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  1. This is amazing!! Thanks again, I totally love it!
  2. Love it! The Treasury artwork is definitely some of my favorite.
  3. @peevthesheev That looks amazing! Again, thank you so much, I love it!
  4. @peevthesheev Thank you so much! I had actually forgotten I had requested that. Look forward to seeing it!
  5. Just a quick note @NekoKnight There's no "n" in Delmud.
  6. Sigurd is by far my favorite my lord followed by Leaf and FE3-Marth. Also, Siegfried from the Last Promise is another fantastic lord as well, I probably would've picked him if he was an option. Corrin is by far my least favorite-.They're so bland and boring and I thought Fates in general was a pretty terrible game. I like my Fire Emblem to have as much medieval simulation as possible so Fates' heavy anime feel was big turn off. I don't mean to hate on anyone who loves Fates, it's just for me, it's really hard to top Jugdral and Monshou no Nazo-era Akenia or Kaga Emblem in general for that matter.
  7. Well, I came back to check on the progress of my request only to realize that the thread was gone. Anyway if anyone would still be interested in doing mine I'd like to re-request Delmud from FE4 as a Mage Knight. For Delmud's pieces I would suggest using Ogma or Reinhardt's hair, Sigurd or Eldigan's horse, Perhaps Camus or Arvis' outfit would be a good starting point...? (There's probably better options but nothing's coming to be right now, if/when I think of more I'll add them in) and finally if he could be wielding the Valflame that would be fantastic. In addition, could it be possible to make a family picture with Raquesis, Azel, Nanna and Delmud (as described above)? I'll do some more looking over the various sprites and give more suggestions for pieces after doing so. Again, if the family portrait ends up being too much just Delmud is fine too. If anymore information is needed from me for the request please let know.
  8. I don't mind a wait, take all the time you need! :)
  9. I always use Leen more than Laylea mainly because I really like pairing her with Leaf. If you ask me, Leen and Laylea can both serve there intended purposes--giving units an extra turn-- equally. I find that Leen has more story connections (due to be Sylvia's daughter) and you can use her inheritance as a way of passing on rings and the like. It's hard to say which one is definitively better because it really just depends on your personal play style. Also as far as Sharlow goes, I find the Berserk staff to useful only to Berserk Arion and make it easier to fight him. (Sleep staff can obtain the same result though) As such, I don't see to much of a difference between him and Corple.
  10. Hello there! I've been looking over the drawings on your thread and I have to say, you've done some pretty incredible work! I especially give you props b/c I have a difficult time drawing digitally myself (beyond Art Academy on the 3ds). I think the Corrin drawing you did recently is really good, I love all the shading and the lighting choice along with all the detail put into the hair. One small critique I suppose would be that her right ear appears slightly off and maybe a just a tad bigger than her left. I think it has to do with the fact that it sticks out beyond her hair while the other doesn't. Overall though, I think your stuff is great, I especially loved the one of Sue, Lilina and Roy. If you are still taking requests I have a rather interesting Jugdral-related one--Could you do a Loptyr-blooded Julia? In other words, a version of Julia where she inherited the Major Loptyr blood and was the one who was possessed instead of her brother. (taking some motifs from Julius perhaps...?) If not, that's totally fine too, I'm just interested in seeing more of your wonderful art!
  11. I'm doing the same thing I did last time and giving all my votes to Arvis. I know he wouldn't come in first but hopefully I can help put him pretty high up in the ranks. (Also I honestly don't know what special costume he'd get beyond his Emperor design...) Though in actuality I should be probably be voting for Glade, we can't let him get last again!
  12. I have a couple banner ideas.... Dandelion Banner: FE4 Second Generation: Dancers/Bards: Wyvern Riders: And finally NPCs I've always wanted to play as...
  13. This looks awesome! Thanks very much!
  14. Fala ID: 9225687051. Arvis is currently my lead character (as you may have surmised) Feel free to add me if you want!
  15. Ooh, these are cool! :) My team currently is: Deirdre, Arvis, Reinhardt, Michalis.
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