C Passive No Restrictions Effect: If foe has the Dominance bonus, nullifies extra damage granted from Dominance from foe's attacks, and grants unit bonus to Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat = current penalty on each of unit's stats x2 (Example: If unit has -7 penalty to Atk, grants Atk+14, for a net bonus of +7.) Calculates each stat bonus independently. Essentially grants the unit Cancel Dominance (Cancel Affinity, but against Dominance) and Chaos Ragnell, but only if said unit faces an opponent with the Dominance bonus. Completely useless when not facing a foe with Dominance, but can completely turn a match on its head against a unit that has it.
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